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Back in hospital with cardiac problems...

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Kosuki, Jan 18, 2013

  1. Apr 14, 2011
    I now find my self in the hospital again. I am admitted for heart issues again. In my previous posts I talked about my open heart surgery. Looks like my Aortia Arch is dialting more then it should and that the graph is expanding. This is not good because it risks tearing my aorta if not watched. So I had a CT done and they say for now my Aorta will be ok, bu I have to keep my blood prssure down so it does not stress the already wekened arch. So it looks ike Il be here for the weekend.
    I alao found out I have a Bicuspic Valve in my heart. Normally yu have tricuspic valve (3 doors) but two of my door are sticking so they are watching those to make sure nothing happens. They did tel me they will need replaced one day just no news when. When ou have only 2 doors working it puts extra pressure on then so it weakens and breaks them down harder. Kinf of like keeping your car at 1200 rpm's as apposed to 4000 rpms. If yu keep it at 4000 your engine wont last as long wih out repairs.
    So for now I am ok nd the doctors and nurses are are wonderful and are taking great care of me. If you ever get a change to be a patient here or go to school here all I can say is GO FOR IT!

    Ill be ok guys I will be back one day but Ill keep you informed.

    P.S. Admins check the ip if you want. Should be from Palo Alot (Stanford) thats if there is any doubt :wave:
    The nurses :doctor: love me so much they are letting me use one of the portable medication computers to post this because the TV based internet wont let me on PF's site or hotmail, or cnn, and so on (it not them but their internet comany).

    Kosuki sends his love to all of you:heart:
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    • Jun 11, 2012
      I wish Adam Jensen augmentation was a real thing, so we can upgrade you...But you'll probably keep saying "I didn't ask for this: :razz:

      In all honesty I wish you to get better
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        Benderius, Jan 18, 2013 Last edited by Bender Bending Rodriguez, Jan 18, 2013
      • Aug 18, 2006
        Get better soon. :wink:
        [31Bravo] Ray, Jan 18, 2013 Last edited by Ray, Jan 18, 2013
      • Sep 6, 2010
        Get better Kosuki, wish you all the best!
      • Apr 1, 2012
        We should all build a Terminator skeleton and transplant your brain to it
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        • Feb 11, 2012
          I wish you all the best. Get better soon.
        • May 31, 2012
          Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto is nearby where I work! I also know a "Patient Companion" that works there. Sounds like the nurses are already helping you out with perks; I don't know if I asking my friend for anything additional would help.

          I hope everything works out with your heart; I heard there are a lot of great doctors there. It is very tempting to stop by and say hello but I know medical stuff are typically personal and plus I don't know you :footinmouth: good luck!
        • Mar 26, 2012
          I used to work for the ambulance company that had the contract with Stanford called ProTransport-1. They are the red, white, and blue sprinters labeled "Stanford" and there are some blue and white spinters that are labeled "ProTransport-1" that park near the ER usually. There is also a Stanford Lifeflight Type III (that means it's box shaped) rig, and two Lucile Packard Children Hospital Type III (LPCH) NICU/PICU rig (for sick babies and children) that are in the parking lot on the LPCH side (not the ER usually). They don't respond to 911 calls, they just transport patient from one facility to another, usually convalescent. If you get transported by ambulance by them, you'd likely be treated/talking with one of my friends. In Santa Clara County though, there is few reasons you'd transport from Stanford other than for discharge, 5150 hold (Stanford can do it, but they run out of space), or you have Kaiser insurance (you'll be transported by the ambulance company that has a contract with Kaiser, not ProTransport-1). Stanford does everything except manage burn patients (only Valley Medical Center in San Jose or St. Francis (I think?) in San Francisco would do that).

          I trust Stanford will do everything they can for you. Excellent hospital (with excellent cafeteria FYI.. get the philli cheese steak if you're allowed) and excellent staff.

          A normal heart has four valves. The semilunar valves (top two) are the aortic semilunar valve (right before aortic arch that goes to the aorta and to your body systemically) and pulmonic semilunar valve (right before the pulmonary artery that goes to your lungs). The atrial ventricular valves (bottom two) are the tricuspid AV valve (divides your right atria and ventricle) and mitral (bicuspid) AV valve (divides your left atria and ventricle).


          Do they know what's wrong with your tricuspid valve? Like is one of the valves calcified?

          I didn't walk all over the hospital, but in some parts of the hospital, they called the computers COW: computer on wheels.

