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Resolved A.M.A

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by spyderhex, Aug 19, 2012

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  1. May 5, 2011
    This is what you get when you give kids and hot heads admin. The deadly sweet "clan" were at it once again ama alstar tobii misery and alias were starting shit trolling the fuck out of me and when i start getting defensive alstar keeps saying shit like "why are you trolling? just leave" when he started the fucking shit in the first place.. then his boyfriend ama gaggs me for "trolling" while his buddies keep fucking talking shit. it really makes playing in this server miserable they never shut the fuck up and when i start defending myself they gag me. they need to stop being haters and get the fuck over it if they are gonna talk shit then take it back dont be a little bitch and gag me because im owning you in the chatroom. If the admin is gonna pick favorites he doesnt need to be a admin in the first place just my opinion admins are supposed to play fair they represent PF not there to help deadly sweets.

    here is a snippet of what happened just goes to show i clearly wasnt the only one talking shit.

    ♠ ګƿﻻᵭƷƦ ♠: hating on me kali and the sour clan
    *Spec* AlStar: just leave man
    AlexWatsonGames: spider you are too sour
    ♠ ګƿﻻᵭƷƦ ♠: i am sour
    ♠ ګƿﻻᵭƷƦ ♠: as fuck
    *Spec* ..: hmm i dont see them taking your troll lol
    Captain Obvious: I love how we're having a convo about fucking
    ♠ ګƿﻻᵭƷƦ ♠: i get money i fuck pussy and im in the best clan
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    ♠ ګƿﻻᵭƷƦ ♠: so hate on
    tobii: pussy money weed.
    *Spec* AlStar: dude spyder get a life dude
    ♠ ګƿﻻᵭƷƦ ♠: alstar i wonder whta ur clacking now
    *Spec* -_-мιsεяү вυsιηεss-_-: home boiiiiiis
    ♠ ګƿﻻᵭƷƦ ♠: i got more than o ne
    [pF] A.M.A.™: ah shit son
    ♠ ګƿﻻᵭƷƦ ♠: you need to get a life
    ♠ ګƿﻻᵭƷƦ ♠: you are on css too much to have one
    HairyPeaches: haha
    ♠ ګƿﻻᵭƷƦ ♠: livin in mommas house
    ♠ ګƿﻻᵭƷƦ ♠: get out and get somethin
    ♠ ګƿﻻᵭƷƦ ♠: get the fuck off ur moms computer
    ♠ ګƿﻻᵭƷƦ ♠: and licking her pussy for rent
    [Source Mod] [pF] A.M.A.™: Gagged ♠ ګƿﻻᵭƷƦ ♠.
    *Spec* ..: stop talking to yourself =lol
    tobii: spider go suck my dick
    *Spec* ..: spide no one likes u here lol
    *Spec* AlStar: spyder no one likes u here to just leave man
    *Spec* AlStar: ur already gagged anyways
    *Spec* ..: owned lol
    [pF] A.M.A.™: hes gagged for rest of map
    *Spec* AlStar: yea good
    *Spec* AlStar: lol
    *Spec* ..: cos he suck dicks? lol
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    *Spec* AlStar: rofl!
    R1: .. be quiet
    *Spec* -_-мιsεяү вυsιηεss-_-: hes gagged for being a QUEER with the capitol Q
    *Spec* AlStar: yea good
    *Spec* AlStar: lol
    *Spec* ..: cos he suck dicks? lol
    *Spec* AlStar: rofl!
    R1: .. be quiet
    *Spec* -_-мιsεяү вυsιηεss-_-: hes gagged for being a QUEER with the capitol QUEER
    *Spec* AlStar: rofl
    *Spec* AlStar: hahaha misery
    *Spec* -_-мιsεяү вυsιηεss-_-: haha
    [pF] A.M.A.™: well hes gagged cuz he wont stop trolling and going on and on
    Alias: lol AMA good job, should have done that from the start
    tobii: spider wasnt dropped when he was a kid. He was THROWN.
    [pF] A.M.A.™: hahah ik lol
    *Spec* ..: haha cos he sucked dicks?
    *Spec* AlStar: lol spyder is a fag with no balls
    tobii: FUCK SPIDER!!!
    tobii: HES A FAGGOT!!!
    *Spec* AlStar: hahahahaha
    tobii: yo spider is a piece of shit
    *Spec* AlStar: hahahaha
    *Spec* ..: yo spider u can suck my dick too lol
    tobii: yo spider you is a little hoe
    *Spec* AlStar: rofl!
    *Spec* -_-мιsεяү вυsιηεss-_-: its not dick its Dill
    *Spec* ..: spide bitch
    tobii: yeah lets stop before he cries
    *Spec* AlStar: hahahaha spyder is an annoying faggot also
    [pF] A.M.A.™: lol
    AlexWatsonGames: ... WTF??
    *Spec* ..: deadly sour left? haha
    AlexWatsonGames: you wernt even close
    CHeWwy ChewWy BAkA: !ztele
    angrocksur223: y
    *Spec* AlStar: naw spyder is on spec he didnt leave
    [pF] A.M.A.™: hey spyder just tried to add me on steam wtfs that shit homeboi
    *Spec* ..: spider can u suck my dick too pls??
    *Spec* AlStar: but his bfgf or whatever it is did already when the map started
    *Spec* ..: i havent washed it since last week
    *Spec* AlStar: lol
  2. Feb 21, 2007
    If you are not @A.M.A.™ or an admin directly involved in this, then dont post. I dont want to see anyone not involved in here..

