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An explanation to all community members

Discussion in The No Count Section started by Brett, Feb 5, 2012

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  1. Dec 6, 2011
    Well, the time I've been here, I've seen many great (and not so great) people leave. Some reasons were understandable, and others weren't. I just wanted to make sense of this situation, and help others too. Most new admins and some that have been here for a little while seem to say that higher-ups act "like dicks" or "assholes". This, obviously, isn't true. Though, I've seemed to clear up a few things for the somewhat short time that I have been here.

    I thought I'd try to fix things up a bit and let the community know what I'm thinking. In today's world, as always, some people put down others or keep others "out of the group" without even knowing it. I've seen it happen a few times on here, which of course I won't name names, because that'd just be outright rude. What I'm trying to say is that, if somebody tries initiate chat with you, tries to talk to you about something, or even attempts a joke, don't be a total dick about it or shun them. There's no need to put people down for when they're trying to be nice. It may or may not be you, and you may not try to do it on purpose, but just try to accept all newcomers and those who aren't very social. Everybody is equal, there's no need to try to keep somebody down and/or humiliate them/embarrass them. If somebody new joins mumble, or finally begins to join a conversation in the admin chat, feel free by all means to make them feel welcome, because that's how a growing community needs to be. I try to achieve this myself, though I'm not sure that everybody understands my extremely dry sarcasm lol. Just remember that I'm never mad at/hate you, sometimes my sarcasm is just a little too hard to understand.

    Now, I'm not trying to tell everybody to be gay (that's alright if you are), hold hands and sing Kumbaya, I'm just trying to emphasis the point of being open to all newcomers or not-very-social people. Everybody deserves a chance to be a great person in this community :turned:

    Also, this, by no means, is about me. I've observed many situations and thought I'd just put this out there. I'm an oddball anyways, no need to worry about me >.< Please, feel free to comment on this. I put it in the No Count Section with the idea that this might get spammy, any higher-up may move this around to their liking.

  2. Feb 18, 2011
    Ban this fool.
  3. Jul 28, 2011
    I have put this off far too long...


    Ha jk, I too have noticed that sarcasm over the internet does not always go as planned :razz:
  4. Dec 2, 2011
    Hurt feelings report lol funny.
  5. Jul 28, 2011
    Sorry Quietly, I feel like I have destroyed this thread already...
  6. May 27, 2008
    What the fuck.
  7. Dec 6, 2011

    But no, this thread is to be taken seriously, I would like everybody to consider it.
  8. Mar 26, 2011
    I agree.
  9. Sep 22, 2010
    I'm impressed about what quietly yelled just said. [IMG]
  10. Mar 12, 2008
    Let me add a few rules so everyone knows how to get you cool with people in mumble.


    2. No loud or annoying noises, except for WOOO

    3. If you plan to be drunk, you may be drunk. NO MEAN DRUNKS THAT ARE EASILY BUTTHURT ALLOWED. Also you may be recorded for future lulz. What happens in mumble stays in mumble.

    4. No interrupting conversations. especially league ones, where everyone doesn't know WTF is going on. (You know who you are, you assholes!)

    5. Beaver hats when kyle is on.

    6. Play Poker!/LeagueOfLegends/WoW/SWTOR/maple story/Minecraft/CS:S/CS:GO[sup]Coming soon![/sup]/BF3, Basically any popular multiplayer game. Doesn't necessarily need to be multiplayer, just don't get all rage jelly on the mic.

    You get the idea.

    Be chill, and you can chill.
  11. Aug 18, 2006
    This bothers me, and I would like to know more info as to why. I want to fix it. I know I can sound like an asshole at times, but its rarely intentional, I am just very blunt and It's nothing personal, unless you deserve it. As I learned in basic training, there's a difference between yelling and being loud...
  12. Nov 29, 2010
    As I do try my best to be friendly, as soon as there is word of a newer admin screwing up and breaking rules, there's this bias that surrounds them as being a "derp admin" As I do wish the lower level admins could approach the higher levels as we are all on the same level in terms of position.

    Also, I tend to run off as sarcastic to a lot of people, bit of a bad habit
  13. Feb 1, 2011
    I try to be pretty approachable to any and all, so feel free to add me on steam if you're having trouble :thumbsup:
  14. Mar 12, 2008
    They tend to bumble headfirst into doling out punishments, without any consideration of the rules. (hell, thats what a couple people thought they could do if they paid for it)

    Some also walk a very fine line. as always i will not name anyone, but I too wish the lvl 1's and 2's would ask around if something's wrong.

    at least get some perspective on something before you use "Adaman powerzz" on people is all I ask.

    this was Off topic, but also in the no-count section, so i guess it's on topic.

    make what you will of it
  15. Aug 1, 2011
    :whistling: :whistling: :whistling:
  16. Dec 30, 2011
    I like our admins, I'm friends with a few and get along with most of them. However, sometimes the zombie inflation problem can get out of hand and all they do is warn the suspect(s). I have never seen a zombie inflator get slayed, kicked, or banned, which I would like to see happen in the future.

    Zombie inflation is one of only a few things that really annoys me on PF's servers, and nothing gets done about it. It mainly happens on Minas when people get themselves knifed at spawn and then go grab the zombie totem. Half zombies with totems are a bitch to defend against. Kicking that player would simply get rid of this problem as their score would be set back to 0 so they can't grab the zombie totem. :thumbsup:
  17. Jul 4, 2011
    Zombie inflation is now a rule and we're allowed to punish the offenders. A few weeks back when it was at its worst, there was a limit of 5 people that had to do it before we could take any action.

    No more zombie inflation. :thumbsup:
  18. Nov 2, 2011
    So far, every higher admins/root that i talked to, asked for help, asked for advice and everything else are nice and helpful. I have no problem at all. :thumbsup:
  19. Sep 26, 2010
    If anyone has an issue, never feel as though you can't approach a higher up [IMG] that's why we're here. If you're a lower level, take your importance into perspective...you guys/gals outnumber the higher ups and we rely on you to perform well, and ensure both admins and players can enjoy a stable playing environment. Higher ups are mainly here to ensure admins don't get out of line while providing a foundation for newer folks to understand how our community functions. (as well as maintain actual server stability).

    What I'm trying to say is, never think the whole is more important than any part because those parts make the whole what it is.

    Add me on steam if you ever have a question...those of you who know me, know that I'm always happy to help (even if I'm not in the best of moods) :razz:
  20. May 15, 2011
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