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Westerbork 70 years

Blog entry posted by Meltdown™, Apr 12, 2015.

Not knowing what has happened is like denying life itself, Many of you know Auschwitz but today here in Holland we remember Westerbork, the day it was set free. I myself find it imported that freedom that we have today came with a cost, never we should forget and everyday we should be thankful to those who died not only in Westerbork but anywhere else during the mass murderers caused by the Nazi's and there allies.

A tear drops on the ground that once was a place of death and sorrow
This tear is the acknowledge of those who suffered for us for them
For our past and present and more importantly our future
While this ground is now a place of insight
70 years after and humanity still fight each other, death reeks still in every corner of our society
May we get to learn to love and not hate
This needed insight will live on from soul to soul till the day comes when we no longer need those sad memories to remind us of our future

I just want to say, keep the tale alive, talk to your elders and learn from them as I did from mine. If you want to know more from Westerbork just follow the link http://www.kampwesterbork.nl/en/index.html

Image below is the memorial of Westerbork

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  1. Vicarious
    Oh don't get me wrong, it's very nice of Meltdown to share this. I'm not grammar nit-picking at all, perhaps my sentence was vague about it but Zenzr put it pretty nicely, which was what I meant.
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  2. Joshy
    It's the message Meltdown is sharing with us, not the wording and grammar nit-picking. He's not trying to insult us for not knowing; we know what he meant. Thanks for the kind message Meltdown. It's very informative, and now, I know :wink:
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  3. Zenzr
    There's a difference between not knowing, and simply ignoring.
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  4. Meltdown™
    Maybe for you
  5. Vicarious
    "Not knowing what has happened is like denying life itself"

    Excuse me but this is very, very incorrect.