    Forgot to mention, please say what server this occurred on, so logs can be reviewed. and time/timezone
    retslag1, Aug 19, 2012 Last edited by retslag1, Aug 19, 2012
  3. Anathema
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    Aug 19, 2012
  4. TyMyShu
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    Aug 19, 2012
  5. May 27, 2008
    And if you are going to reply soon, A.M.A., I'd advise you don't take suggestions from people in the server you're playing with. We don't want to hear their story. We only need yours.
  6. Jul 23, 2012
    Okay first of all I don't where your getting we did it once again and AlStar, Misery, and tobii aren't even in the clan at all. Alias did not say one thing to you at all. He just told me good job for gagging him and that I should've done it the first time when he started. They actually stopped at times and you just kept flapping away and making remarks. That was it. AlStar didn't start it at all it was you. I am also not AlStar's boyfriend. I didn't gag them because they didn't start it. Also, I told them lets knock it off already hes been gagged so lets just all end it. This is the first time this has ever happened. Every other time you have joined it has been nice and no problems at all. We used to get a long actually. Don't exaggerate and say every time its so miserable. Spyder, you were gagged for trolling people and causing trouble on the server. I did not take any sides, I did my job as an admin and gagged you for the reasons as stated.
  7. May 27, 2008
    So that covers a small portion. Any response as to why you thought it was okay to disregard them in chat tearing him apart like they did? I don't see any warnings going out towards any of them.
  8. adinsx
    This message by adinsx has been removed from public view. Deleted by Peter, Aug 19, 2012, Reason: Irrelevant.
    Aug 19, 2012
  9. May 5, 2011
    That is just outright bullshit. Almost every time i come in the server its the same shit. I didnt used to have a problem with alstar and alias and even you yes but one day they were blocking for each other and when i complained they started calling me a faggot and talking shit.. then after that they started shooting vendis out from under me and they are constantly running their mouths at me.. then they get people like misery and tobii who kiss their asses to come at me too. any other time i play on the servers with anybody else other than those guys everything is fine. no bs. coincidence? no its not. And no you didnt warn them to stop you were participating. i infected you a few maps previously then you got mad a hell then went right along with what alstar is saying. No backstab, R1, and kitty are in deadly sweet and i dont have a problem with them at all. but people like AMA, butterfly, alias and alstar are immature always wana start drama and give the clan a bad name. Thats the whole reason Deadly Sour was started because people got sick of how you guys were acting. ur fucking trolls who call others trolls simple as that -
  10. Jul 23, 2012
    Well as I said I didn't give any of them warnings because they actually stopped at times, but he wouldn't stop rambling on. Also, I didn't give them warnings because they didn't start it so I was going after the person that started it first. I eventually stopped and so did they. After I gagged him, I told them alright lets just all knock it off even though you guys didn't start it. It was originally Spyder and I battling then AlStar stepped in when I didn't ask then did everyone else. I stopped, but Spyder didn't want to he kept going. Why would I warn them if they didn't start it and they stopped, but he kept trolling on no matter what?
    Post Merged, Aug 19, 2012
    You can ask your leader right now. He outright told me he made the clan just for a joke and for giggles and people started joining its you and Kalima that started all that. Private message Beautiful Fetus right now on Steam.
  11. TyMyShu
    This message by TyMyShu has been removed from public view. Deleted by Peter, Aug 19, 2012, Reason: Irrelevant.
    Aug 19, 2012
  12. May 5, 2011
    i didnt start anything you sound like a child with that mess.. it doesnt matter who started it you should have told everybody to stop.. but ur making excuses for your mistake.
    Post Merged, Aug 19, 2012
    Why didnt you warn about discrimination as well? sounds like you arent doing a very good job as admin in my opinion
    Post Merged, Aug 19, 2012
    and btw ama didnt you cade break me a few rounds before? shot a bookcase out of my door way and said "its just a bookcase it dont do anything" and i said doesnt matter dont cade break.. and you said "oh so ur an admin now" isnt that what happened ama? are you going to deny that?

    thats why we were cool before but are not now ur right.
  13. Jul 23, 2012
    How is that in any relation to discrimination? I don't see it at all.
  14. Oct 29, 2010
    After looking through the chat logs, I've come to this conclusion.

    Damn near everyone involved in this incident was acting ridiculously childish.

    While you certainly deserved the gag, many of the others there did too. A.M.A. make sure you don't play favorites when administrating the servers.

    All of you, lighten up and lose this ridiculous drama you're all involved in.
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