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About Paranoid

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Escape started by Samurai, Dec 7, 2013

  1. May 29, 2012
    What´s up Volks
    Soo I just played a couple of rounds on paranoid and was a bit sad about all the players or more that the map isn´t good for the server. I dont want to be the (pussy) but we should remove it from map rotation as long as people dont stop spamming every single item the whole.
    For example I had builder and people started griefing it aswell as shooting it everytime. Or freeze guns getting spammed as soon as it was ready.
    I´m just saying...
  2. May 31, 2012
    I disagree.

    I was just playing with you and paranoid was really and still is very popular; there were a lot of players (well-populated) and it seemed like most enjoyed the map very much. I really like the ze Paranoid map also.

    Griefers can make any map terrible. I know what you were talking about and saw some shitty things during those rounds (starting at ~ 46k in my demo) but we did win several rounds too.

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    Joshy, Dec 7, 2013 Last edited by Joshy, Dec 7, 2013
  3. Feb 1, 2011
    I disagree too! Paranoid isn't my favorite map either but its a classic and there are still some diehard fans of the map. I kinda miss the old version with the OP items and stuff, but it's still a good map.
  4. May 29, 2012
    Then we need another Anti-Grief plugin like entwatch to show who´s spamming the items and remove those people who do!
  5. Aug 13, 2013
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    • Apr 3, 2013
      Replace Rezurrection with Syoudous' classic version.
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      • May 27, 2012
        Paranoid isn't made as a super-serious try to win map. Its made to be a crazy bunch of shit, simply to have fun on.
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        • Mar 20, 2012
          Was classic version really lagging more or was it just the server uptime? idk

          The doors in 2maze lag so much (on rezzurection) or when bahamut spawns on mako, when the server has a long uptime.

          I dont like that we always have to remove a map when its similar to another. If both are good we should keep both.
          We also have 5 Lotr maps 2 pirates and 2 or 3 jurassic park maps and so on...Espcially the two 30seconds version are pretty similar and we kept both.
          I guess Syoudus would be much more motivated to fix classic if rezz doesnt get removed. But probably busy with mountain_escape anyway.idk
        • Nov 17, 2012
          Just remove every map, it will be more fun then.
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          • Feb 3, 2012
            I'm not a big fan of Paranoid but it is still a classic to a lot of players so I wouldn't delete it.
          • Jun 11, 2012
            Remove all maps because someone said they didn't like it. Problem solved.

            Paranoid isn't just being about classic. It's how a ZE map can constantly be fun over and over and over and overatta and ovary and overturned and overthere and overman and over and over.
          • Sep 27, 2013
            Paranoid isn't meant to win each time you play on it, is just to have fun with the items and triggers and mess around with zombies items too, is the same problem a mountain_escape but players keep using AWPs to shoot zombies off when the nukes explodes.
          • Mar 30, 2013
            Entwatch can't be used for Rezurrection (because of the multiplication of same items).

            Spam weapons can't be done on most of the weapons of Paranoid. Only on those from the older version, who didn't changed.