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Discussion in Admin Abuse started by Vigy, Jan 29, 2014

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  1. Jan 29, 2014
    k this is the 2nd time atxdragon has banned me for wrongful reasons. i did not make a thread the first time because it was only a 2 hr ban even though he was 100% in the wrong. i did however issue a ban removal but never heard back from anyone. i will continue that story later on...but for now i would like to complain about something that happened today.

    i was banned for an illegal spray by atxdragon. i do not use illegal sprays and i have not changed my spray for probably 5 years if i had to guess. it is the same spray i've always used on plaguefest and EVERYONE in the server was seeing the same spray i used at the time of ban. my spray is a girl in a bra and panties. apparently someone told me atxdragon said it was a chick with a dick spray, which is just absurd and i have no idea how he came to the conclusion that it was MY spray. he warned me once, i told him in chat "atx im not using illegal sprays THIS is my spray" and then i sprayed my spray on the ground to show him i was not breaking rules. he does not respond, he just kicks me. i come back, i told him again, i was in spawn and to look at my spray to prove it's not me spraying anything illegal. HE BANS ME. right before he banned me i even heard tarot (i believe it was him) on the mic say dude his spray is a chick in a bra and panties, nothing illegal about that. i dont look for trouble on your servers nor do i break the rules and anyone that knows me can vouche for that. check my record, it is clean. the only other ban i have is the previous one atxdragon gave me for an unjust reason which i should have made a complaint for as well... which will be discussed right now.

    so the first ban (months ago) ATXDRAGON gave me was for evading a gag. I was having a discussion with someone in chat, stuff might have got a little heated between me and the other person (dont remember his name) and it eventually led to a gag which is fine. however gag does NOT gag radio commands. i use radio commands to tell team to fall back, etc...anyways, atxdragon thinks im reconnecting to evade the gag to use radio commands. he warns me in chat to not evade gag or it will be a ban. i change my name to "gag does not gag radio cmds" or something along that lines. he has NO CLUE whatsoever that gag doesnt gag radio commands and then bans me. HE THENNN posts a demo that has NOTHING TO DO with the ban he issued because i watched it all. (don't believe me? go to the ban list and find the demo he posted, it's like 10 minutes of pure nothingness) that should be some what proof enough that he is dealing wrongful bans with demos that are completely irrelevant to the ban being issued. what is upsetting is he is when i try to discuss these things with him before the bans are issued he completely ignores me in chat.

    the reason i am telling you about both bans is to show that this is not just a 1 time fluke, atx is not doing his job correctly and im sorry for insufficient evidence other than people like smurf and tarot who were in the server at the time know that i dont use illegals sprays. i cant remember other admins in server at the time otherwise i would gladly list them here for my support.

    i wish for this recent ban to be lifted please. i hope people that come to this forum can vouche for me because i play on pf servers daily and i never have any problems with ANY other admins except atxdragon. i obey the rules at all times and would never put an illegal spray up.

    atxdragon, if you read this please discuss why you insist on ignoring me when i try to talk to you via source chat.

    thank you and hope to hear back from you guys.

  2. Aug 7, 2012
  3. Jan 29, 2014
    something must be wrong with your computer then cause there is NO WAY in hell that i have EVER used a chick dick spray, plus people on mic were even telling you what my spray was...dude you even know what my spray is you've seen it probably 10000 times and you know i dont do use illegals sprays. clear your cache or something...idk
    Post Merged, Jan 29, 2014
    LOL THE DEMO HE POSTED HAHAHA omgggg proves my point it is not a chick with a dick, he wrongfully banned me AGAIN and his demo proves it. read what everyone is saying in chat too on his demo after i spray
  4. Dec 12, 2011
    I was there.

    I feel that the right leg in the spray is mistaken for a penis. From a distance such as the demo, it can appear that way.

    Here's a screenshot.

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  5. Jul 20, 2010
    That spray is perfectly fine, it's her leg -_-. @atxdragon next time if you're not sure come to other admins and get their opinion on something.

    @Vigy you will be unbanned shortly.
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