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Returning Admin Subscription: Skiptron™

Discussion in Admin Subscriptions started by Skiptron, Mar 28, 2014

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  1. Jun 23, 2010
    In-Game Name: Skiptron™
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:27213704
    Paypal Profile ID: I-C797YHG9MGL9

    SourceBans Account: Should be active
    Previous Admin Level: 3
    Last Promotion Thread (if 2+): http://plaguefest.com/threads/skiptron-promotion-request.16599/

    Re-Training: No need. Remembered it like the back of my hand.
    Previous Subscription Expiration: Nov 20, 2013

    Glad to be back to pF :grin: See you guys around!
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    • Feb 13, 2014
      Redacted due to tapatalk loading errors.

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    • Aug 12, 2012
      welcome back! if you play in ZE at night, cya around
    • Jul 8, 2012
    • Jan 25, 2014
      I saw you on zm and wasn't sure if you were really an admin :grin: welcome back see ya around
    • Dec 30, 2006
      It's been quite some time that you have been admin. Mess around a few days and make a promo thread when you're ready. We can go from there.

      Welcome back.
    • Jun 23, 2010
      Thanks everyone

      @Secprotocol - Will be doing it, I'll post it when I am ready. Thanks!
    • Aug 11, 2013
      Welcome back :smile:
    • Feb 3, 2012
      Welcome back! Glad to have you around again!
    • Dec 11, 2013
      Welcome back to admin team :wink: hope to see u around on game ....!
    • Apr 24, 2012
      Welcome back to the team
    • Mar 24, 2014
      Welcome back to the team ! See you around if you play ZM
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