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Working with Josh is.......

Blog entry posted by Badgriuel, Dec 2, 2012.

So some of you may know that I work with Josh since they needed someone for their call center during graveyard/swing shift. Let me tell you it's dead fucking boring at call center I've gotten a grand total of 20 calls in a span of 2 days. The rest of the time is filled surfing the net, making powerpoint stuffs for the bosses and texting. The first few weeks working here were fun though lots of learning new stuff taking apart computers and putting them back together then driving out to locations and installing them. Then came the good times of poking fun at Josh.

Most of you know that Josh is well a bit on the skinny fucking side, so doesn't have much ability to lift heavy objects. Me and my co-worker watched him struggle lifting 70 pounds onto a pallet that needed to be shipped out and had to help him with the 100 pound items. It was all in good jest though since Josh can poke fun back at us just as easily. But he seems like a pretty cool guy to work with if you don't mind listening to his mashups that he loves to listen to. He even bought me lunch one day because I couldn't leave the office to get lunch because we were waiting for UPS to come pick up a 768 pound pallet.

The job can be stressful at times with having to do lots of shit in a short amount of time or over a long period of time on long travels. Currently it's not as stressful since me and Josh just work call center and sit around waiting for the god damn phone to ring and help people out with really really really stupid computer problems that we could trouble shoot in a matter of seconds.

All in all it's different working with Josh, not what I expected from just talking with him through mumble, although he can be a bit weird at times like randomly talking about serial killers out of no where o.O.
  1. meeko
    I'm too holy to be seen by the eyes of any of you.

    Forever I will be unseen!
  2. Secprotocol
    We should have a meet up or something lol it'll be interesting for sure. One of these days we might be able to put a face on this guy named Brian :razz:
  3. Nezumi
    pF Disneyland Drinkything 2013, would be up for.
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  4. rxn
    like cancer! You try to kill it but it comes back with a big ginger smile.
  5. Kyle
    >randomly talking about serial killers out of no where o.O

    He's coming for you.
  6. Josh
    Badgriuel is a giant
    End of story.
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  7. Highlander
    Now we know why Josh doesn't come on pF much anymore - he's too tired after lifting heavy objects :smile:
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  8. Taters
    pf disneyland tokeup 2013. They also serve alcohol at california adventure now.

    pf disneyland drinkything 2013
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  9. meeko
    You mean pf Disneyland 2013.
  10. Taters
    California tokeup 2013
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  11. Badgriuel
    Haha no not really Brian it's mainly shit over the phone. Pfft Brian doesn't even have the balls to show himself to me and Josh for shame :razz:
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  12. Brian
    Do you guys ever deal with people that walk into wherever you work? Cause if so I might just mosey on over, waltz in and you two would be none the wiser! I don't have any clever or devious plan once I actually get there but yeah. Also this comment is bullshit it would never happen.

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