          Sounds like you're describing an thoracic arotic aneurysm? I'm glad they caught that. In the prehospital setting (e.g. if you called 911 and had this problem), when aortic aneurysms starts to leak/tear "dissecting", there is an 80% mortality rate. 50% of those patients don't even survive the trip to the hospital. A lot of people walk around with aneurysm symptom free, and they'll live without it ever tearing. Doctors start to worry though when it's >5 cm diameter (in the abdomen, I don't know what rule they use for the aortic arch) and that's when they'll schedule a procedure.

          I hope your stay won't be too long. Get well soon.
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          • Jul 8, 2012
            Get well friend.
          • Feb 14, 2012
            Get well.

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          • Feb 21, 2007
            Dissection or aneurysm?
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            • Mar 12, 2008
              Get well soon, hospitals aren't fun after a while.
            • Jan 12, 2011
            • May 31, 2012
              Kosuki asked me to post this on his behalf. We were having a conversation and his internet is so laggy there that it is too difficult to navigate into this page and load all the posts:
            • Feb 21, 2007
              Aww Kosuki, I am terribly sorry to hear that. It is frustrating because you had the open surgery and it was replaced with a graft, so you would think that part is behind you. Odd that the graft itself is expanding, from my limited vascular (abdominal aortic aneurysms) experience, I have not seen this. I hope that this next surgery for your graft goes well. And hopefully your valve can hold off for a few more years, as they are pioneering endovascular valve replacements (as opposed to the standard open method), and this may be a good less invasive alternative for you, when that time comes.
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              • Aug 10, 2012
                G-g-g-g-g-[IMG] -Get well soon! :crying:
              • Apr 1, 2012
                I still believe my Terminator body and skeleton idea is better..
              • Apr 14, 2011
                ***FINAL CONCLUSION***
                Hello Everyone I am home now. So here is the full story in order as close to as I can get it to what happened. Also Joshy and Ray for forwarding my messages on here, the internet at Stanford is good Via WIFI but their internet browsers do not have the scripts and Addison to run PF's site and the TV based internet has pf's site blocked.

                I am going to Stanford to get to my doc appt for cardiology. Echo is at 0900 and Appointment is at 1000. I am going to Stanford again because UCLA has dropped the ball one to many times with my health and in the following post you will see how. UCLA truly almost killed me due to what ever reason you guys want to call it, I am calling it incompetence. So here we go Ill try to get everything as close as I can.

                **TIME LINE**
                Wed Jan 16th 2013:
                0300- I get up to get ready to drive to Stanford.
                0445- We hit the road starting to head to Palo Alto
                0600- We take a rest stop I think in Soledad for gas (GPS 36.417104,-121.320992 )
                0615- Back on road
                0730- we hit the 101-85 interchange.
                We were told to take the 101-85 and then the 85-the 280. Now come to find out we could had taken the 101 all the way to university ave
                (GPS 37.459871,-122.14076) then all the way from there to Sand hill road that would had dropped us off at Stanford.
                0731- Ok so I merge on the the 85N as they told me and Google maps showed me(I studied the route they told me on Google maps b4 we left)
                0800- Here comes the 280N Interchange. Now Google maps shows it differently than what it actually was. It was a cluster F***. and traffic backed up
                0801- Here is the (GPS 37.323305,-122.050005) I got fucked up their. Google maps shows one thing in street car view, but with the traffic jam, rude drivers, and construction cones and moved signs i missed the merge and was stuck on the 85N.
                0810- I decide ok I fucked up not knowing the area I decide to get off the 85N and get on to a side street (GPS 37.352053,-122.059994) Fremont ave. I turn left figuring ok I know the 280n and the 101 are to either side of me so If I still drive north ill be getting closer to Stanford. So I am driving on Fremont North and calling Stanford trying to get someone with a brain cell on the phone to get me to Stanford on time for my 0900 Echo.
                0820- I pull over to some dry cleaners place hoping the people speak English. They get me headed north on San Antonio RD headed toward El Camino Rd that I can take north to Sand hill Road.
                0850- We reach the Stanford Area and instead of turning on Sand Hill Road we turn on Quarry. Once on Quarry we turn on to Welch (Its one way during construction) So now we are headed in right direction
                0905- A Security guard guides us to the main entrance with vallet parking (GPS 37.433389,-122.175844)
                0910- I am upstairs at Echo and they say oh your late we have canceled you go to your apt next door.
                0915- I go next door get in to my new doctor Dr. Rogers and they do the whole work up and ask questions look you over so on and so fourth. My doctor walks over to Echo and says basically you will not cancel him he will have his echo today.
                1000- I get my echo and it takes about 30 min and at one point the echo tech mumbles something and then rechecks me again.
                1030- I get back into my docs office and they ask me how I have been feeling. I tell them about my random and occasional chest pains for example (Flutters, electrical shocks, feeling that nearly take my breath away) and then the words I did not want to hear come out of him mouth did come out "Oh well that makes sense"... So I was thinking fuck now whats wrong with me.
                The doctor brings up the Echo images on his computer and starts from the top he was like "Well before we cut to it lets look at these images, hes kind of stumbling for time and is looking at the normal images just buying time.
                So now that we hit the view of the Aorta (Ascending, Arch, and Descending) he points my graph it a Dacron graph that covers my Arch and descending aorta from my 2006 surgery. He tells me that the graph on the descending is great nothing wrong but the part over my Arch is expanding beyond what it should. So my graph is failing on the arch. My arch is over dilated and when you have a vessel lake that it is very picky of how its treated.
                Now lets back track a bit...
                I have had 2 angioplasty from age 2-5. I needed those because my arch and descending were narrow from a birth defect. In 2004 they went in to put in stints to permanently it. What they found when they had put in the stints is I had a leaking aneurysm that the CT and echo did not pick up, so the Angio with stints saved my life because they happened to find the aneurysm. but here is the catch, a month later the stint in my arch did not stay in place and moved into my neck and lucky me it turned sideways and logged and did not hit my brain and kill me on the spot.
                Now back in 2006 when I had my open heart surgery they removed the stints and used the Dacron graph to fix me. They had also said I cant ever have any more Angioplasty's because the 2 from before weakened my aorta wall from inflating them.
                Now lets step forward. My arch is wider than it should be and is weak on its walls, the graph is failing and is separating from the aorta wall to keep it one size. So the debate is to do surgery now while I am healthy or wait till I am worse off till its ready to fail. So I am going to try to push my doctors to do my full repair surgery now while I am healthy and can make a recovery. I Dont want them to wait a few years til its life threatening and i am not doing so well so my recovery is more dangerous. Now here is something else one of my Tricuspid valves ( I dont know what one exactly is acting like a Bicuspid valve. Meaning 2 of the 3 doors are sticking and so it adds more wear and tear on those doors quicker so I will have to have those replaced sooner rather then later.

