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Admin Abuse Doc Watson

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by doc watson, Mar 15, 2016

  1. Jul 13, 2008
    It has come to my attention that tomorrow I will have been abusing my body for exactly 50 years.... I tried the !mute command but have found that as the years increase the usefulness of this function on my brain is reducing, !beacon aint working as I cant draw attention from the opposite sex now and have to be content with the fact that the only person in the world who wants me is Sexual Retard. So to counteract this I have provided a picture of me from probably before you were all born (1991) in a vain hope to improve my ego, self esteem and libido.


    Dani... I still fit in the uniform and its in my wardrobe waiting.....

    My mid life crisis is still in my shed being built...


    ...and it WILL look like this. I would advise anybody who wants to create a le mans winning car from the year of their birth (1966) from fresh air.... not to do it!!!!! its a huge fucking money pit......

    !ban is an alternative I've considered using on myself but I find myself being drawn to late night swearing, cussing and throwing of fail nades cos I enjoy it so much. So....

    What advice would you give to a 50 year old grumpy fucker to see him through another decade???.... you wankers!!!!
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    • Apr 9, 2007
      Happy 50th Doc.
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      • Aug 2, 2014
      • Dec 17, 2007
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        • May 31, 2012
          Ladies love a man in uniform. :inlove:
        • Jan 25, 2014
          Damnnnnnnnn Doc you old as fuck
        • Feb 8, 2013
          No way... you have a Ford GT? Boss. You're my best friend, Doc. Way to go!
          Post Merged, Mar 15, 2016
          Sorry for killing you all the time. Happy Birthday, buddy. I hope your dreams of building that GT up comes true. Many wishes to that. Show me the star some day.

          And yes, I would let my daughter marry someone with a Ford.
          Orange, Mar 15, 2016 Last edited by Orange, Mar 15, 2016
        • Sep 14, 2008
          You handsome mother fucker. Love you Doc!
        • Feb 27, 2012
          You sexy fuck. Happy Birthday, Doc :heart: :kiss:
        • Jun 17, 2014
          50 going on 18! Hope it's a memorable one! Happy Birthday Mr. Doc! :present::party:
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          • Nov 20, 2013
            fuck u Doc
          • Feb 15, 2012
            Happy Birthday, Cock Watson, you sexy crumpet! :present::cake::present:
          • Aug 7, 2012
            holy shit you're old ,dad... hbd <3
          • Feb 1, 2011
            Happy birthday Doc! You are THE MAN!!!