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R.I.P. Sally

Blog entry posted by Vadleon, Feb 5, 2013.

Tonight as I came home from college, I learned that another one of our beloved pets died. This time it was one of our indoor cats of 12 years, Sally. While I was at college, my brother found her convulsing, later to become still as he frantically called my mom home. She was taken to the vet to be examined and it is believed by the staff that she died of a heart attack.

Unfortunately I do not have any recent pictures of her that I have immediate access to, but I should have many in my archives. I'll have to seek them out soon for my mom, since Sally was essentially her cat. Sally was a long-haired black cat with white paws and a tiny white nip on her nose. The fur on her ears also completed the points on her somewhat round-tipped ears, so she looked quite adorable in the right light. I saddens me that I don't think I ever actually got a full-frontal face profile picture to get those details or her eye color vividly, but I'll be intently looking for any such pictures this weekend when I have time to do so.

This comes at an inconvenient time since I can't devote my full attention to this due to a Calculus II test tomorrow, which I feel guilty about sidetracking my focus for. Sally deserves the time for attention, and like with my pictures, it seems that will come too late for how I feel. As the photographer of my family, I feel responsible for not having a greater archive with which to remember one of our main four by. The overwhelming feeling of so many missed opportunities is really going to eat away at me, especially for my mom because Sally meant so much to her.

Sally was a cute and friendly member of our family that we will now have to carry on without. Her purring will be missed by all of us, but most of all by my mom.

Her companion of 12 years is now gone.

Her little princess is gone. :weep:
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  1. sajak
    Sorry Vad x(
  2. Angel/Latino King
    Really sorry for your loss Vadleon. R.I.P Sally :frown:
  3. That Guy
    Awww....I'm sorry for your lose Vad...
    Losing at pet is never good.
  4. Dani
    It sucks when pets die. I love all my babies.