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Windows 8.1 ( Windows Blue ) is a complete Joke.

Blog entry posted by Kyle, Jul 17, 2013.

So I installed Windows 8.1 in a VM to see what the hype is all about (mainly to see if the Start Menu is back, as I just installed 8 a few days ago). The "Famed" start button launches Metro UI, the same as just pressing the Windows key. If you right click it, you'll get a pretty pathetic text menu which seems like a pretty big regression for the normal person. The joke of it all is the same functionality exists presently in Windows 8, including the regressed Start Menu dropdown. If you're running Windows 8, press Winkey + X (As Brian told me when I first installed 8), you get the exact same functionality as in Windows 8.1. Windows Blue ( Windows 8.1 ) is a pretty pathetic attempt to attract users. However, I must say, despite my system BSODing after a few minutes of using Windows 8 (I forgot to install the Intel vendor Network driver, instead of relying on Windows to ship stable ones), my audio works, which hasn't really happened since WinXP (which is why I love that OS). Hopefully the compatibility continues forward.

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  1. Kyle
    Dharkk, maybe I should change my main system to 8.1.
  2. Dharkk
    One plus of 8.1 is I haven't had a single BSOD.. was getting them fairly often with 8.
  3. Tony
    @joshy i prefer StartIsBack, because you can make it look exactly like the Windows 7 one, you can disable the stupid hot corners, you can open the classic start menu with the windows key, but you can open the metro interface with ctrl+windows key. It has some other options that you can pick to disable stupid features, i just can't remember all of them.
  4. Joshy
    You don't like Classic Shell? Very similar to 7 in my opinion; even when you hit the Start button on the keyboard it is configured to open the "Start" button on your desktop instead of the new Windows 8 Start menu. You don't lose any of the Windows 8 features and you can still get to the start menu moving your mouse to the upper right corner and clicking on start, but the Classic Shell is the closest I could get to the Windows 7 feel. I don't like the "shell" logo they have for the Start Button so you can right click it and edit the properties; the "metro" look is more like the Windows logo and matches well with the desktop.


    ^ They talk about the Classic Shell and at the bottom of the page there is a link to the download.
  5. Tony
    I've been using Windows 8 since a week after it's launch, and of course i had some issues with compatibility, but eventually i was able to work around that. Windows XP was and still is the best OS there ever was. Windows 8 has potential, but they've got less of the "We'll give you what you guys want attitude," and have adapted the "This is what you guys want," attitude. Frankly, it's killing them, and they'll soon come to realize it. I had to install some programs and use some tweaks just to get some of the classic functionality back, and disable some useless features so they didn't tab me out of my game. If i hadn't gotten done all the tweaks, i would have gone back to Windows 7 for sure. But with it all fixed up, it's a quicker and more responsive OS than Windows 7. They need to focus more on the features, stability, and advantages combined like they did with Windows XP.
  6. Kloud
    You should really just stick with 7 until this "touch-screen madness" is over or when they bring back the "good stuff". I had 8 for 3 days while my power supply for my main computer was getting replaced. It was just horrible. But, it's your choice.
  7. Kyle
    I've moved to 8 (7 doesn't have proper support for Audio), but I miss my start menu far too much. Ideally I'd go back to WinXP x64, but with the new version of VS compiling incompatible binaries, it's an uphill battle.
  8. Ghost
    Whats your view on the support for Windows XP ending soon?

    Will you go to Windows 7?