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It all comes down to this.

Blog entry posted by Hydreigon, Oct 24, 2014.

Disclaimer: This blog will relate to ze as this is my first blog entry.

As this is my first entry, I am doing good so far in real life...but not really in the gaming world. But to me, a turn of events happened since a year ago for me and things have changed. If people are wondering about how I act, play, use items, try to lead on ze, I will have a lot to say.

So far, my best ze times were in summer of 2013 because of the players and maps we played. Used to play predator, skyrim, mako, minas, westersand and paper and those times were enjoyable imo. I was also fairly playing a lot during this time. But things seemed to change Fall 2013.

Believe me, Fall 2013 was a time i SHOULD have quit ze not only to focus on college but because of the maps pirates, mountain and skyrim v4. But because of me having a weird personality, I had to continue on :frown:. Because of my personality and how I play, it's REALLY HARD for me to quit ze. There are times where I uninstall and then a few days later, I install css again. This caused me to slack off in college for two semesters (mainly because I was alone/bored and didn't have much rl friends and things to do) and have a change in personality. The result was me playing a bunch while not enjoying ze as I did in summer 2013 and getting not so good grades for two semesters in a row.

Just when things are about to get worse for the summer for real life, they don't. I decide to take a summer class at a different college closer to home only to get a very good grade. This was the point I know what to do for the fall and now, I'm doing good in school taking similar classes. There are still things to ponder however. I will need to meet with an advisor or counselor for registering for a program and what classes to take next semster.

On the gaming side however, I don't play as much. I can't play ze the same as I can in summer of 2013. pF ze is mainly and GFL is becoming a stupid ze server(not really true about GFL. Again, I don't enjoy ze as much as I used to). People just want to play the same maps over and over that are based off of overpowered items, team killing and solo***ing instead of pure teamwork. Why do people play pirates and harry potter instead of predator and paper escaper?

As said before, I really want to quit but because of how my personality is, it's not easy for me to quit. There are too many pc games out there but some either have a toxic community or I kind of get bored and just go back to ze. I think the only game that will make me get away from ze is Halo Master Chief Collection because of how much I played halo before I played ze. Those halo times of matchmaking, 1-50 ranking system, and fun custom games will be missed. And if there's a ze map I would look forward to, it would be Luff's secret project. I sadly don't have much to say besides the map heavilly relying on teamwork but the map is mostly...secret at the moment.

So yeah, this pretty much states what happened to me in the past year. I hope for next semester to be just as good as Fall 2014.
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  1. Tewfen
    I feel the same Hydreigon.
  2. Benderius
    "GFL is becoming a stupid ze server."....I don't believe you are Hydreigen. I think Hydra got some things to answer for.

    Also Master Chief Collection going to bring a lot of Halo 1 memories.
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