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Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Kosuki, Mar 28, 2012

  1. Apr 14, 2011
    For all of those who are 18+ this is your thread.
    The Mega Millions is at an all time high of $500,000,000.oo
    If you were to win what would you do with that much money.
    Cash out is $359,000,000.00

    I would have so much to do with that much money. Invest 300,000,000.00 of it and use the 59 for my self and to help my local Fire Dept get new gear for sure. I would get an custom build elite gaming PC with the EVGA SR3 Motherboard and also build one for raffle for the pf website to help them raise money and allow a member the chance to get an elite gaming pc. :clap:

    So tell me what would you do?
  2. Oct 29, 2010
    If I won. . .absolutely nobody would know, and life would go on as usual.

    But thanks for reminding me, time to blow another 5$ or so on the lottery tickets. . .

    EDIT: If I did win. . .
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    • Feb 11, 2012
      I would buy Valve and kick Gabe ! :clown: Maybe invest half in something and buy nice cars and ofc give family enough that they dont have work anymore hehe
    • Aug 1, 2011
      I would give half of it to my family. As a way of paying them back for 18 years of my life. I'd put half of my half in savings, and I would be careful with the rest. Make sure not to live beyond my means and not to be stupid with it. God knows you could live the rest of your life in comfort and not work with that kind of money.
    • Feb 20, 2011
      Over here you can either make it public, or win it privately, If you make it public you get thousands of letters from people begging for money.

      I would:

      • Employ someone for £50,000 a year to reply to each letter with the words "Fuck you"
      • Buy an Aston Martin DB9
      • Buy a fairly large apartment and fill it to the brim with gadgets
      • Get Aston to customize my car with Tinted black windows, HUD on the Windscreen and onboard computer (Also a red button on the gearstick for no reason)
      Other than that I have no idea what I'd do with the rest.
    • Nov 29, 2010
      Not a word of it would leak out and I'd casually live my life. If someone were to ask why I don't have a job but I have all these nice things, I'd just say I abused my student loan.
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      • Sep 25, 2010
        I would take 100m to live for the next 50~80 years, 259m left.
        Take Another 100m spend on mansion,cars,supercomputers,games and as many gadgets as I can bother to get. 159m left.
        Donate the rest to charity or something similar if I cant come up with anything to do with it.

      • Sep 22, 2010
        Ok First off I sell Mega Millions, I put in 10 bucks a game as is. And mannnnn, if someone hit that at my shop, it's gg for me + early retirement at easy age.
      • May 15, 2011
        Buy a house ranging between $200,000 - $400,000, pay it off. Then put the money away and continue living as if I didn't have it, only using it to pay for things if I'm in trouble with paying something. Won't buy a million dollar home or car though because as much as $500,000,000 sounds it will disappear a lot quicker than most people think. And once you lose that money you're stuck with a million dollar house and you can't afford it cause the insurance and utilities will rape you, as would an expensive car which isn't made to be cheap on gas or fuel efficient, as will it too rape you in the ass with really expensive insurance. And ya, keep it low key, and only help close friends and family out with it. Everyone else can eat shit.

        Edit: Also donate to PF. Why not?
      • Jul 28, 2011
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        • Oct 29, 2010
          All of you saying you would live on as usual or "casually" are fucking mental.

          $300,000,000 isn't going anywhere fast, as long as you're not a complete moron you can do whatever you want for the rest of your life and still have money to spare. You can live very comfortably for the rest of your life on 10 million, put that away somewhere safe to build interest and pretend it never exists until the off chance you actually need it.

          I don't play the lottery because I think it's idiotic, though if I did come across that kind of money my first action would be to make sure my close family and friends wouldn't have to worry about a thing for the rest of their lives, then I would obviously blow a healthy portion on the same gadgets/gizmos/toys everyone else would.

          ...and live happily ever after.
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          • Nov 11, 2011
            I don't play the lottery either. Money doesn't grow on trees so those are my two cents. And as far as 10million being sufficient, Keanu Reeves (you know, the guy who played the protagonist in The Matrix), donated nearly a 70million dollars and stated: "I could live centuries with what I have earned until now." So if you win 300m, make sure you give a good portion of it to your family and friends (and pF)!