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A couple of misc things.

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Escape started by Ghost =pF=, Mar 31, 2012

  1. Mar 30, 2012
    I don't know who to ask about this but I was wondering if we could put Mako on the practice server. I know Dillinger and myself would like to actually learn the map. I'll see people pick up Materia but have no idea where they did, and I hear about the cowbells (I read the forum about it and looked at the picture) and I wondered if I could hit all or most in a specific route, I'd also like to learn the spawn points, exactly, of each materias location. I'd also like to practice going up and down those goddamn pipes! So many times I see people do things and I don't know what they are doing, or why, because I've never lived to get to that point. I see others get to a point and die and then be called idiots for not knowing what to do. I can only assume those people who get degraded are in the same boat as I am and just simply don't know what to do and don't survive long enough to get there. It would just be nice if I could learn the map without a hoard of zombies trying to stab me and other people taking materia before I even know where it spawns. I would like to actually help the team in that map, rather than following Tony because I have no idea what to do next.

    Also does plaguefest have a shared youtube channel taht if I had started to actually record footage of gameplay that I could post it? I would feel bad for taking all the fame on my own channel.

    Is it possible to change the starting map for the server? What I mean is every time it crashes it goes to mine craft and I know a lot of people don't like mine craft. So I was wondering if when it restarts it could go to something more widely enjoyed like Mount Doom, Mines of Moria, Voodoo or Grand boat escape. Just not Mako or Pred; chances are one of the two was the map that crashed it in the first place.

    Sorry for posting so many threads, just thought I'd post my ideas, concerns and stuff.
  2. D3adDawn
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    Mar 31, 2012
  3. Sep 30, 2011
    1. Buy CS:S Server
    2. Have complete control of it.
    3. Change maps to whatever you wish.
    4. .......
    5. Profit.
  4. Nov 29, 2010
    You can create your own game and look for them yourself. It's not that hard
  5. Feb 11, 2012
    I think @Tony Montana said hes gonna make guide for mako after final version is released :thumbsup:
  6. Jul 4, 2011
    Indeed, will start working on it shortly.
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    • Dec 6, 2011
      Just don't show derps how to grab the materias.... then all hell will break loose.
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      • Feb 9, 2012
        Well the point of the guide is to help new players out who want to learn, don think he'd leave out how to pick/ use materias.
        As for practicing u can indeed make ur own private game and also I truly learned from reading a short guide made by deathreaver. It cleared things for me suh as where materias are located, how to upgrade, what spawn points each materia has, and how to kill sephiroth. You could look for his guide while Tony is working on a more updated one.
      • Jun 10, 2011
        You can host your own server, or ask @Haplo very nicely.

        Not an official one. Just post your footage on your own channel, and if you want to you can always link back to our site in the description ;D

        Again, ask Haplo :razz:
      • Mar 19, 2012
        Eh good idea but at the same time if this happens we will have the derps grab materias just because they got there 1st then proceed to stare at a wall and never use the materia
      • Feb 21, 2007
        wall of text. I didn't read past here. But this will not happen. Training server is not meant for this, nor should it be used for this (occasionally a root will need to test or check something). It is meant to be used for trainers to have a private place to train new admins, and for new admins to try out their new admin abilities.
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        • Jan 14, 2012
          There is this sourcemod plugin that remembers on what map the server crashed, and restarts it with that map again. I think this wouldn't be a bad option for ZE, since it happens that pred / paranoid crashes. This system shouldn't be used when testing maps of course. Things to take into consideration would be the time left, number of extends and the maps previously played. If you check this once every minute or something, it could prevent a lot of Minecraft irritations. Minecraft will maybe even win a map vote for once with this plugin :wink:
        • Jun 4, 2006
          lol, sounds like the server would CONSTANTLY be on pred/paranoid then... Play Pred... crashes, server restarts back to pred... continue to play... pred crashes, server restarts back to pred... :bugeyes:
        • Apr 2, 2011
          Oh God... it is Hell manifesting itself in ZE...
        • Jan 14, 2012
          Au contraire :smile:

          I get what you're saying, but that's only the case if the map always crashes at a certain point. The crashes appear to be random however, so it wouldn't be an infinite loop in this case.

          Current situation:
          • Predator / Paranoid crashes at a random moment
          • Server restarts, goes to Minecraft
          • Half the people don't reconnect right away, leaving the server at 50% filled
          • People are annoyed, partly because they were in the middle of the battle of their lives to kill the pred, partly because it's Minecraft time again.
          • Pred, Mako and Paranoid get nominated right away, since the list of recently played maps has been reset along with the server
          • Average of 20 spectators, all waiting until it's RTV time
          • An admin sometimes initiates a map vote, leaving the map it crashed on out of the vote, but this doesn't happen often
          • Next maps are Mako, Pred and Paranoid
          Situation with a crash - resume system
          • Predator / Paranoid crashes at a random moment
          • Server restarts, but continues on the same moment as where it crashed (round will be restarted of course)
          • Only thing are the levels. I don't think a plugin will be able to set the levels of Pred or Mako, so the map would start over again. Lvl3 admins could noclip then for example, but because there's not always a lvl3 admin online, it might be an idea to grant noclip to lower levels on those maps (lvl2 maybe?).
          • Playing resumes, next maps won't be Mako, Pred or Paranoid, since they are recently played most of the time and the system sets those as recently played again
          With this system people will maybe 'learn' to type retry in the console when it crashes, letting them resume play within minutes :smile:
        • Hek
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          Apr 1, 2012
        • Jun 4, 2006
          there's a delete button yo! :wink:

          Not sure about the whole start back on the map that crashed ordeal, that's real iffy. Randomized start map might be cool, not sure if that can be done though.
        • Jan 28, 2012
          scramble the mapcycle.txt when it starts
        • Jun 4, 2006
          mapcycle has nothing to do with the start map.
        • Feb 18, 2011
          Haven't worked with CS:S servers in a lonnnnnnnnnnng time... but....
          Won't scrambling mapcycle.txt just make the map order different? Is it possible to do an algorithm that just picks a start map at random @Kyle?

          Damnit you beat me to it.
        • Jan 28, 2012
          Doesn't it if you remove the initial map from the srcds launcher params?