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Out of the pot, into the frying pan

Blog entry posted by DeviousPixie, Nov 13, 2014.

I decided to stop procrastinating, and just officially become a member and get it over with. Fingers crossed it's not a regret come tomorrow, which is my standard practice with most things but not this yet.
  1. DeviousPixie
    <3 Orange
  2. DeviousPixie
    Wow Orange, thanks for not being a complete dick about it.
  3. Disturbed_One
    Glad you decided to join us, Welcome ^.^, and i do not feel you shall regret this decision
  4. Orange
    I haven't seen you on in a long time... I haven't heard people harassing you for the same amount of time... It was music to my ears, and I lost it. Welcome back and to the community!
  5. DeviousPixie
    Does it go on and on my friend?!?
  6. Hitman 47
    welcome to the show that never ends :wink:
  7. DeviousPixie
    Shot not shit, it;s all about class and hygiene sorry about that. lol
  8. DeviousPixie
    Eggs thanks Hun, where have you been haven't killed you or shit you in the face for days.
  9. FreshEggs
    Bout fucking time. Welcome
  10. DeviousPixie
    Peter I don't know whether to shank or snuggle you sometimes.
  11. Peter凸(¬‿¬)凸
    the plague has hit the forums abandon ship
  12. John Doe
    Oh man, stega must be ecstatic.
  13. DeviousPixie
    Thus far no regrets...
  14. Tony
    Welcome to the Community! You won't regret it! :smile: