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Alternate Zombie Mode Style suggestion

Discussion in CS:GO Zombie Mod started by Eric Foong, Aug 18, 2012

  1. Aug 18, 2012
    So I just tried out the Beta zombie mode server and I feel like Human are too over powered just with the "Hold down trigger and aim". And since I tried out Nexon's licensed Counter-Strike Online, the zombie mode in game are well balanced, and have great atmosphere. Since the zombie mode in CSO are inspired by the original mode from your guys, I don't see why shouldn't I suggest it:

    1) Human have limited ammo and required to reload, that make them careful with shooting.
    2) Editted map and make them darker
    3) Supple box drop every 30 second in random location, box resupply or special weapon
    4) Zombie have faster speed and higher jump height.
    5) Zombie dies, they stay dead. No respawn
    6) Last but not least, unique zombie class and Special weapon.

    My English are not good so bear with me, here's how Zombie mode in CSO look like. And just my two cent to try to make it fun.

  2. Jan 30, 2011
    I'll put in my two cents.

    1) The majority of CSS zombie servers are unlimited ammo, just because the new maps that are coming out makes it very difficult for humans to win without unlimited ammunition.
    2) The maps are made by volunteer mappers, so it is up to them if they wish to make them light or dark; completely their own preference.
    3) Because there is unlimited ammo, there is no need for a resupply. Just conserve your nades, and that is pretty much it.
    4) The higher jump height is a perk for if you purchase donator or admin on the pF servers. Run increase would make it more difficult for the humans to survive as they can run faster then said humans, making their survival time lessen greatly.
    5) This would make the rounds really short, because of the unlimited ammo it is really easy to kill zombies; hence the rounds, and maps, would be completely human sided.
    6) I don't think there is a special zombie class for ZM, although I haven't been donor in awhile. There are the perks that I said (located above) and special weapons would, again, make it almost completely human sided, depending on what special weapon it would be.