                Now I want to tell you what happened after I left my doc appt. I went back to the hotel room because we were going to stay over night because we were so tired to make the drive back. I slept for about 30 min I woke up with very very bad chest pains and a headache and trouble breathing. So my mom drove me to Stanford ER. I told the admitting clerk everything about my aorta and how i was feeling and I need to be seen and if I was feeling bad that my doctor (DR Rogers) said to come in. So I dont know if you guys know how the triage system works but you have levels 1-5 1 is like MAJOR MAJOR Issues and lvl 5 is cut my finger I have a BOOBOO. The triage nurse decided to put me as a lvl 3. So I am waiting in the ER lobby in very bad pain, trouble breathing and other shit. The doctor comes out after looking at my Stanford records because the ER is linked with the main hospital. The doctor comes out and says basically "WTF are you doing and thinking. He could have a dissection going on he is having chest pains and trouble breathing you listed him as a LVL 3, No I am listing him as a LVL 1 get him the fuck back NOW!" So they get me back do all the ying and yang, work up and down. They tried to give me 1grain of Dilaudid and 10 of Diazepam (Valium) for pain but because of my medical history and higher tolerances to drugs 1 never helps me so they doctor said no problem you can have 2grains as needed for pain. So after waiting and so on and so fourth they get me to a step down unit just for over night observation. I was like cool I get to leave tomorrow and go home. Mind you this is still Wednesday the 16th. So I get the the H Ward (Temp holding room till a bed opens) and this nurse comes in and to be a nice guy I am I ask " Well nurse how many patients do you have" I am just trying to make conversation and she says "None, just you." She is leaving the room to get medications because I am due for stuff. As she leaves my mom and brother leave expecting to see me the next day and this is about 2355-0005 (wed night to thurs morning) As my mom leaves she says basically " He has already had alot of medication only give him the Xanax to help him sleep unless he asks for more pain medication" Me mom also gives the nurse her cell phone number and says" if ANYTHING happens call me". Nurse says "ok no problem" So the nurse comes in and gives me with in a 1 hour period to a 45 min period 3 2g shots of Dilaudid 20 mg of Valium, 25-50 of benadryl, a Xanax(2mg) and I think she even gave me a ambien(5mg). So I remember paging her the nurse around (12:15am "0015") and no response some ward clerk comes in and I tell her I need to talk with my nurse and she says she will be in soon. Now Remember I am her only patient so she should not be busy with anything else not to come into the room with her patient. So around 12:35am(0035) Is when i passed out and the nurse had still not come in. Next thing I remember was waking up in the ICU the next morning. No one told me what happened the night before. So lets recap and lets all guess what happened.

