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Battlefield 3 pro tips

Discussion in Gaming started by Badgriuel, Apr 12, 2012

  1. Jul 20, 2010
    Soooo since it I've noticed from playing with people from here on PF in bf3 I has to yell/tell you how to play :razz:.

    Here's some nice tips to help out sub-par players.

    1. use the IRNV or holo sight for your weapons besides snipers unless you going aggressive recon with a semi-auto sniper.
    2. fore-grip is your friend when running and gunning people with any weapon will help you in keeping the accuracy on weapons while on the move.
    3. AIM down the damn sights it's there for a reason >.>
    4.Shotguns are your friend use them :grin:
    5. Use cover and suppression fire when needed.

    Want any tips on certain weapons and maps what to do at certain points post here or message me.

    FYI: Use the M26 MASS with the M416 or the M16A3 and have the underslung rail and heavy barrel for the rifle. It gives a range buff to the MASS. Here's a video of someone using the MASS pretty much what me and Aka were doing last night with the MASS as an underslung attachment.

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    • Mar 12, 2008
      Not gonna lie, I was looking at your avatar and read the thread title as BF3 Pro Tits. :neutral:

      This video is hot. Dart to win.
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      • Jul 20, 2010
        Them darts are nasty me and aka were wiping out entire groups of people with it. Aka turned a corner fired off one round killed 4 people lol.
      • Mar 12, 2008
        4 people? That dart has some serious penetration.:rosedead:------>:rose:
      • Jul 20, 2010
        That it does, it shoots out like 10 steel darts of death per-shot so its not fun for the person on the other end lol.
      • Nov 29, 2010
        Clam's tips to sniping.
        *golden rule* Aim for the head, more points.
        1) If you're a beginner, Never shoot at moving targets unless they are in your face or moving towards you.
        2) Don't take potshots, make every shot count. Every shot you get off will heighten your chances of giving away your position.
        3) The bipod should ONLY be used if you're planning to snipe from across the map, other than that, it's useless. If you're fighting at a medium/short range then use the straight pull bolt
        4) If you miss your shot against a sniper, immediately scope out and move. Your scope gives a distinct glint if you look at someone.
        5) if it takes you more than 10 seconds to find a target, scope out and move. Chances are you're gonna get spotted in a few seconds.
        6) As soon as your screen goes blurry from supression, Scope out and move. It's impossible to hit a target dead on
        7) If a sniper shoots at you first, you're lucky. Now move, don't sit there and look for him.
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        • Mar 5, 2012
          Do we have a platoon for PlagueFest yet?
          Absolutely love that video btw.
        • Jul 20, 2010
          There is one I'm not the leader think you can just app to it and when leader is on they will just accept it or some jazz. But I mainly play with Aka and Jon, deto has lately joined in as our cannon fodder for me and aka :razz:

          If you wish to play with us just don't suck and listen to the commands we usually issue and tell us if someone is flanking or coming from where you died. Viva is another good person to ask for advice along with Aka, along with having highest's k/d without playing recon snipe fag for 80% of the time lawls.
        • Aug 1, 2011
          Thanks for the advice Bad! I just got out of the game using the MASS (got kicked for using a frag :\) and I was doing pretty damn good. Shit has range and its damage is stupid! Can't wait to unlock the darts for it.
        • Apr 2, 2011
          USE THE FLECHETTE ROUNDS! (EDIT: Dart rounds... whatever) On the Mas as Badgriuel described... they are beyond deadly.

          As for some tips that I have come across from a BF3 community that have not been mentioned:
          1: Bogged Down=Useless and Useless=Lose. Don't get bogged down.
          2: Play the objectives.
          3: Watch flanks for enemies trying to move around your lines.
          4: Stay in packs. Easier to kill enemies if in pack of 2-4 vs on your own.
          5: Use teamwork dammit. Even if you have no mic, no Mumble/TS3/Vent there is just some shit that you do. Give Cover fire, revive, ammo, health, move up with teammates when an opportunity arises.
          6: Look before you spawn. If a teammate is bogged down, is probably a bad idea so spawn on him, because you will be just like him: Useless.
          7: Always know where the front lines are. Where your teammates are bogged down, and where you are pushing through. Knowing that will mean the difference of winning and losing.

          I suck at BF3... for the most part... but I have picked up these tips, and they work for me.
        • Jan 8, 2012
          I find myself using recon 99% of the time, I play very aggressive with m9 and m98b/sv98 ( ACOG ). I get a lot of comments saying you are so good with that scope, or how do you always get headshots. Use minimap, widen your variety of weapons ( using shotguns everytime you play bf3 all game in the map metro is not going to make you good, their not hard to master ), join a squad with people that know what their doing, be a gunner with a badass pilot, or become a good pilot. Their's a lot more good pilots than gunners, I find someone flying most games and we rape every map with Viper/Havoc, 6000 points a game just from using a heli. Learn to use vehicles to your advantage, don't sit in a vehicle and die ( unless kamikaze ), get out, fight back, try to repair and keep going. Every little bit counts. Defend flags, if you are a camper and can hold off people, I usually get support with c4, that way I can take care of tanks if they approach as well as hold back infantry with rifle of choice and never lose the flag all game. Which gets you a shit load of flag defender points. I don't like to defend a lot I mainly as above said play aggressive with recon, if you can, learn to use close range scopes on your sniper of choice ( straight pull bolt recommended ). Sure it's easy to sit in the mountains miles away from anyway and shoot with a 12x but in the end you're not going to get that many points or kills a game unless your just godly. In the end you will get more kills with close range snipers than assault rifles, and plus points from flag caps, vehicles etc.

