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Anime: Music!

Discussion in Music started by Vicarious, Dec 8, 2013

  1. Dec 27, 2012
    I love music and anime, them combined can truly form a masterpiece in my ears.

    - Keep things civil, take your arguments elsewhere for they are not wanted nor needed here.
    - Post only music that is related to Anime one way or another.
    - To avoid this thread to become a spammy one, limit your post count to one and post only every now and then.

    If I haven't made myself clear enough, you can post whatever music you wish, be it an OP, END, a theme of some sort; any music can be posted as long as it's related to Anime. It's not a rule but people would most certainly appreciate if you can name both the anime and the song name of your post.

    Find new favourites, experience nostalgia, let the Anime: Music thread commence!

    - Anime: Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex
    - Song: Inner Universe
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    • Feb 27, 2012
      I don't watch anime nor do i really like it, but i do enjoy some of the music. @Badgriuel showed me this one a while ago. Slow, soft, but pretty good.

      Anime: Gundam Seed Destiny? Not sure lol
      Song: Fields of Hope

      inb4 @kawaii 058 music spam
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      • Sep 27, 2013
        You can't denied any anime/JAP on rock are amazzzing.

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        • May 15, 2011
          I really liked the tunes from K-On!, Angel Beats and Yumekui Merry. All very good albums.
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          • Feb 11, 2012

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            • Sep 27, 2013

              Sorry about my fav's all most of them horror and drama ones hue
            • Mar 4, 2012
              Don't we already have an anime music thread?

              Favorite opening:

              Heavy on the guitar:

              Rewrite (VN not an anime but whatever) - Philosophyz

              HoTD - High School of The Dead

              Highschool DxD - Trip Innocent of D

              Little Busters!

              Sad shit:

              Angel Beats! - Brave Song

              Angel Beats! - Ichiban no Takaramono

              Angel Beats! - My Song

              Favorite closing:

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                Benvolio, Dec 8, 2013 Last edited by Benvolio, Dec 8, 2013
              • Dec 27, 2012
                There is a Japanese music thread but that seemed to concern music such as Jrock and Jpop, not Anime music.
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                • Oct 24, 2013
                  I always loved the underground garagish sound of this song.
                  The Penpals - Tell me why

                  I think FLCL had one of the best soundtracks ever though.
                  The Pillows really killed it.
                  The Pillows- Ride on Shooting Star

                  Pretty intense song from Gundam W
                • Feb 8, 2013
                  I only know of a few, but I really enjoy this one because it somehow makes these weird screaming/screech sounds and screams are music to my ears. ^^

                  via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ce8H_aFkUzU

                  ...and Nano

                  via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmkzttuIQvY

                  One of my favorites. =D
                  Post Merged, Dec 8, 2013
                  My favorite.
                  Orange, Dec 8, 2013 Last edited by Orange, Dec 8, 2013
                • Jul 20, 2010
                  Whoa Whoa Whoa hold the fuck up you can't have anime music without posting this.

                  G Gundam opening people of a certain group age would know this.

                  Cowboy Bebop

                  Gundam Seed Destiny "Vestige" Also known as Strike Freedom's first launch song

                  Code Geass "Colors"

                  Death Note "The World"

                  Death Note "Alumina"

                  Elfen Lied "Lilium"

                  Infinite Stratos "Beautiful Sky"

                  Lucky Star "Motteke! Sailor Fuku!"

                  Chobits "Let Me Be With You"

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                  • Jun 19, 2013
                    This thread is so kawaii
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                    • Mar 4, 2012
                      More depressing stuff.

                      This one gets me every time. Watch Clannad/AS if you haven't already. Depressing as fuck.

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                      • Jun 23, 2011

                        Beat me to it

                        the feels on those :frown:
                      • Mar 12, 2008
                        nobody mentioned SAO yet? Disappoint.

                        well, Sword Art Online - Ending 2: Overfly.

                        Also a couple more because i don't see them listed and I thought they were good.

                        My will - Inuyasha - Ending 1

                        Neon Genesis Evangelion - Cruel Angel Thesis

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                          Taters, Dec 10, 2013 Last edited by Taters, Dec 10, 2013
                        • Sep 27, 2013
                          Spyair they really got nice music always at my Jpop/Rock list, Same as Gintama. "Watch Gintama, i sure 100% laugh and sad moments"

                        • Mar 4, 2012
                          Large post coming up with all instrumental stuff.

                          Rewrite had one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard in an anime/VN. If you haven't read it you should the music does so much to set the tone/mood of the story. Here are my favorites from the first half of the story. A lot of good classical guitar and piano pieces in here.

                          Rewrite - Bud

                          Rewrite - Flower Bud

                          Rewrite - Raised Bed

                          Rewrite - Soft Windflower

                          Rewrite - Honesty

                          Good piano piece from The Future Diary/Mirai Nikki:

                          My favorite piano oriented tracks from Clannad:

                          Clannad - Shionari

                          Clannad - Distant Years

                          Clannad - To The Same Heights

                          Clannad - Nagisa (Warm Piano Arrange)

                          Lastly one of my favorite classical guitar/piano tracks:

                          Rurouni Kenshin -

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                          • Mar 12, 2008
                            I guess I should have done this first, but I forgot all about it: Here's a link to my youtube playlist. It's small right now, is about 80% from anime I saw, the 20% is vocaloid/game music/other. This is what I usually listen to when i'm grinding out in FFXIV or doing other menial tasks at the computer.
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