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Discussion in Admin Abuse started by pfzaros, May 14, 2011

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  1. Apr 24, 2011
    angel i think is his name i call him a fag after he starts messing with people then he teles me to a zombie spawn so i call him a fag and he kicks me for disrespect i go back in and cuss him out a little then taw says hey what can you do about it then i decided to say hey everyone !report the new admin for admin abuse. becuase he was abusing them then he bans me hell he didnt even warn me lol! doesnt that mean that he randomly kicked me on a certain level? i mean no warnings or anythign

    well i hope yall know whats right and whats wrong about the admin cuase he was doing that stuff i said he was
  2. Aug 18, 2006
    You need to go into much more detail. How was he "messing" around? You being kicked for calling an admin a Fag is warranted. It's against the rules. You should have been more mature about handling the situation.

    Read http://plaguefest.com/index.php?/topic/788-how-to-post-player-abuse-and-admin-abuse-complaints/
  3. Jul 14, 2008
    First off, I asked you to move out from an illegal crouch spot and also asked the other guy to move out of an illegal ledge spot. I froze you multiple times and gave you plenty chances to move out. None of you complied so I teleported both of you. Then next round you ask me to teleport you to your buddy's spot and when I said no you started disrespecting me. I kicked you with a warning and you came back and kept going at it so I banned you.

    (Admin) ▀█▀eam 7 [pF] Angel: zaros, crouch spots are illegal. Move out of that tube now
    =pf= zaros : next rounf
    `83.Tαωک : wait
    =pf= zaros : im surounded
    `83.Tαωک : angel
    FroMoua : rtv
    (Admin) ▀█▀eam 7 [pF] Angel: No, you need to move out now
    =pf= zaros : no i need to wait till next round
    =pf= zaros : tele me to him
    `83.Tαωک : zaros theres no next round
    `83.Tαωک : you obey when it comes to thsoe spots
    (Admin) ▀█▀eam 7 [pF] Angel: You are camping in a ledge spot 83
    `83.Tαωک : lawl.
    [SourceMod] froze =pf= zaros.
    =pf= zaros : tele me to taw
    `83.Tαωک : sorry but admins didnt say anything about this spot angel
    [SourceMod] froze =pf= zaros.
    (Admin) ▀█▀eam 7 [pF] Angel: Yes, the only way to get up there is through the pipe, thus making the spot illegal
    [SourceMod] froze =pf= zaros.
    `83.Tαωک : not what i heard from other admins
    (Admin) ▀█▀eam 7 [pF] Angel: What did they say?
    `83.Tαωک : its fine
    =pf= zaros : tele me to taw
    `83.Tαωک : zaros i dont think
    `83.Tαωک : angel has the rank for that
    (Admin) ▀█▀eam 7 [pF] Angel: You need to move too or you will get frozen, Im sorry that spot is only reachable by a ledge therefore illegal
    `83.Tαωک : lawl
    `83.Tαωک : hate it when new admins get in
    [SourceMod] ▀█▀eam 7 [pF] Angel has teleported `83.Tαωک
    =pf= zaros : tele me to taw plz
    =pf= zaros : ill ge tout of crouch spot youll be happy
    `83.Tαωک : if angel keeps freezing
    `83.Tαωک : i got your back
    (Admin) ▀█▀eam 7 [pF] Angel: Move out now
    =pf= zaros : thanks
    [SourceMod] I've saved your Position!
    [SourceMod] ▀█▀eam 7 [pF] Angel has teleported =pf= zaros
    =pf= zaros : ill
    (Admin) ▀█▀eam 7 [pF] Angel: Austin, you need to get off that spot. Its a ledge spot therefore illega
    Donations & admin purchases keep this server alive. Sign up at donate.plaguefest.com
    FroMoua : !zclass
    (Admin) ▀█▀eam 7 [pF] Angel: Illegal*
    =pf= zaros : taw where are you?
    `83.Tαωک : my old spot
    [SourceMod] I've saved your Position!
    =pf= zaros : where that?
    `83.Tαωک : since angel is making random spots illegal
    [SourceMod] ▀█▀eam 7 [pF] Angel has teleported austinpotter243
    [SourceMod] Time remaining for map: 2:53
    kokitch : timeleft
    Get admin in just 5 clicks by typing !getadmin or visit admin.plaguefest.com
    [SourceMod] ▀█▀eam 7 [pF] Angel has teleported benjaminpotter96
    =pf= zaros : n ice
    (Admin) ▀█▀eam 7 [pF] Angel: If you have any objections, feel free to post in on the forums
    =pf= zaros : hey new admin tele me to taw
    `83.Tαωک : actually no
    `83.Tαωک : ill complain to other admins taht were here lnoger XD
    (Admin) ▀█▀eam 7 [pF] Angel: We can actually work things out over there
    (Admin) ▀█▀eam 7 [pF] Angel: Then you can do that as well.
    =pf= zaros : yo new admin be a good admin and tele me to my friend taw
    (Admin) ▀█▀eam 7 [pF] Angel: im not teleporting you anywhere
    =pf= zaros : becuase your a shitty fucking admin ???
    `83.Tαωک : dont be mean zaros
    =pf= zaros : other admins do what the people want
    [SourceMod] Kicked =pf= zaros (Reason: do not disrespect admins)
    =pf= zaros has Disconnected (0:0:22401666) from United States.
    =pf= zaros connected.
    `83.Tαωک : angel your seriously distracting
    `83.Tαωک : admin abuse ftw
    =pf= zaros : this new admin is a fucking fag the admins are supposed to enforce what the people want not what there own desires want
    `83.Tαωک : well zaros what can you do
    `83.Tαωک : the others are offline
    [SourceBans] Please type the reason for ban in chat and press enter. Type '!noreason' to abort.
    =pf= zaros : everyone !report the admin for abuse
    `83.Tαωک : XD!
    =pf= zaros has Disconnected (0:0:22401666) from United States.
    [SM] Banned player "=pf= zaros" for 10 minutes (reason: disrespecting admins enforcing procedures).

    Then we have a second issue, you have been previously permabanned by me for being racist AFTER being given a warning.

    Angel 04-24-11 17:22
    =pf= zaros : fuckjing nbigger ass tards
    [SourceMod] Kicked =pf= zaros (Reason: no racism)
    (admin) ▀█▀eam 7 [pF] Latino King: Thats your only warning zaros
    =pf= zaros : rtv and i said nbigger not nigger fucking taard

    Josh asked me if it was ok to unban you and I agreed, I personally think you don't belong in ANY of the PlagueFest servers. Hell, you shouldn't even be carrying the =pF= tag with that kind of behavior, I will be making your ban a permaban again as you clearly don't belong here unless any other head admin is against it.

    The only reason Im not locking this thread is to see what kind of answer you have zaros.
  4. Aug 18, 2006
    Lol. Way to falsify your story pfzaros.

    Who the Fuck does Taws think he is? Someone needs to put him in his place. Oh, if only I was there...
  5. Jul 14, 2008
    Seeing that this guy is making fake abuse reports, disrespecting admins and players constantly and have a previous ban history. He will be permabanned, The servers will be a better place without him around. Thanks for posting this admin abuse thread, it really helped clear things out.

  6. Jun 4, 2006
    Banned from forums as well, fuck this guy.
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