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Not Abuse Badmin

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by Civerak, May 19, 2018

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  1. Apr 22, 2018
    Name: Doc Watson
    What Happened: I "glitched" him off an edge apparently, which isn't against the rules, and I got frozen, then warned, then kicked despite not doing anything after the warning, then I proceeded to argue with him telling him that it's not against the rules, then I got kicked for innapropriate language I'm guessing, then I said "you're bad" when I got back in and that's when I got banned.
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  2. Jul 13, 2008
    He ran me off a ledge 3 times in atix for which i froze him, he repeatedly denied it and was being abusive so i banned him. Why he had his perm ban revoked i dont know.
  3. Apr 22, 2018
    You froze me for a few seconds, then decided to warn me a few minutes later, then kicked me, like I said, despite not doing it again, I denied it as a joke, and I was arguing because if your unorthodox methods of dealing with the situation, and since when is "you're bad" abusive, stop trying to deny it when they can check the logs, and great admin huh, doesn't even know how to ban system works lmao.
  4. Apr 26, 2015
    1. 3) ALL claims of hacking or admin abuse MUST include some form of proof. ALL UNSUBSTANTIATED CLAIMS WILL BE LOCKED OR DELETED IMMEDIATELY.
    @Civerak You're required to come with some form of proof of abuse whether it be screenshots or the chat logs them self, we are not here to do the digging for threads of abuse.

    2. What ledge and 'how' was Doc pushed off of it?

    3. @doc watson I don't usually mind admins taking the next step when needed to based on their previous history or what the situation is, but it sounds like from looking at civeraks chat logs that he was just trash talking you and a simple gag or silence could have fixed it if he kept provoking you. I'm also going to take this moment to add that for the ban itself, 'ignoring admins' can be quite vague when theres no comment on the ban to describe the situation when things like this come up and also for future documentation. He also was never perma-banned, he previously had a 12 month ban which he served the whole 12 months of.
  5. Jul 13, 2008
    "I denied it as a joke" ignoring admins........
    The ledge was on atix map as you go onto the roof and turn the corner to get to the first heli pickup point there is a narrow ledge before the small platform (where you jump across to the ladder and the 'main' heli pickup point.)

    He stood on the ledge and was not moving, only when I jumped over him he moved sideways to glitch me off the ledge and to the road below. This happened 3 times in a row so I froze him. He denied doing it and so I kicked him. I dont take this shit from anyone and he was continually badmouthing admin and me and after warning him to stop which he didnt I banned for 10 minutes. I stand by my decision.
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    • Jul 14, 2010
      @Civerak, sounds to me like you were waiting for people to jump on your head then running off the edge to make them fall. That is definitely griefing/blocking. In some cases I could see it being 'allowed' by other admins where it is a joke, but on atix you were purposely doing it to knock people off the ledge and get them killed. That is definitely not allowed. Arguing with admins in game about stuff is still against the rules and you were being pretty toxic based off reading your chat history: http://stats.plaguefest.com/player_histories/chat/1845


      I can see why @doc watson would be pretty pissed considering you were being an ass and badmouthing the server and the admins.. Though there is no disrespect rule, if Doc asked you to stop doing something and you don't agree, it should be brought to the forums.

      I agree though, "ignoring admins" isn't a great ban reason, but I know doc uses the admin console to ban players and it was only a 10-minute ban, but it looks like it was pretty justified since Civerak was being pretty disruptive. I don't think Doc abused his admin here, though the situation could've been handled better.

      A warning and mute/gag could have been used versus going straight to a ban, but I still don't think this was abuse. Also, Civerak ended up getting banned again later for griefing, so he is obviously skirting around the rules to stir shit up.

      I'm going to mark this not abuse.
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