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Apr 2, 2011
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December 2


    Where would we be today...

    Ho geez it has been so long. Hi! Sep 3, 2017

      1. Sera
        ... it is 0010 and I am about to punch a hole in my wall... yes, shit just got worse. D:<
      2. Sera
        "You would not feel sadness, if you've never tasted joy..." Well there are always two sides to a coin... :/
      3. Sera
        That moment when you realize that no one gives a shit? Priceless...
      4. Sera
        "... To seek revenge may lead to Hell, but everyone does it but seldom as well..."
      5. Sera
        Got held on for a full shift today... yay!
        1. Steve Ewing
          Steve Ewing
          where you work?
          Jan 16, 2012
        2. Brett
          more $$$ for you.
          Jan 16, 2012
      6. Sera
        I have to clock in in 6 hours... I can't fall asleep for another 30 minutes... This next shift is going to be interesting
      7. Sera
        YAY PAY DAY!!
        1. Brett
          fuck yea same here, so close to my new computer build, probably just another month away.
          Jan 13, 2012
        2. [31Bravo] Ray
          [31Bravo] Ray
          Got mine today too. Should be getting another one on the 15th as well. :p
          Jan 13, 2012
        3. Jermaine [pF]
          Jermaine [pF]
          can i has some moneyz?
          Jan 14, 2012
      8. Sera
        1. Dirtbag
          Jan 11, 2012
        2. Angel/Latino King
          Jan 12, 2012
      9. Sera
        Aint life grand? I have work at 0700 tomorrow, and I can't sleep...
        1. [31Bravo] Ray
          [31Bravo] Ray
          Sleep is for the weak.
          Jan 10, 2012
      10. Sera
        Apparently responding to an accusatory look is rude and makes me a jackass... fuck em all.
        1. Xombie
          Indeed, fuck'em.
          Jan 9, 2012
        2. Dirtbag
          Kick them in the nuts!
          Jan 9, 2012
      11. Sera
        Turn off the Light, and Murder the Dawn.
      12. Sera
        "Ever Angry, ever closer to the edge. A thin strip of nothingness is all that separates me from tearing you apart. Be wary for I care not the consequences."
        1. Angel/Latino King
          Jan 5, 2012
      13. Sera
        Your Arrogance knows no bounds. Congratulations.
        1. MuffinFuhrer
          stfu :D
          Jan 4, 2012
        2. Celexie
          ^ LOL JK
          Jan 4, 2012
        3. Peter
          Jan 4, 2012
      14. Sera
        I used to play L4D2, but then I sent an invite to Deto.
        1. That Guy
          That Guy
          No, then you took an arrow to the knee. Gosh
          Jan 1, 2012
      15. Sera
        ... 90 day's review is next week at an unknown time... JOY OF JOYS
      16. Sera
        Ban spammer, ban racist, warn many others not to spam mic/ chat apparently leads to 2 things: a quiet server and being a "stickler of an admin"
        1. View previous comments...
        2. Sera
          Zombie 24/7 Lila Panic
          Dec 27, 2011
        3. Vadleon
          Banners gonna Ban
          Dec 27, 2011
        4. Purpzz
          Have fun :') :D
          Dec 27, 2011
      17. Sera
        Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good night!
      18. Sera
        I come back from Huntington Beach to see all of these status' locked.... what the fuck?
        1. Seeker
          You're not exempt.
          Dec 24, 2011
      19. Sera
        So sad... So very sad... Friends Never Say Goodbye
        1. Sera
          Do not mourn their passing, Rather be thankful that such men lived.

          C'est la vie...
          Dec 23, 2011
        2. Dirtbag
          *Hugs* for Platoon. <3

          Don't be sad, be glad. :>
          Dec 23, 2011
      20. Sera
        So endgame is here... let's see how it plays out...
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      I know better than to use such a huge fucking sig. Shame on me.


      December 2