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Resolved Aprz Lied To me and then Banned me

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by Bok, Jan 7, 2016

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  1. Jan 9, 2015
    I was just playing a game and had my name as a reference to warcraft 3, which was perfectly acceptable in multiple other servers as "IHateNagas". Apparently, someone thought it was a reference to N*s.. It's not.

    So my name was changed twice without anyone saying much. I changed it back cause I didn't realize an admin changed it and i was kicked. So I explained the reference to world of warcraft/warcraft lore, and Aprz was like oh ok thats fine...

    Then Aprz says "I'm fine with your name as a reference as long as you remove the I Hate part"

    So I do this. and then he immediately bans me. What kind of crazy logic is this... lie to a player and have that player follow your request to keep their name and then immediately ban me?

    He lied to me and used it as an excuse to ban me. Banned for a week because Aprz tricked me?
    So in conclusion... it's not like this guy was like "oh, you gotta change your name it doesn't matter we think it's unacceptable. He flat out told me to remove the First parts of it, and then immediately bans me"
    For a Week?? What the hell.
  2. Jul 7, 2014
    I don't remember much but weren't you the one that was trolling yesterday in unpanic? Your named varied to IHateNaggers to Naggers. You even tried changing your name to IHateTriggers and tried to get me warned and kicked because my name offended you or was near the N word? Or was that someone else.. Hmmm... If it was you, you've been warned many times and I think this ban was reasonable. I'm just unsure about the "tricking" part.
  3. Jan 9, 2015
    ^^ Irrelevant and thread derailment. Unless you were on when I was just lied to and banned, your post doesn't contribute much to my ban.
  4. Mar 26, 2012
    Did I say that in chat or over the mic?
  5. Jan 9, 2015

    in chat. did you not say 'i'm fine with that name as long as you remove the 'i hate', or was that another admin'. Check your console.
  6. Jul 7, 2014
    How is it irrelevant? I said if it was you, you've been warned many times already and the ban was reasonable. I just don't know about the "tricking" part.
  7. Oct 29, 2010
    I'll let Aprz or SP say their piece before locking this, but looking at your past names, it's quite obvious what you were trying to imply.
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    • Jan 9, 2015

      An Admin directly told me that as long as I remove the 'ihate' part, the reference is fine, and then I was immediately banned. It's not fair because if someone wanted me to change it altogether they should have said that instead of using deception to ban me for a week.

      The Ihatetriggers name and every other name was related to trigger who was mic spamming and being racist yesterday and i was complaining about him. Which is a completely different issue

      All you've done is derail my thread by bringing up and incident of me complaining about you talking about your name and slipping between trigger and the n word on mic. Me getting warned? Try you being racist on mic yesterday, and you just brought it up now trying to twist the situation around.
    • Jul 7, 2014
      LOL you fucking liar I don't even have a mic. If I was being racist I would've been warned by Kyro, Jedi, and the other admins who were on at the time. Funny. So I'm assuming it was you then huh? Well, your ban was reasonable because you were repeatedly warned for having various names close to the N word.
    • Jan 3, 2013
      Here you go "I'm stupid", "I'm even more stupid"

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      • Jul 7, 2014
        I've had my name (trigger) for as long as year and a half. No one has had any problems with it but you. And now you're lying saying I was mic spamming with my non existent mic LOL - and being racist? I've had no problems with racism and I've been around longer than you
      • Mar 26, 2012
        It appears that you are correct. I did not notice the admin telling that you that he is fine with your name if you remove the "Ihate" part.

        You will be unbanned.

        Even though it is a WoW reference, it is clear what your intentions are with the name. I advise you to use good judgement when picking a name and what to say. If it is similar to a racial slur and used as one, you will still be disciplined.

        Edit: Removed comment about previous bans. They were a year ago.
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          Aprz, Jan 7, 2016 Last edited by Aprz, Jan 7, 2016
        • Dec 30, 2006
          To add my input here, I was perfectly fine with the ban. You spammed the lenny face a couple of times in chat, which clearly states your intended purpose. Don't even try to skirt around the rules. I renamed you twice to send you a good message, yet you're claiming to be a victim here. I gave you numerous chances, normally you would only get one warning/chance.

          Keep this in mind for your future trolling efforts.
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