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Returning Anathema resub

Discussion in Admin Subscriptions started by Anathema, Jun 6, 2019

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  1. Feb 18, 2011
    My old card expired so my payment didn't renew. Here's my new stuff.

    In-Game Name: »Sir.Anathema
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:33097551
    Paypal Automatic Payment Number:

    SourceBans Account: Anathema
    Previous Admin Level: 3
    Last Promotion Thread (if level 2+): http://plaguefest.com/threads/anathemas-promotion-request.7298/

    Re-Training: Not needed. :smile:
    Previous Subscription Expiration: Two days ago.
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    • Dec 17, 2007
      You're good to go, ask a root to change your level back. Your SB is still active :handcuffs:
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        Aphilion, Jun 7, 2019 Last edited by Aphilion, Jun 7, 2019
      • Jul 14, 2010
        He needs to be bumped back to level 3 @Management
      • Feb 27, 2012
        Welcome back to the Donator team! :wink:
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        • Dec 30, 2006

          It's Doomx.
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