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Not Abuse Badgriuel Report

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by Cypher, Jun 25, 2012

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  1. May 31, 2012
    Not sure If it was truly abuse or not, and not sure if I was really permanently muted, but that's what Badgriuel said. I play on the zombie escape server almost everyday usually after I get back from work, and soon as I got on the first thing to happen to me was a permanent mute. Most of the time seconds before becoming a zombie I scream of fear or having a unenviable death. Nobody haves problems with it and most think it's funny, I've been muted now and then but I stop after they warn me. I didn't see Badgriuel's warning mostly because I was the last man standing fighting a horde of zombies.

    [SourceMod] [pF]Badgriuel: Muted [WA]Cypher.
    Leonardo: !zclass
    [SourceMod] Time remaining for map:  26:28
    PhantomBlack connected.
    Console: ***HOLD FOR 30 SECONDS***
    Bunghole650: i know how that feels probie lol
    (Admin) [pF]Badgriuel: chill on the mic dont need to hear you being annoying
    あの花 L.T has Disconnected (0:0:44663016) from Australia.
    [SourceMod] [pF]Badgriuel: Unmuted [WA]Cypher.
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    Console: ***5 SECONDS LEFT***
    ™ COЯиGΔ  Vai Corinthians!: wtf frags?
    ◄ s@f€ty v@lv€ ►: tha's good i thought my graphic crads are dead :D
    Console: ***MOVE IT***
    grimcookies suicided.
    [SourceMod] [pF]Badgriuel: Muted [WA]Cypher.
    Psyclops has Disconnected (0:1:44467478) from United States.
    {War} demontacoslayer killed [WA]Cypher with zombie_claws_of_death.
    [ZR] You have been infected!  Eat some Brains.
    (Admin) [pF]Badgriuel: perma mute for you
    Sungar connected.
    bodilol connected.
    shobota has Connected (0:1:41933170) from Japan.
    =pF= Uneazy suicided.
     Report admin abuse at PlagueFest.com
    ™ COЯиGΔ  Vai Corinthians! killed Jonesicus with zombie_claws_of_death.
    Messinwithsasquatch connected.
    *Spec* Failando: !zmenu
    [WA]Cypher: Fucking perma mute?
    Bunghole650: juss saiyan
    2012 has Connected (0:1:47955597) from Belarus.
    Jonesicus: !zmenu
    *Spec* iProbie: file an aboose report nao! like others did
    (Admin) [pF]Badgriuel: enjoy not being able to talk :)
    Cypher, Jun 25, 2012 Last edited by Cypher, Jun 25, 2012
  2. Jul 20, 2010
    I've had many run in's with you about the constant mic spam you do when fighting zombies or just playing the map. You yell very loudly into the mic at times and do annoying sounds and voice at length. I've warned you in the past before and you stopped those times. I warned you this time and you continued ignoring my warning so I muted you for a while. Since you don't seem to learn about mic spamming. I kept you muted for 2 rounds and unmuted you at the end of the second round. Next time I catch you doing samething it won't be a simple mute I will move onto the next step and ban. You need to learn to chill on the mic lots of people don't want/need to hear you scream into the mic every single time a zombie stabs you or you are fighting a boss.
  3. May 31, 2012
    I would understand the warning but that last comment "[pF]Badgriuel: enjoy not being able to talk :smile:" seem like you just muted me to get on my nerves on purpose. I don't know what I did to piss you off or make you get on my ass, but do hope it does not lead to me getting perma banned for a small reason to just get rid of me. But I'll try to calm myself on the mic business, it's just a bad habit of mine.
  4. Jul 20, 2010
    I add :smile: to most of my messages its not that I have anything against you. Just don't mic spam have to chill on the mic. I know I'm not the only one that doesn't want to hear people yelling and screaming into the mic. It can get very annoying when you have people doing it. Others were chiming in with their yelling as well since you were doing it but after the mute the sever calmed down. I know you want to have fun and all but please don't yell/mic spam when doing it :smile:
  5. Jul 14, 2008
    No abuse here, you were screaming in the mic which is considered mic spamming and got muted for it. Please refrain from doing it in the future and there won't be a need for further punishments such as bans.

    Just to clarify, you weren't permanent muted, you should be able to use the mic next time you join the servers.

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