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Resolved Admin Abuse: Molotov Solution

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by BlakOut, Jul 21, 2012

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  1. Jan 31, 2011
    Abusive Admin: Molotov Solution STEAM_0:1:11416972

    Brief Description:

    This is the fourth or fifth time that I've seen this particular behaving in a really non-productive and unprofessional way. On the server today, there were several incidents of cade-breaking while Molotov was in spectator mode watching. In one such case, myself and 2-3 other players were in the 3-vendy room and were building the cade in the conventional fashion: |_| along the wall and door. As we did so, a player hopped into the room and shot one of the cades on the ground, across the room and then into a useless position up against the other vending machines as dumbies often do. In spite of the fact that several of us were saying over the mic "Stop cade breaking!" and things like that, he continued anyway.

    Immediately afterwords, I asked Molotov if he would do anything about it (knowing he had been spectating us). He said no and added a few remarks: "Too bad. He didn't shoot the vendy out the door," "He didn't send all the machines flying around the room" and "Maybe if you weren't such a fucking moron, you wouldn't have been knifed."

    These remarks were completely unprovoked, but were probably the result of some earlier comments I had made regarding admins concentrating on deliberate cade-breakers and blockers instead of sprays.

    As soon as the next round began, Molotov decided to freeze myself and another player (as you'll see in the attached screenshot) for no reason whatsoever. Shortly after he did it, he came on his mic and sarcastically said "Woops! Sorry, didn't mean to do that!" I was turned into a zombie a few seconds later, while frozen.

    I wouldn't have gone through the trouble of reporting this incident alone, but as I said I've seen this kind of behavior out of this particular admin several times. He's very quick to throw around remarks like "moron" or "fucking idiot" without any real justification at all. I think it's in the server's best interests not to have this kind of guy making administrative decisions. I can't speak for others, but I can say he's rubbed me the wrong way and made me want to seek out other zombie servers when I see him join.



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  2. Momo
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    Jul 21, 2012
  3. Jan 22, 2012
    lol omg this is funny. dude the didnt mess up the cade and u guys didnt even die from wat he did so i dont see wat the big deal is.. he thought he was making it better he wasnt just shooting everything like a noob. and i did accidentally freeze u guys and stickynipples laughed it off and completely understood i made a mistake. and yeah i did call u a fucking moron cuz ur crying about the cade breaking when ur the one that ran in2 a zombie.....
  4. Jan 31, 2011
    If you would, respond to the specific abuse accusations and complaints I've made instead of using tangents and strawman statements.

    Whether or not breaking a cade results in death has absolutely zero bearing on whether or not he broke our cade. As you know, every person in the room said he broke the cade and was upset about it. Taking the center cade out of a |_| orientation and shooting it around the room to a useless place most certainly IS breaking the cade. Your initial excuses were that it wasn't against the rules because no vendies went through the door. After we disputed that false criteria, you resorted to claiming that he hadn't sent them "flying all over," so it wasn't against the rules.

    Again, not dying from it doesn't affect the rules whatsoever, in spite of the fact that you think it does. Nobody gets knifed by zombies as a result of disrespect or pornographic sprays, but those are still violations of the rules.

    Also, how does one accidentally freeze two players? You're in the admin menu and within the freeze command, and you got there by accident? That doesn't sound very likely.

    We didn't laugh it off when you froze us. We both simultaneously said "What the fuck?" and started laughing at the abuse; me over the mic and him in chat.

    I'm glad you admitted that you called me a fucking moron. Your justification for doing that is that I "cried about the cade breaking." Thank you for acknowledging that he broke our cade, but that still sounds like very poor, irresponsible admin behavior in my judgment. If I was "crying" about cade breaking, especially cade breaking that you admit you witnessed, you should respond very, very differently than calling the victim a "fucking moron."

    I think your remarks so far in this thread show exactly what I mean.

    P.S. What do you think your response would be if someone called you an idiot and a fucking moron if you complained or punished someone for cade-breaking? I have a feeling you'd call it "admin disrespect" and use some more of those commands that you love.
  5. Jan 22, 2012
    well ill leave it at that sumbody plz say sumthing.
  6. Oct 29, 2010
    Destroying someone's barricade, regardless of how it's destroyed or where the props end up, is against the rules; make sure to enforce it as such.

    I'm not sure what to make of the freezes, the only way I see it being accidental is if you have it on a bind and they were right next to each other, honestly it seems unlikely.

    Please make sure these mistakes do not continue and try to treat players with a bit more respect (even if you think they are just complaining,) at the very least, don't outright disrespect them.

  7. Jun 4, 2006
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