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[Aug 9, 2014] Going out with a Bang: The greatest GTA IV MP event of all...

Discussion in Events started by Brett, Aug 4, 2014

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Going out with a Bang: The greatest GTA IV MP event of all...
Grand Theft Auto IV

Confirmed Attendees: 9
Start Date: Aug 9, 2014 08:00 PM
End Date: Aug 10, 2014 04:00 AM
Time zone: America/New_York -04:00 EDT
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  1. Dec 6, 2011
    @Flaming zombies, @literal drive-throughs, @Alamo'ing a Burger Shot, and @Cluckin' Bell SWAT team raids, yep it's all here! You heard me right. Goddamn Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer shenanigans! If you haven't been to a Plaguefest GTA IV event, then you're missing out! I was hoping to plan one last big MP event before I get even busier, and before GTA V releases for PC. It'll be the same style as previous MP events, but for the new guys, I've posted the original event details at the bottom of the thread.

    Previous events have been nothing but hilarious predicaments, and outrageously funny shenanigans. There isn't any restaurant too small for Tony the Tiger to get his car through, any faggio too small for Jeezery to ride, or any firetruck too large for Dirtbag to run over cops with (and spray them with water, of course).
    Don't forget to check out the awesome screenies from past events:
    2013-06-07_00001 2013-06-07_00002 2013-06-07_00003 2013-06-07_00004 2013-06-07_00005 2013-06-08_00001 2013-06-08_00002 2013-06-08_00003 2013-06-08_00004 2013-06-09_00001 2013-06-09_00002 2013-06-09_00003 2013-06-09_00004 2013-06-09_00005 2013-06-09_00006 2013-06-09_00007 2013-06-09_00008 2013-06-10_00001 2013-06-10_00002 2013-06-10_00003 2013-06-10_00004 2013-06-11_00001 2013-06-11_00002 2013-06-11_00003 2013-06-11_00004 2013-06-11_00005 2013-06-13_00001 2013-06-13_00002 2013-06-13_00003 2013-06-13_00004 2013-06-13_00005 2013-06-15_00001 2013-06-15_00002 2013-06-15_00003 2013-06-15_00004 2013-06-15_00005 2013-06-15_00006 2013-06-23_00001 2013-06-23_00002 2013-06-23_00003 2013-06-23_00004 2013-06-23_00005 2013-06-23_00006 2013-06-23_00007 2013-09-14_00001 2013-09-14_00002 2013-09-14_00003 2013-09-14_00004 2013-09-14_00005 2013-09-15_00001 2013-09-15_00002 2013-09-15_00003

    Let me know what you guys think so we can set an event up. I'd really love to do one final event for us all to enjoy on GTA IV.

    Event Details:

    We'll be doing a variety of events based on however many people we have:

    -Cops 'n Crooks: Equal teams, the crooks try to make it to an escape vehicle on the opposite side of the island, while the cops try to stop them. All living crooks must reach the escape vehicle OR if playing All for One, crooks must protect a randomly chosen "Boss" that must escape himself.
    -Deathmatch/TDM: Self-explanatory.
    -Turf War: Two gangs fight over three different locations and must defend them as well. Somewhat similar to King of the Hill.
    -Race: Any car class, any track, no weapons, all skill. Cannot leave car.
    -GTA Race: Same as race but guns and shit. Anything goes.
    -GTA Free Race: Start off with nothing on foot, make it to the other side of the map by any means necessary.
    -Free Roam: Do anything you want throughout the city or on a designated island. Make alliances or make enemies, you decide!
    -There's also specific mission-style game modes as well.

    We'll also make up some of our own events in free roam, such as:
    • Demolition Derby
      • All players choose cars from free roam, and the runner tries to stay alive as long as he can in a single car he chooses, we can time the length of survival for a winner, and possibly some type of prize if we get enough people.
    • Hunt
      • One man hunted by everyone else, the hunted gets a head start, and blips (location of player on the map) are set to far or none at all, turning it into an all out manhunt. Game style can vary, such as no blips on a smaller land mass or blips show up on far only, but on a map of the entire city.
    • Any other crazy ideas you guys can come up with, we can try.
    If you have any questions, just message me (Brett) on Steam or the forums.

    Here's the original GTA IV MP thread: http://plaguefest.com/threads/jun-9-2013-gta-iv-weekends-pf.15999/

    Also, you need to make sure you have a Rockstar Games and Games for Windows Live account set up, because we'll need your Live ID to invite you to the game.

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      Brett, Aug 4, 2014 Last edited by Brett, Aug 4, 2014
    • Feb 3, 2012
      Let's do it!

      Also, it's obviously anything with faggios in it. :cool:
    • Feb 21, 2007
      i dont has this game
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      • Dec 6, 2011
        Looks like somebody needs to make a Steam Store shopping trip.
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        • Jul 8, 2012
          How much is it?

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        • Jun 11, 2012
          Seriously Vote is rigged.
        • Feb 3, 2012
          You guys got it all wrong. I only shot Bender once, one time ever. :evilgrin:
        • Feb 27, 2012
          Awwwww shit guys. I don't know if i even have this installed still D: but i'll take a look. I lost my CD-Key too, so balls.
        • Dec 6, 2011
        • Jun 11, 2012
          And we were on the same team and he blows up my car.

        • Feb 3, 2012
        • Jan 21, 2011
          Ill join.
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          • Dec 6, 2011
            It seems everybody wants to go for this Saturday, does that seem good?
          • Feb 18, 2011
            i wannr play gasem aso yes satoray works
          • Jun 11, 2012
            I'm free Saturday after 6pm
          • Jun 23, 2011
            I remember doing this

            Oh look its me being an ass in the firetruck

            ill join :grin:
          • Dec 6, 2011
            Alright awesome, so we're looking at Saturday for roughly 7pm EST start, or whenever we have enough people. Now just for a higher up to post the actual event.
          • Tony
            This message by Tony has been removed from public view. Deleted by Tony the Tiger!! :D, Aug 5, 2014, Reason: event thread merge.
            Aug 5, 2014
          • Nov 19, 2013
            looks awesome :grin:
          • Feb 27, 2012
            I hope i made this event right D:

            I'll check if i still have GTA IV installed on another Hard Drive somewhere, and hope that i don't have to type in a CD-Key. Because if i do, i'm screwed for playing this with you guys D: