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Feel Free...

Blog entry posted by Meltdown™, Jan 12, 2015.

In a world divided by groups we should always be able to say whatever we want, Internet is most likely the holy place of all to express our opinions, to some sad anonymous extend thou but still. Freedom of speech should always be respected, if you got something to say, then you should respect whatever the other people have to say too. No truth is false or true, every opinion is right.

Religion doesn't have the credits on the truth, they might think they have but in the end everyone human is equal in every way of the word. For me I just respect as much as what the church, the mosque or whatever religion has to say, I just wished that they would respect my opinion too.

We still got a long way to go, and probably in 50 years from now we will look to this all like we know it all and it didn't look that bad as we do think it is now. Just like how we look back now to the cold war and other stuff.

PS go anonymous

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