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  1. ::1/128

    Love & Entropy

    It's and unfortunate condition of human nature that kindness, general benevolence, is often a derivative of some unworldly cruelty or...
    ::1/128, Apr 4, 2012
  2. Seraphine

    No longer an Iphone user.

    So in the spirit of getting married, things have been changing in the household. We moved about a week and a half ago into a new apartment,...
    Seraphine, Apr 2, 2012
  3. Chakurakid

    Hello and Good Day...

    I'd like to start out and say I want Dear Diary back. I don't fucking do blogs... but this is not what I'm writing about. What I am here...
    Chakurakid, Mar 28, 2012
  4. That Guy

    I fucked up.

    So I decided to make a blog about this, instead of a status. I guess it'd be easier to vent here. I will not be going back to college...
    That Guy, Mar 28, 2012
  5. Clam Chowder

    You Think Your Life is Tough?

    Well Fuck you. First off, I grew up with no parents, or I don't remember them at all, either way, they never existed in my life. I've...
    Clam Chowder, Mar 25, 2012
  6. DopeScope


    When I was listening to a self-esteem lesson created by our school, there was a question that asked if you were "satisfied with your life"....
    DopeScope, Mar 25, 2012
  7. Clam Chowder

    Wat You Nee?

    Alright, so I've been contemplating heavily on moving out for school. I'm stuck between renting a dorm or renting an apartment with...
    Clam Chowder, Mar 21, 2012
  8. MissScourge

    Mommy? QAQ

    I'm a bit sad because I haven't seen my Mother for ten years, and everyone is using 'Your Mom' jokes around me (Seriously, getting old like...
    MissScourge, Mar 17, 2012
  9. Sera

    First Blog Post as Jon :L

    While I was at work today, I thought to myself that perhaps a nice little... blog would be nice... Anyways my profile is back to Jon......
    Sera, Mar 9, 2012
  10. Peter

    This is Mina.

    And she's the absolute best friend I could ever ask for in life. I fear the worst day of her life is ahead of her, so I'm posting this in...
    Peter, Mar 1, 2012
  11. masterchodda

    Chodda Bloggy Blog

    Today is a gay day. The day after the day I spent puking my guts out. I ralphed up all kindsa shit. Puked on the side of the raod. Puked at...
    masterchodda, Feb 21, 2012
  12. Clam Chowder

    Clam's Subtle Rage

    Alright, so I'm an easy going kind of guy, but once in a while I'll have things that get under my skin. This page is of no representation...
    Clam Chowder, Feb 14, 2012
  13. Peter

    Peter sits on you.

    This space will be where I come to post stuff I find amusing throughout my days in real life or online. I suppose you can't really expect...
    Peter, Feb 12, 2012
  14. Celexie

    Valentine's Day Crafts

    My sister is a teacher in training and she wanted to make something for her babies (her 1st & 3rd graders) so she calls them. I threw out...
    Celexie, Feb 12, 2012
  15. Kyle


    [media] via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8oJIoMdh4s
    Kyle, Jan 31, 2012