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Ooohhh James...... Bond

Blog entry posted by Meltdown™, Nov 25, 2015.

Well we all probably heard about the new bond SPECTRE and how it is hyped, not yet seen the movie but it will be guaranteed a cash success, Except for the song, I get the feel Sam Smith has been kicked into the balls yet to much, dear god what a caterwauling.

Anyway We had a bond top 21 one here in the Netherlands with our top 5 like this,

*note all movies after the soft reset are not included yet (with Daniel Craig)
1. Goldfiner
2. Goldeneye
3. Die Another Day
4. Octopussy
5. A view to Kill

Now the main reason why I came to make this blog is that I never saw any good Bond maps, I really wonder why because there so many good bond places, not to mention skins, there probably some out there but not that many. Anyone who can tell me why there never has been anyone who was willing to make any good Bond themed map? Just think about it, Especially for Ze with Oddjob, Xenia, Mayday and all those other baddasses as bosses, and we all run as james bond in smoking :razz:

Anyway bit to late to bring this up now after all CSS is dwindling, I still miss a good new bond multi player after Nightfire, I think B-hopping comes from that game now that I remember playing all those capturing the flag maps. Well Still hoping on a new good one soon
Now then, Time to go and hit the cinema.:beer: