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Resolved Admin Abuse

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by hzrd ヅ, Mar 17, 2018

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  1. Feb 10, 2017
    I was banned earlier by m0j0 on jaapani for "trolling". He followed through with the warning>kick protocol and after I came back, I did it but it was before zm spawned so it was to try and backstab him like people do all the time. I've been told by admins that jumping on people's heads isn't even griefing or anything so idk why I was warned in the first place. I have a demo that I can send in privately proving that I was just trying to backstab before the round. He also froze and slapped me so i could fall off the tall building with the secret ladder which im pretty sure is also abuse.


  2. Dec 29, 2016
    @Tony The Tiger
    User was warned repeatedly over multiple maps and multiple sessions of game play about his trolling tendencies. User continued to act with malice after not only me but also @Shad0w warned him in this most recent session. I gave him multiple chances to stop blocking ladders for CTs, cornering them, and being an all around dickhead. Those included verbal and written warnings, slaps, freezes, freezes with slaps -he was not located near the edge and was far back on the boxes with a ceiling over his head preventing him from going anywhere. I did not want to ban the user as I was hoping everyone could get along and we could continue to have a good afternoon playing. User right after I kicked him for trolling and blocking came back onto the server and went straight to me and started jumping on my head, I started typing in the command to ban him and mistyped right after he jumped on my head after turning zombie, I then fixed the command and gave him a 60 minute ban, a well deserved time out. I stand by my actions as that type of mentality does not represent what PF is.

    The ban has already expired.
    m0j0j0_j0, Mar 17, 2018 Last edited by m0j0j0_j0, Mar 17, 2018
  3. Feb 10, 2017
    Today at 12:11 AM
    hzrd ヅ: anyone know how to rb
    Today at 1:37 AM
    hzrd ヅ: rtv
    Today at 1:42 AM
    hzrd ヅ: mg
    Today at 1:48 AM
    hzrd ヅ: fag
    Today at 6:34 PM
    hzrd ヅ: !sm 90
    Today at 8:03 PM
    hzrd ヅ: i script
    hzrd ヅ: i hold my space bar to bhop
    Today at 8:09 PM
    hzrd ヅ: !sm @all
    Today at 8:12 PM
    hzrd ヅ: rank
    Today at 8:32 PM
    M0j0j0_j0 Dickbutt: !freeze hzrd
    M0j0j0_j0 Dickbutt: !slap hzrd
    Today at 8:33 PM
    M0j0j0_j0 Dickbutt: !freeze hzrd
    M0j0j0_j0 Dickbutt: !slap hzrd
    M0j0j0_j0 Dickbutt: !slap hzrd
    M0j0j0_j0 Dickbutt: !slap hzrd
    Today at 8:35 PM
    hzrd ヅ: !sm cutty
    Today at 8:40 PM
    M0j0j0_j0 Dickbutt: !kick hzrd trolling
    Today at 8:45 PM
    (Admin) M0j0j0_j0 Dickbutt: hzrd keep trolling and you will be banned
    hzrd ヅ: didnt know i could get banned for trolling
    Today at 8:50 PM
    M0j0j0_j0 Dickbutt: !ban hzrd trolling 60
    hzrd ヅ: lmfao
    mike: rip hzrd
    [pF] Shad0w: well deserved ban
    Today at 10:17 PM
    hzrd ヅ: nextmap

    All mentions from my name today. No other warnings for anything by any other admin

    I have a demo against this that I can send to the person reviewing this

    Proves that it was before zombies turned so it's considered backstabbing which is encouraged
  4. Dec 29, 2016
    @hzrd ヅ
    If you have a demo then upload, don't leave out any evidence, this slow feeding bs is kind of annoying. As for other warning we gave you multiple verbal warnings. I gave you a final written warning which you completely ignored. Even @Shad0w made a comment in chat about your removal being deserved.

    As for banning you before you turned zombie, it shows a continued malice and disrespect. If an admin tells you not to do something and you go poke the bear the second you get back on CT you will be removed regardless if it was right before you spawned zombie. You knew what you were doing and you are using the lucky fact that this time you did become a zombie as a cover for you dickish behavior and your constant skirting of the rules.
  5. Feb 10, 2017
    Uploaded to a private thread.

    Not doing it in the same manner. I was just trying to backstab like I always do.

    I don't even think there is a rule about jumping on people's heads. It's just the fact that you were pissed and mad.

    Where is the warning from Shadow? It's not in the chat logs
    Where is your warning before the repeatedly abusing the freeze commands? I didn't hear your verbal warnings since I @sm @all.
  6. Jan 21, 2011
    I haven't really looked into this abuse claim, but, for the record, admin chat doesn't show up on the stats page chat logs if that's what you're referencing.
  7. Feb 10, 2017
    But they do show up in discord chat channel
  8. Oct 24, 2015
    No offense but hzrd is known for griefing. I was there when this happened and i agree with the ban that was made.
  9. Dec 29, 2016
    You were just kicked for doing it and the second you become CT you start doing it again. If we kick someone for door glitching and they head straight to the same room and start setting up to do it before zombies spawn we would still ban them. I'm not going to comment on this further unless a higher level admin requests it.

    Both@Shad0w and I gave you multiple verbal warnings on that map and on multiple maps before this and multiple session before this before you SM everyone.
  10. Feb 10, 2017
    The demo submitted shows that you were no where near us when this happened

    Verbal warnings are not allowed by admins

    We were playing customs before this

    What I was doing wasn't illegal. There was no proper written warning like every admin has to write. Unless you have a demo of you giving these alleged verbal warnings then I think we should just put this lie aside. Verbal warnings aren't allowed by admins either way....
  11. Jun 17, 2014
    After reviewing the demo, All I see is Hzrd jump on m0j0j0_j0's head a few times before the zombies turned. (Which in some cases, is a form of griefing.)

    So here's my 2 cents.

    @m0j0j0_j0 -

    1st thing I'd like to point out, "Trolling" isn't a valid reason to punish a player, All he really did here was just backstab you via goomba.
    Had he been jumping on your head after the zombies turned, Then it would be safe to say that he was griefing.

    Unfortunately, Those warnings must have been verbal. There's only one written warning between both you & shadow that was initiated, and it after you pointlessly utilized 13 commands and kicked him.
    There's absolutely no need reason for that, Please don't do this again in the future.
    If you need a reference for accurate punishment procedures; Click here.

    @hzrd ヅ -

    While this altercation you've encountered isn't how we like things to be handled, It's obvious both you and your buddy are trying to get a rise out of the Server Admin team by pushing their buttons. Quit with your shit.

    Since no one else has anything of relevance to add, I'm marking this issue as resolved and locking this thread & hopefully this doesn't happen again in the future.
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