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Basic Training Experience

Blog entry posted by That Guy, Jul 30, 2013.

That Guy
So I am really bored and just thinking over basic, I decided to share my experiences with everyone, just cause. Its one of those life changing things.

So starting from the beginning, I got to MEPS with a good friend of mine that I have known for sometime, going to the same BCT together. MEPS was pretty much the same thing as usual, lots of waiting, we got our tickets and the civilian lady yelled at my friend cause he's not very smart. Got to the airport and flew to Atlanta, then to St. Louis where we took a 2 hour bus ride to Ft. Leonard Wood 43th BN. Got there around 0100 and was greeted oh so nicely by our first Drill Sergeant. He lead us into the build to brief us while we squatted cause someone wouldn't shut up. 3 hours later we were allowed to sit down, only to get up and grab our PT outfits to go to bed for a whooping 15 minutes. We were then called out to formation in our PTs and waited almost 2 hours in summer PTs while it was below freezing outside. That was pretty much the sum of the suck in Reception, the next 5 days we spent doing all of our paperwork and procedures, shots, etc.

The day we left we all lined up with all our military gear and personal bag and piled onto a bus to ride to our BCT company, which was Bravo 2-10 Infantry Regiment. Needless to say, it was known for being the most hardcore company in the regiment and even in the whole post. The shark attack wasn't that bad, I was put on personal and military bag detail, so I missed out on a lot of the attack. The worse and most known part being holding our damn bags above our head, which just sucked tremendous ass. The rest of the day was basically procedures. I was assigned to 3rd Platoon, Crazy Horse (My luck being that 3rd Platoon was known as the most hardcore platoon in the most hardcore company in the post). The next few weeks were known as Red Phase, or "total control" where the DS's just fucked you up for EVERYTHING. Talk the wrong way, smoked. Look at them wrong, smoked. Cough in the wrong way, smoked. Red phase consisted of mostly classes and a few events like a couple of obstacle courses. The most memorable of them being Land Navigation, where we used a compass to navigate from point to point. Our platoon had the first 5 groups back before any other platoon had even one group back, my group being back 2nd. That was pretty much the highlight of Red phase, minus me failing my first PT diagnostic test.

White phase was a lot better. We were allowed 10 minutes of phone time every Sunday if we didn't fuck up, fortunately we only got it taken away once. White phase mainly consisted of BRM, which is Basic Rifle Marksmanship. So the majority of the weeks we spent practicing the fundamentals of shooting and getting everyone qualified. I shot a 28/40 which is marksman, only 2 away from sharpshooter. At the end of White Phase we had our FTX 2, which we rucked about 8 miles to get to. The march there was HELL. I have never been so exhausted in my life, and carrying my weapon with another 30lbs of gear just sucked. But as our DS said, sometimes you gotta embrace the suck. FTX 2 consisted of a lot of drilling and exercises but we mainly focused of FOB security. FOBs are basically Field posts, and we arranged in a circle around the damn thing. During the night our DS's attacked the different platoons but not 3rd platoon. The extent of the attack to 3rd consisted of our DS walking into our FOB, throwing a smoke grenade in the middle of it and screaming "RIDE THE LIGHTNING MOTHER FUCKERRRRR", which scared the shit out of ALL of us. Oh, and I failed my 2nd PT diagnostic test.

Blue Phase was stupid. All we did was a bunch of events that the DS's didm't really care about and all discipline in our platoon shot out of the window. The most memorable thing in Blue Phase and in my whole BCT experience was NIC, or the Night Infiltration Course. The course where you have to low crawl almost 300 meters while they fire live rounds above your head, detonate live mortars near you and just fuck shit up as much as possible. It was the closest I felt to being in a combat situation in my life and I loved ALL of it. At the end we had our FTX 3, which was 3 days full of SUCK. 100 degrees and 100% humidity with no showers, no changing except for socks and a LOOOOT of low crawling cause people kept fucking up. Sucked. Just sucked. Almost everyone I knew got a heat rash afterwards. We also got shot with chalk rounds, which sucked and hurt like....alot. I had also failed my final PT test four times in a row, which sent me to Fat Camp. So on graduation day I got sent to FTU, the Fitness Training Unit. Did PT twice a day for 5 days a week and took a PT test every Monday. The PT just sucked so much ass that I pushed myself out of that place within 5 days. I went from doing 28 push ups and running an 18 minute 2 mile to doing 38 push-ups and a 16 minute 2 mile in just 5 days. Afterwords I became a hold over for about 2 weeks doing absolutely nothing and then got shipped off to AIT where I am right now.

Overall I loved my BCT experience. It taught me a lot and I believe just changed my mindset of everything. I would recommend it to everything who is willing to get out of their comfort zone. It isn't just a job, its a lifestyle for sure.

It is definitely nice to know what my dad sort of went through, even if his BCT was 10x harder than mine.
Oh and at the airport I got thanked for my service by like 5-6 people. It was strange.....
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  1. Benvolio
    Haha lol'd hard at your platoon being attacked by the one DS.
  2. sajak
    Welcome home soldi... err hey that guy... lulz. Interesting read, thanks for sharing! :wink: