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Blog entry posted by Anathema, Dec 15, 2013.

Well it's time for college. I've applied to a bunch of colleges (thank god for the common application) and now it's time to play the waiting game. I know I'm getting into at least one of them, and I have a few longshots but that doesn't mean I'm going to rule them out completley. I'm considering joining the reserves so I can pay for college with ease and eventually go to active duty as a commisioned officer, but that's still being discussed. I still don't know what to study, I'm considering fields ranging from tech to government to medicine which are all very different. I can figure that out later.

I sent out applications to:
University of Colorado at Boulder
University of Colorado at Denver
Colorado State University
Metropolitan State University
George Mason University
University of Illinois at Chicago
St. John's College at New Mexico

Let's see what happens.
  1. Anathema
    I'm probably ruling out the reserves, I just talked with a recruiter with my dad and I found out that they can get call me into active duty any time they want, even if I'm only halfway into my first semester.
  2. dave
    Hey, about the Reserves thing, you should truly think hard before making that decision; an acquaintance of mine joined as a 12k and pretty much wishes he could take it back. But if you're intent on serving with an endgame of commission, I would recommend either applying for an ROTC scholarship, or applying to an ECP school. Seems like you're focused on the south/southwest region, so check out NMMI if you're keen on commissioning. Either way, good luck to you!
  3. Anathema
    my problems are your problems
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  4. Anathema
    If I don't get in I'm gonna make a post about it on Plaguefest and then an hero.
  5. silly rabbit
    Don't be too down if you dont get into the school you wanted. You can always transfer in 1 - 2 years if you do well. But, by that time you'll be too attached to your university that you wont even think about the other schools.
  6. Anathema
    Vad- I know for a fact that I'm milking the shit out of whatever I can get my hands on. FASFA is going to be my best friend and if I join the reserves during college I have a chance at graduating with little to no debt. I'm a pretty social person and if I end up going to one of my local schools I'd be with all sorts of people that I already know. Personally I think frats are for yuppy lemmings so I don't think it's something I'll consider ever in my life. I want to get all of my pre reqs out of the way as soon as possible and still have my schedule so that I don't have to go to morning classes. I know about procrastination already haha I've had senioritis since elementary school. In fact I taught myself 6 chapters of AP Statistics and took 20 pages front and back of notes last night and just took the final for it today which I dominated. I don't plan on doing that on a regular basis though, I take education seriously and that will multiply tenfold since it's going to come out of my pocket.

    Penguin- With my finances I'll be living the typical college student's life at the very best. It's going to be a tough choice if I get accepted into an out-of-state school because I'll be paying a fuckload more but I'll cross that bridge when the time comes. I'm all over the place for fields of studies. I'm taking AP Government and AP Micro/Macro Economics and those fields sound like cool things to get into. I'm using the teachers from Gov/Econ for my letters of rec too. I've considered the possibility of double majoring too. Good luck whicho shit too I assume you must go to a charter school because 44 is like third world. Some of the classes here have ~40 kids per period. Valedictorian looks good coming from anywhere and if it is a charter school then it looks even better.
  7. PeNguiN
    I've only applied to one college so far, University of Maine Orono, but I might apply to some Boston schools, and RPI. Luckily for me my family expected income is: 0$ and I am #1 in my grade (of 44 people lol), so I hope to get some good scholarships and financial aid.

    I am going for math/comp engineer but I also am open to other fields. I considered government but it's just so corrupt and popularity based I don't think I could stomach it. I thought you had a year on me but I guess not, goodluck to ya!
  8. Vadleon
    I've actually just come off of the college wagon and am taking a break to regain my calm/motivation. It can be tiring work, so don't be afraid to take a break after a few years of studies to avoid getting burned out. I know that's a while out for you, but it's always an option when you need it.

    If I can give you some advice: 1) start with some easy stuff (which you're more than likely gonna have to do anyway as prerequisites) and work your way into the harder stuff, 2) always save some easy courses to balance out the harder ones later - trust me, it helps your personal time, and it avoids headaches like Chem II and Calc II from eating your soul, 3) don't be afraid to pick a filler course here or there to avoid scheduling conflicts or taking too many hard courses together, and 4) find a group at college you can hang out with. That might not sound like much, but having a circle of friends you can reliably find at any time of the week on-campus to hang out with can really ease your stress if you know you can unwind in company. That's NOT to say you should join a fraternity or something, please no, but just develop connections and you'll appreciate its comforts.

    Oh and don't procrastinate. I know everyone does and it's gonna happen, but don't save all of your end-of-semester papers/projects for the SAME last week - you don't want that kind of stress on your shoulders. (This is helped a lot by balancing easy and hard courses together!)

    I wish you well in your college pursuits. Spend your time well and study effectively (or efficiently if you can't manage your time, lol).
    Don't forget to take advantage of local/state/federal scholarships for your tuition! They help, too! :smile: