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Not Abuse Bapple still being power hungry

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by teemo, Aug 25, 2016

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  1. Jan 25, 2014
    I only have the very end of the demo when bapple muted me. But i was just talking about why I was muted on last map and I was muted again without warning for just saying stuff that bapple didn't like that was it.

    This admin has been bending the rules just for players he doesnt like for awhile.

    @Beldar ConeHead was on when I was muted for making a noise like once and he said it was cause I was super loud. For all he knows his volume could have been super loud.

    Dani was there at the 2nd time as well.
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    • Jun 17, 2014
      No proof here from you, So I'll provide mine. The burden of providing proof is on you, Not Beldar.

      @Dani was there.
      Here was your warning(s) for your oh-so-notorious bird spam.

      (Admin) Teemo man please don't do that in the mic
      (Admin) Or at least turn your mic down a bit, Shit's loud and clipping

      -You intentionally did it again here-

      [Source Mod] Muted Teemo.

      You attempted to evade your mute here.

      [SourceBans] Warning: Player "Teemo" has 5 previous SB bans on record.

      Teemo connected.
      (Admin Only) Dani: Well he bypassed his mute
      (Admin Only) Brandon [PF]: Eh if I can keep it from happening I'm gonna
      [Source Mod] Muted Teemo.
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      • Sep 14, 2008
        Brandon followed correct protocol. You mic spammed with the bird noises more than once. You know the rules. And in all honesty I think warnings as of this point are no longer in place. You've been here long enough and warned and muted. Next time no more warnings will be handed out in your case, it will just be mute and then kicks and eventual bans.
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