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Account donating issues??

Discussion in Help Desk started by Kabe, Jul 24, 2016

  1. Jul 13, 2011
    I'm not banned in game nor on the forums but I do need some assistance.

    I've donated for admin and donator tags over a period of years and I am running into a real problem now. The last time I donated I remember I had an error with my forum account which is known as Kabedisabledaccount so someone helped me switch over by changing the name of that account and placing it to this one which is 'Kabe'

    I am back and donating again but my problem is when I go to link my steam account to my new forum account to be available to donate it brings up my 'Kabedisabledaccount' which was disabled and banned for no other reason but for donating purposes I assume.

    I've been a member of Plaguefest since 2009, thanks in advanced.

    My steam account; /Kabeedge
    Kables, Jul 24, 2016 Last edited by Kabe, Jul 24, 2016
  2. Jun 4, 2006
    Hey Kabe, welcome back. I've deleted your old account, you should be able to associate your steam to your current account now.
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    • Jul 13, 2011
      Thanks Brian, you the man. Pretty sure you helped last time with this.
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