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Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Vitaminpwn, Jul 25, 2012

  1. Feb 11, 2007
    Do you think they exist?! I think they probably do but they're too far away to come here, and even if they did they wouldn't look bipedal like us because "we" evolved on this planet.
  2. Jan 14, 2012
    Chances are they do exist. However, in what form? A single cell organism is just as much an alien as an intelligent life form like in the movies. However, the implications of finding a single cell organism (which will probably happen first and in the next couple of decades) would be enormous. It would mean that earth isn't the only place where evolution can happen. Of course, earth probably isn't the only place where evolution can happen. However, there isn't any proof of that yet. Finding a single cell organism on another planet would implicate evolution happens on other planets, which implicates that intelligent life might come or already has come from it. Either way, chances of them being on the same 'level'as we are are quite slim. Look at our history, 1900: we can't even fly. 1961: first man in space. What I'm trying to say; things can happen very quickly. If they're 1000 years ahead of us, they will probably find us. If they're 1000 years behind, we're probably not going to find them anytime soon.

    Either way, I'm a believer :wink:
  3. Mar 10, 2012
    What is a section about aliens doing in a website about cryptozoology? Aliens are only of peripheral interest in the science of cryptozoology. For the most part, cryptozoologists are interested in finding new species of animal here on earth. Aliens do not seem to be animals, and they presumably are not from Earth. Yet, despite these problems with fitting aliens into the field of cryptozoology, we know that aliens are unconfirmed, controversial creatures whose existence has not yet been proven to the satisfaction of mainstream science, which is a pretty good description of what a cryptid is. This fact manages to draw the interest of some scientists who work in the field of cryptozoology.
  4. Jul 4, 2011
    That sentence made no sence and you just copied it from this website; http://www.newanimal.org/aliens.htm

    Out of the trillions and trillions of planets out there, alien life is bound to exist. Here's a video;

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    • Jan 31, 2011
      When I saw the title of the thread, I expected it to be a devolved conspiracy-theory style discussion about "aliens." From a natural sciences perspective, it's pretty much all been said already.

      Two statistics to consider when asking the OP question:

      1) Our planet is one tiny little spec in a tiny little neighborhood of a tiny little galaxy among trillions and trillions and trillions of stars and bodies, an indeterminate number of which we've never seen and won't ever see.
      2) Notwithstanding statistic #1, life as we know it magically came very slowly and tediously about over the course of about 4.5 billion years on our little, insignificant world.

      Those facts in light of one another makes it plain that the existence of organic life elsewhere in the cosmos is not only plausible, it's statistically likely!

      When you consider the idea of the sheer magnitude and majesty of the universe, it's inspiring, humbling and daunting. In spite of recent HADRON physics breakthroughs, we still have zero concrete understanding as to where the vast majority of the universe's energy and matter come from, hence the place-holders "dark energy" and "dark matter." Unfortunately, nobody alive today will probably be around at the time big-picture questions are actually answered empirically.

      I believe it was Fred Hoyle who said that, at the time our Earth meets its demise via collision with the Andromeda galaxy, the creatures that are around to watch it happen will be as genetically and anatomically different from US as we currently are from BACTERIA. They'd be aliens by today's standards.