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Long live Football Long live Corruption

Blog entry posted by Meltdown™, Jun 11, 2014.

Well hello there, This is the first time I writing here in PL. Most stuff I write about is what is going on here in Holland, Daily stuff interesting development and my thoughts on it. Give you some input from how we think as a small country towards the world. Well now that is cleared let’s get started.

Football, A game for the whole family, were sending our kids there to play, and we all dream them to become this star player in our national team. Well beside that there is of course the youth who kick there referee to death. Play while there high and accidental break someone else’s leg because of a too late tackle. Yes football is wonderful.

As we all know tomorrow starts the biggest sport game know to men, The FIFA world cup aka Dirty rich old corruption cup. As we naïve people going to watch the game, allot of Brazilian people have no good Facility’s AKA hospitals, school or a good infrastructure. People live in area full of trash where drugs dealers rule, and 100 m ahead is where our or my national team is. Talk about a gape in 2 worlds. Well now I’m not holy angel here who is going to tell everyone how it should be different, but hey please don’t shoot the messenger. Oh wait that already happened.

Anyway not to make this some kind of sad story, my point is that the corruption on the FIFA is so well known that it is stupid that they haven’t changed a bit, and now even Blatter want a second term. With all the stuff that is going on in the world, You would think something like sport would connect people, Look at Qatar where people die to build stadiums who are only going to be used once and then will be fated to rust away in the sand of time. Yeah so why was I talking again about the FIFA oh yeah the world cup.

For those who don’t know Blatter, here you go

Well here in Holland we are pretty realistic, we should be happy if we even get past the first round. But the good thing of all of this, We can enjoy a good party for at least a full week, and dam if we are good in something then it is in building a party. I’m going to set up a neighbourhood BBQ and enjoy the games on a big screen were going to set up too. In our country Football make us forget our difference for a bit, we all support our team, and we all get drunk and have a laugh. Despise all the bad stuff going on the good thing is that we can look forward to a week of bitter sweet. Oh yeah let the party begin.


And remember, in the commercial time, zap to Veronica for babe’s in lingerie who are going to take penalties. :grin:


PS let me know what you think, and I hope you liked my first input here on PL.
  1. Meltdown™
    Same goes for hockey btw. What i'm trying to say is that if the usa would win the world cup they would look totaly different towards it.
  2. Meltdown™
    Wel you rule spors hardly played anywhere else. I mean honkball isnt even mentiont here. Basketball no one cares about here and american football ball says enough. World cup is the biggest event ever that already says enough. Ruling sports you made up is pretty easy.
  3. That Guy
    Who cares about soccer when we rule every other sport :grin:
    Cept hockey.
    You Canadians can keep hockey...
  4. Benderius
    My dad and uncle were screaming yesterday in happiness when Spain lost to Netherlands...You be surprised how much people stop moving in downtown when they see a tv with foot playing
  5. Meltdown™
    I guess most americans don't care about soccer aka football. Well i'm pretty much exited about how our country won and for me this world cup is already a good one. If we make it fare or not.
  6. Fornax
    I think Americana's and all the other folks passing by don't give 2 cents about soccer/football, mainly cause they suck in it and as we know, when you're bad at something it simply doesn't exist :wink:. As your fellow Dutchy I'll go ahead and tell you I'm amused by the performance of the team, I didn't expect it and already wrote them off.

    In the end you can really tell which people at least feel moderately connected to their country of heritage, even the people who don't give a crap will go HURRRRRRRRRR *generic soccer comment about national team* simply stating that they dislike the sports itself instead of you know ... the country that pays all their shit, but that's prolly something for a different blog.

    To bad indeed that money even rules the world of sports but hey, that shouldn't be anything new anymore, I guess country's themself should have a say in where the next tournament should take place, but even then they can and will be influenced.