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Best games on android and iphone?

Discussion in Gaming started by Arsis, Apr 9, 2012

  1. Feb 12, 2012
    What games do you love on either device?
    I love playing:
    Space physics
    Temple run
    Radiant HD
    Zombieville USA

    Those are all the games I love to play when I'm bored. Whats yours?
    I run all those on my EVO so its a pretty good experience.
  2. Jun 4, 2006
    Whenever I take a dump I guess whatever my friend drew in draw something and I draw mine for him to guess next time he takes a dump. I don't really play games on my phone a lot so that's the only suggestions I have... draw something is a good toilet game cause 1 round is quick and as such you won't end up sitting on the pot forever with numb legs.
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    • Feb 12, 2012
      It's an alright game, I used to play but it gets real boring fast, so i don't play anymore.
    • Feb 14, 2012
      Monster Madness
      Temple Run
      Dungeon Hunter 1 and 2
    • Mar 31, 2012
      iPhone 4s

      NHL 2012
      FIFA 2012
      Vegas Pool Shark
      World Poker Tournament.. forgot the name of the actually app lol :razz:
    • Feb 12, 2012
      Got those games, there extremly fun.
    • Jan 8, 2012
      Cut The Rope, Osmosis, Dude perfect, Angry Birds Space
    • Mar 21, 2011
      angry birds space
      Virtual City