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Beginner Guide: Map: ze_paranoid_ultimate_v10_4

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Escape started by -L-, Apr 26, 2012

  1. Mar 20, 2012
    As i learned the Paranoid Map the last weeks, something was very hard 2 achieve...Orientation...
    If u played this map and already know some tricks and secrets its probably much easier with this map.
    This map is orientated at this skybox planet, which u see already at the spawn even its only a half planet, this helps u a lot 2 know where North is.
    So thats my version of North on this map ...if u are inside the zombie cage and u try 2 use this map ...its East....so if u go out the Southwest teleporter u will get the Zombie jumper which is located Northwest on my map.

    As u can see there are 8 possible exits if u are not satisfied with ur exit u can just stay inside the portal and wait some secs and u will be teleported to the opposite site of your current position.

    Then u have to try to make a route which gives u the best possibility for surviving ....i my opinion south and east are the best starting points...weapons(with the black edging on my map) are located in the ??? symbols on the minimap, the other weapons are just on the way except the 4 in the inner square, where u have to shoot the ground 2 unlock them.

    Btw: My map is only roughly made..maybe u have 2 walk some corners

    An important issue to think about is , that u cant use 2 Weapons of the same type at the same time... if both weapons requiere the E key for activation, u always only use one weapon.
    For Example... You have the Singularity(Primary Weapon) and the Light(Secundary)-> u can only use singularity in this case....
    -> Dont grab evry Weapon only because it looks nice-.-

    SlowMotion Gun / Singularity Gun are Primary Weapons
    Bird / Dog / Zombie Weapons are Knives (make sure u drop ur weapons before u pick up the knive otherwise u are going to lose them)
    Destroyer is a He Grenade
    All the other Weapons are Secundary Weapons

    Besides the 4 zombie weapons on the map ...there are up to 4 zombie Monster ...
    The Titan, Antlion, Pyramid Head and some sort of a bug.
    U have to break this corners 2 summon them in a few seconds[IMG]

    Finishing Modes - Left to Right:
    Titan -> Battle: Humans vs. Titan
    Untouchable -> Freezes Zombies
    Trial of the Universe -> Planet crushes Zombies
    Touch them Kill them -> Humans kniving zombies 2 death
    Nuke -> yeah, Nuke (good 2 use if maptime runs out)
    1 Shot 1 Kill -> Zombie HP reduced to 1HP-6HP
    Chuck Norris -> No effect - the most difficult way^^

    Currently i dont want 2 go in any more details ..because u can probably write 5 pages about bugging weapons and solo wins and glitches and different game modes .....and all this speed and invert controls pads

    This should only give u a little overview, because a lot of people dont like the map because they dont know (yet) how to play it and get some weapons...

    Paranoid is Fun...u think u know already evrything about the map but u will find always something new
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    • Jan 21, 2011
      This still makes no sense to me.
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      • Jul 4, 2011
        It can be a really complicated map for the new ones, I'll be making a video guide once the new version is out. I also noticed you left out on a few items such as the zombie teleporter and grenade spawner. Nice work anyhow. :thumbsup:
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        • Nov 2, 2011
          Thanks for this. I love paranoid and its randomness. :evilgrin:
        • Dec 6, 2011
          Basically the same for me. The map is a bunch of random gibberish. It has no meaning, just fun things for Tomo to use and fuck around with.:clap:
        • Feb 9, 2012
          i always knew that the map had certain spawns at exact places. the only thing i really needa know is how tony manages to know where the bird is no matter where he spawns. there must be some indication somewhere that he's keeping a secret xD. i don't think the bird only has a single spawn does it? if it does then it makes sense how some people can repeatedly get it.
        • Apr 1, 2012
          can you also list all the possible modes and zombie selection modes in the game? (silent hill, reverse, ascension, VIP, etc etc)

          this guide is really helpful, gj.
        • Mar 20, 2012
          All weapons have only one spawn place...the bird too

          Even Tony has to check where he is after he was teleported, if u see this halfplanet or whatever it is ....then its north and u can search the best way to the bird...maybe u just stay and use that portal where u come from, for an teleport to the opposite site...like west to east ...and u have a very short way to the bird and light..and solowin
        • Jul 4, 2011
          The bird only has one spawn point which is north west (the tower points north). When spawning inside the maze, the portal behind you activates a few seconds later and can teleport you to the opposite side of the maze.
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          • Mar 18, 2012
            L you should rotate the direction of your map to match with the CS:S non-rotating radar, this will make it easier to find the items on the map.

            Btw if you set your rader on non-rotating it will make it a lot more easier to find item placement.
          • Oct 29, 2010
            I NEVER take this map seriously. . .

            But useful guide!
          • Jan 11, 2011
            As you had been already told, you should turn the image 90º counter-clockwise. (So Turtle Launcher is where Flamethrower is, etc)
            The "North" of the map is pointed by a big "balcony-spike" on the Tower (with Chainsaw being the northen weapon), and thats the orientation you get if you set your Minimap-Radar thingy so it doesn't rotate (wich by itself increases the overal orientation while playing Paranoid by a lot, being able to tell in wich side you are just by the minimap instead of having to look at the tower).

            Also, its already labeled this way with the teleporters on the Zombie Room. Telling people to get the South Portal to get to the East/West is trying to mess with their heads. XD
            Orientate with the thing on the Tower (points North) instead of the Skybox's Planet :razz:
            (And/or just tell that the Planet is East, not North, XD)

            BTW, you are probably aware but almost everything here will be outdated when the new Paranoid version comes out, probably this May.
            Hannibal is AFK, but if he gives me permision when he comes back, I will give you the item-image he(we) had been using for the Ultimate versions.
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              Kaemon, Apr 29, 2012 Last edited by Kaemon, Apr 29, 2012
            • Jan 11, 2011
              Hannibal gave me his permision (I was pretty sure he wouldn't mind, but I just asked and waited just in case) to post the image map he used for Paranoid.


              Take in mind that some items are labeled in spanish (like Coche instead of Car, Saltador insted of Jumper) and that some weapons are outdated because they got removed for various reasons in the last patches. Special mention to the Beseker Sword (Espada) that was only available for 1 or 2 versions due to how easy was to abuse it by glitching it (basically like attached turtles but with instant-kill). XD

              When this list was made, it contained all the Special Weapons, Special Monsters and Map-Powerups.
              Some of the newer ones may be missing, and not all positions are listed (mostly only the Human Special Weapons).

              The map overal is poorly made because wasn't made for showing nor sharing, but its the real scaled shape of the labyrinth.
              The yellow thingies inside the Top-Right and Bottom-Left blocks are NoWalls and SilentHill mode activators.
              Not a clue what the third one :-s
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              • Apr 12, 2012
                Wow.. nice!

                Now I have a reason to vote paranoid :smile:
              • Mar 20, 2012
                I really didnt know about the pike at the tower, since Tony mentioned it in a paranoid round like a month ago...but i never looked into it again after i found the skybox....^^
                On my map i didnt pay much attention about the "real" north , so i left North,South etc. notations besides, so u can use it like u want

                But thanks Kaemon for releasing a very detailed and original map of Paranoid, even if its soon outdated. I believe the third trigger was also in an older version, because u can only see 2 of them(no walls , silent hill) in noclip in the current version..

                It was probably the last opportunity to show a map with concrete locations, when the new version has so much randomness....
                But for somebody, who has never played the map before and dont understand its concept, such maps are a good way to start