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Jul 1, 2020
Mar 26, 2012
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    Lead Server Admin, Female

    I am going to ne in Asia until August 21st. Y'all better behave in game. I'll still be on the forums. Aug 2, 2018

    Aprz was last seen:
    Jul 1, 2020
      1. Aprz
        Car won't start. Just got towed. :[
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        2. iProbie
          why does Aprz remind me of Sheldon Cooper so much
          Oct 22, 2013
        3. Aprz
          What the fuck? Lol!
          Oct 22, 2013
        4. Aprz
          Car starts again, but I am little disappointed at how much I had to pay, $694.51. They replaced both the battery and the starter. It was obvious that the battery was dead, but I asked how did they know if it was the starter or if the battery just needed to be replaced (somebody told me the battery dying alone can make that clicking sound). They told me they hook it up to a machine and it tells them whether it's the starter or the alternator, and the machine said it's the starter. Car starts now, but not sure if it's gonna start in the cold. We'll see if. Not, I'll replace the ignition switch next time it doesn't start.
          Oct 25, 2013
      2. Aprz
        [x] Room Cleaned.
      3. Aprz
        I need to clean my room. :[
      4. Aprz
        Watching The King's Speech on Netflix.
      5. Aprz
        It's been two days since I've played CS:S. :[
        1. Jed
      6. baby_reason
        ok. so here i am........... farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .....
      7. Aprz
        1. Seeker
          Aug 3, 2013
        2. Benderius
          You should post that song too. to give a little bit of clarity...:D
          Aug 3, 2013
        3. Aprz
          I posted the song in song of the day post.
          Aug 3, 2013
      8. Aprz
        I probably won't be on at all this week. :[
        1. Benderius
          If your brother is here, that's like your here. I get the same experience
          Mar 25, 2013
        2. Joshy
          What if Aprz is Joshy and Joshy is Aprz :o?
          Mar 29, 2013
      9. Aprz
        It's funny how everybody in ZE knows how to strafe up a ladder, but nobody knows how to do it in ZM.
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        2. Satsukii
          That's because ZM is noob :P
          Mar 21, 2013
        3. Zenzr
          Because you don't need to in ZM lol.
          Mar 21, 2013
        4. Aprz
          There is a spot in playtime where it can be used to laumch yourself to another spot. I think people are always perplexed when I am in that spot. Also sucks to play 4way when you're not the first on the ladder, lol.
          Mar 21, 2013
      10. Aprz
        I got off work 5 hours early. :D
        1. dillinger likes this.
        2. Brett
          Lucky bastard!
          Mar 17, 2013
        3. Benderius
          Don't work on weekends....BEAT THAT!
          Mar 17, 2013
          Good deal! I wish i was lucky like that, i work 8hrs all week. it would be nice going home 5hrs early one day at least :p
          Enjoy :D
          Mar 17, 2013
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