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[Advanced] Zombie Escape : RIOT SYSTEM (boss)

Discussion in Mapping Discussion started by Captain Jack, Jun 5, 2013

  1. Apr 25, 2013
    It's me again lol ^^

    For my hobbit map, I want to add a little more difficulty to humans, but I do not want to add a boss (static or dynamic) , so I think a system of Zombie Riot : monsters that appear in some places (such as sewers or areas where you can find a special item) and attack humans while a low hp (like 50 bullets or 40bullets)

    I based my work on the post of @enviolinador and especially the map template of @Kaemon : http://plaguefest.com/threads/looking-to-make-a-moving-boss.14588/

    Everything works fine, I just have a few questions about the use of such a system.

    1) How to kill the mob ? I have made a phys_box parented to the model, but i cant shoot it because i configure it as a not solid block (if i let it solid, the model will fall cause of the gravity )

    2) Some movement are not smooth, especially when the mob is at proximity of the player (i'll post a video of that). Is it possible to fix it ? like on Predator or Skyrim where movement of bosses are really smooth.

    3) I would like to add a thing like an arena where player will be teleported and mobs will spawn (like 20/30 mobs). I'm afraid if lots of entities will lag the map and especially if there is a risk of server crash. When I play in "soloplayer", my computer do not lag even with 20/30 models moving around me, but its different with 50/60 players on a server.

    EDIT : here the video :

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    • May 31, 2012
      I built a mob system a while ago which was similar to this. Assuming 3 thrusters + detection trigger + physbox + dynamic model + hurt trigger, that'd be 7 edicts per mob (maths and the likes don't count towards the limit). With 30 mobs, you'd be using 210 entities which isn't really too high either (it is high, but if you aren't wasting much along the map it is doable). It would, however, possibly lag not due to the models (which may add up to it, but you could always simplify them so that they are really low poly and can't cause many issues) but due to the physboxes being actual physics with collisions. You could benchmark this checking the IN value in singleplayer in net_graph, if it goes over 400 (according to Kaemon somewhere sometime) then it's too high.
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      • Jan 11, 2011
        1) ---> Use a Func_Breakable. They are less expensive (in IN) and I believe its pretty easy to make them non-solid to players (and even if there weren't a Field or Flag for it, you can always make them out of a Tool Texture like BlockBullets).

        2) ---> I believe this is mostly about playing with the truster values and the surface the item moves on (I believe in that example map from you are using I was using a glass with some "ice physics"). So try tweaking them around and see if you like your results better.
        Notice however, that the NPCs can move differently from server to server depending on a couple settings. Predator was noticeable faster (at least +40%) on Supreme Elite than on Plague Fest.

        3) ---> Pretty much what @enviolinador said. Number of entities is workable if you know what you are doing, but can easy crash the map if you are not paying attention to the edict numbers.
        And the "lag" on the servers is caused by the IN. Check it with Net_Graph 1 (as @enviolinador already mentioned) and try to keep it under 400. The lower the better, as always. 400 may lag by time to time on a full server if everyone is in an area where they can see the entities.

        BTW, that example of mine doesn't work with 2 or more players. You may need to create some kind of Filter for the NPCs to target. I will just tag @Luffaren as he has worked with that very recently, in case he feels like telling you a nice way to do a templated filter for multiple hostile NPCs.
      • Feb 24, 2011
        My answer will be delayed until tommorow. Need to sort out some things, sorry.