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Just another day in league

Blog entry posted by Cat, Jan 28, 2015.

ericbarletta has joined the group.
Creud: pls dont leave
ericbarletta: "light sniffling"
4ggressiveP4nd4: plz
LordNocturne: lol
Creud: pls
VampireM0NEY: *Farts*
4ggressiveP4nd4: lool
Creud: i'll carry us to the victory
ericbarletta: Alright look
Creud: 20/0/0
ericbarletta: Imma be honest
ericbarletta: and i want you to hear me out
ericbarletta: First off
Creud: alright
Creud: go ahead
ericbarletta: there is nothingwrong with your comp
ericbarletta: when supports leave
Creud: go on
ericbarletta: its because you dont talk to them
ericbarletta: coming from a support main
Creud: well
ericbarletta: your supposed to bound with your support
4ggressiveP4nd4: i said hi to some of them
ericbarletta: cause you start the conversation
Creud: alright eric
LordNocturne: Hi my name is Scott my girl left me and cat died this week
ericbarletta: Be interesting
4ggressiveP4nd4: most of them actually
LordNocturne: lets talk
ericbarletta: like
VampireM0NEY: Yea twitch you need to put a ring on soraka pronto
ericbarletta: think of a support as a pretty woman who you really wanna have sex with
ericbarletta: and no bitch
4ggressiveP4nd4: thurs the riiing
ericbarletta: when ever i want a support to stay
ericbarletta: im like
Creud: dude idk
Creud: i'dnt fuck soraka
Creud: goats are not my type
VampireM0NEY: I prefer sheep myself
4ggressiveP4nd4: we understand
ericbarletta: Heyyyyyyy sona, hows yourday going Je t'aimerai toujours
LordNocturne: ill take some head
VampireM0NEY: more cushin for the pushing
ericbarletta: use multiple languages
ericbarletta: because they might understand
4ggressiveP4nd4: si senor
ericbarletta has left the group.
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  1. Vicarious
    That ain't another day for me in league, sadly. *o*