          -Use mouse instead of joysticks to fly, a lot easier to learn
          -Play aggressive, while sneaking in defense points every now and then.
          -Learn to use snipers with close range scopes = no holding breathe to steady aim
          -Learn to hit people on the move not just standing still, as well as learning to hit the other people as their jumping across your scope.
          -Don't be afraid to take shots and miss, you won't believe some of the "holy shit how did I do that" shots you will make just giving it a try.
          -Don't be a sitting duck, move constantly, play passive aggressive
          -Squad up with good people
          -Join combat at flags that are constantly losing/gaining capture = most kills from these
          -Learn all vehicles to greater increase your skill overall
          -Play maps that are not all close combat, playing 24/7 metro all the time is not how you gain skill in bf3

          Good luck.
        • Nov 29, 2010
          Clam's How To Helicopter:

          It's one thing to be able to fly the choppers, it's another thing to be able to be effective with them.

          1) Basic controls, think of your mouse as your helicopter. The direction you move the mouse will be the direction the helicopter will tilt.
          2) There is an angle of death in the helicopters, hit this angle and you're doomed to fall straight out of the sky.
          3) As the pilot you are responsible for eliminating vehicles and keeping tabs on their air units. You should engage defensively unless you can see a great opportunity to take out enemy air
          4) Hit and run. Never linger in an area for more than 30 seconds, you should never be flying still, learn to circle strafe
          5) Always catch your opponent by surprise. Strafe them, then fly away.
          6) Communication is a must. Pay attention to the direction your gunner is looking, make his life easier by flying steady and keeping out of danger.
          7) As soon as you hear yourself getting locked on, dive. Dive for the ground and fly low and fly away, if there's a solid tone, pop ECM (NOT FLARES) And fly towards the direction of your base/your anti air to discourage attackers
          8) Know where their anti air assets are. Steer clear from them or look for a path where you and your gunner can surprise them.
          9) Unless you know the enemy team sucks, stay in your territory and support your ground units

          1) Flares. Unless you're going for long range kills, flares are the number one perk you should be using.
          2) Spam Q. Point out everything, makes targeting for you easier and gives your pilot an easier time to find tanks.
          3) Communication. Critique your pilot on his flying, look for vital targets
          4) Scan, look for for everything, the number one thing you should be keeping an eye out for are SOFLAMS
          5) If you're idle, press "C" and scan the skies, look for an enemy helo or jet and warn your pilot
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          • Nov 29, 2010
            Clam's tips to Jets.

            The jets in this game take a ton of skill to use, however are the most rewarding.

            Golden tip: Unless you're evading, never fly low. Stay high to avoid stingers and AA Fire and divebomb ground targets.

            1) When you're dogfighting, the sweet spot for turning speed is 300.
            2) Discourage yourself from engaging infantry, it's difficult aim at them. Instead, target vehicles.
            3) Never directly engage their anti air gun.
            4) If you've been locked on, put on your afterburners and turn until you hear the missiles explode. DICE's patch broke AA missiles. (Or you can use ECM/Flares too)
            5) Extinguisher is your best friend.
            6) In dogfights, never pull directly upwards. You'll rapidly bleed your airspeed and make yourself a sitting duck.
            7) Fire in 1-2 second bursts (Peppering). Unless you're confident you're gonna get a kill, don't hold down the trigger.
            8) Go into 3rd person view to look for targets. Easier than right clicking and scanning around.
            9) If you're team isn't tagging vehicles, fly off into the horizon and spam q as you approach the warzone to look for targets.
            10) If you find yourself losing to a dogfight, pitch up, afterburners, and then immediately dive for the ground and fly low towards your base, and keep evading until they either fly away, or get shot down by your AA fire.

            If you're on the PC, go to empty servers and practice flying
          • Jul 20, 2010
            If I get fraps or something to record when I play bf3 I'll record myself flying choppers so people can have an idea of what to do. To expand on clam's tips for flying choppers. Height and speed are your friend. If you need to pick up lots of speed and fast angle towards the ground and start pulling up when the box on your right side of the screen is starting to read red which means your at very low altitude, you'll hear the chopper make some noises as it picks up speed from that drop and you can carry that speed after you level off for a while so you can use it to evade locks and incoming missiles. I usually have pugs as my chopper gunner so don't have time to type/fly the chopper at the same time. But a good chopper pilot can make up for the lack in chatter between the pilot and gunner. Try to jink when you are hearing constant tone and the chirping tone that you get when something is on its way to you and gonna make you have a very bad day.