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Asus Xonar Essence is an absolute joke.

Blog entry posted by Kyle, Sep 12, 2015.


So, yes, I bought into the Hype that this card was good. I knew it was software driven, however the components behind it are solid; they may very well might be. I like audio with excitement, warmth to the tune. The "Essence" offers "pure audio", which is absolute garbage. The reliance on external devices like Monitors to warm tunes up is ill-founded. My Auzentech (which went under in 2012) Forte still offers way better value then the Essence ever could, and it pains me to say this for how expensive the card is. It's 3x more then my Forte, and about 100x worse. Onboard from Realtek is almost better just from the noise that's added. If anyone tells you this card is good, they're a complete asshole and know nothing about other products that are available. The alternative is they're rich and have monitors to fix up the card's output, even then they're still lying to you about the quality of the card.

Don't buy an ASUS Soundcard, even in the year of our lord, 2015, they're absolute shit. There's no bass, no treble, it can't be fixed with any amount of EQ. ASUS has no Proprietary additions like Creative has, there's no control over the audio. There's a "FlexBass" and "SVC" which are substantially underpowered and SVC on C-Media just doesn't do its job. No matter what you do at the application level, your audio will never come out strong.

RIP Auzentech, you will be missed.
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  1. Kelsey
    i have an asus and its an absolute piece of shit and close to death. :smile:)) like me
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  2. Tony
    My best sound card was a Creative XtremeGamer. I haven't found one that has sounded as good as that yet. Not even this SoundBlasterZ is as good. I was greatly disappointed with the Asus Xonar, and will never buy an Asus sound card again.
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  3. Zenzr
    What about $4 earbuds?
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  4. Brian
    You should really stop listening to music out of blown speakers or $5 earbuds.
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