                In a 45min period i had received 6 grains of Dilaudid roughly, 25-50 mg of Benadryl, 20 mg think a Ambien a 5 or 10 mg. So guess what guys she OVERDOSED me and caused me to stop breathing. The only thing that saved me was the nurse was smart enough to hook me up to the heart monitor and the pulse oximeter. The ward clerk noticed on the monitor that my respiration were deadly low like 1-4 if that. So she called a Rapid Response (code Blue) to my room. They had to bag me and give me 2x the adult dose of Naloxone (Narcan) to reverse what that nurse did. Now Narcan is not good for your body, it causes convulsions and all kinds of other stuff. Lucky for me I have no memory of it. So the nurse pulled a Conrad Murray, she gave me drugs actually overdosed me and then walked away. she did not even check up on my, it was the ward clerk that saved my life.

                So I wake up in the ICU not know what happened the night b4 just knowing I am in pain and asking for some medication and them saying no, the floor supervisor comes in because my mom and I want to know why I cant have pain medication, and we see Narcan on the list of meds and we ask why the fuck I had narcan, and they said that I yes I overdosed on medication... Well A patient cant overdose them self's. I can walk out of my room type in the secure access come to open the medication locker and administer it to my self. So long story short I get discharged yesterday and my floor nurses are so cool and were so nice to me. After we got to the bottom of everything they got my on a pain medication schedule to keep me comfortable. This nurse is in alot of trouble and so may be the doctor for putting the orders in allowing the overdose. Everyone I have talked to from my floor nurses, doctors, friends, family and said I need to sue for Medical Malpractice, Patient abandonment and other stuff. And you know what I am. I am not going to sue out of retaliation but to teach them you can to do this, you have to be responsible you cant do this to your patients. I mean shit the ICU nurse wanted to say I overdosed like I was some junkey off the street and was a drug seeker.

                So At home I am on 10-325 Norcos, 10 of Valium, and 2mg Xanax all to keep my blood pressure down. The reason they just cant put me on blood pressure medication is its not a blood pressure issue is a dilation of my aorta, and if my BP goes up it puts more stress on the already weakened arch and till they can replace it I have to be on these drugs to keep me calm and my BP down. My did is not the sharpest tool in the shed and he is a mechanic and he even said and I am quoting this " If I saw my radiator hose was bulging would I wait till it bursts to replace it or fix it now". Same thing with my heart I am going to bring up with my doctors, Are we going to wait till my aorta ruptures and it kills me or do we replace it now while we still can and I can make a Safer healthier recovery.

                So I dont mind sharing my medical info with you guys you guys and girls are family to me always been good to me. I will keep everyone updated. I have a phone call into my GP about this, and honestly guys I want my open heart surgery soon, I know it is a very risky surgery but so is my aorta bursting from my BP going up to high. So I will talk with my GP (Regular doctor) about how we can get my surgery sooner rather then later. I signed a release of medical info so I can get a copy of the echo films and ill post them on here so you guys can see my Tricuspic valve error lol and my Over dilated Arch so you see what I mean.

                Special Thank you to Joshy and Ray for relaying info on here. The Stanford TV internet thing is a POS I mean i would hit the R key 3-4 times b4 it would compute.
                Also I know that anyone can be anyone on the internet but I have already verified my identity with Joshy and ray of who I am via Facebook and w/e else. So If for some reason I cant get important info on here to update everyone I have asked Ray and joshy to post on my behalf during emergencies. Buy dont stress guys I am ok for now.

                My docs do want me to take my BP 3-4x a day and they said if it gets to high to go into the ER and have them give me IV meds to lower my BP not with BP medication but with like pain medication and Valium and other stuff. I do have anxiety but that is being fed from the pain so it a snow ball. If I get stressed I get the pain, If I get the pain I get the anxiety. So I have to manage my BP with pain meds and Valium. BP meds can actually fuck me up even worse so till i get my arch fixed Ill be a zombie lol (Please dont shoot:zombiekiller: ) But knowing me I only take drugs if I have to. So guys I GTG for now thank you for your support ill keep you updated.
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                • May 31, 2012
                  Glad you are okay. Epic and scary, I wouldn't be able to handle all that.
                • Jun 3, 2012
                  Glad to hear you're ok!