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Best HDD Company?

Discussion in Hardware Hangout started by Zenzr, Apr 14, 2015

  1. Jul 8, 2012
    So I guess I just noticed my 2TB external HDD that I had on my desk failed as windows no longer sees it and erros when I plug it in. So I'm still trying to troubleshoot that to see if I can recover anything from it, but in the mean time I guess it's tune time for a new hdd backup.

    looking at the 1-2TB range hoping to keep it under $100 though cheaper is better. It doesn't have to be super OMFG fast as it's purely just a secondary data drive, hell it could even be a normal 3.5" drive I just got a great deal on the external 2TB drive 3 years ago. I've only every really bought WD storage and so far I've not had any issues, are they still good or are there better options? I know this is one of those "he said she said" battles as to personal experiences I just want to see what's out there on the market today.
  2. May 31, 2012
    I would just stick with what you know: Western Digital doesn't seem to be letting you down. I think you are a technician and have a good intuition on this too. I am also a technician, and I was formerly a returns manager for an electronics retail store; even though many people bought Western Digital and Seagate products, I didn't see too many returns due to defects, nor did I see people try to exercise their insurance on those products (at least for their internal drives). I only saw once, a mistake by Western Digitial, they butchered the packaging and serial numbers for a large batch of their products (ie. their "blue" series had the "black" ones, which is their way of associating their speed or power performance); but this did not "affect" their performance, it was just mislabeled.

    *starts coughing vigorously* Avoid Hitachi! *finishes up with a couple of small coughs*

    Also, I cannot say the same for any of these companies external hard drives. There are always so many risks involved with defective cases/enclosures. I think it's less risky to buy an internal one and place it into an enclosure in case there are problems with the cases; then, it'll be easier to exercise the manufacturer's warranty if there are any problems with either part. If you bought an external one (if that is your intention as a backup drive), then you would have no choice but to ship it out to the manufacturer to exercise the warranty even if the problem were with just the case. If you opened it up and found out the problem was with the hard drive, you would void your warranty. This is why getting the all in one sucks.
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    • Jul 8, 2012
      I already have a 1TB Black drive I bought last year internal, and it seems to be very good. My internal data drives and my external HDD's are all WD and I have yet to really have any issues so far.
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      • Jul 8, 2012
        That was my problem. It was a Hitachi drive. 2TB for $70 3 years ago was pretty good I think. I think I'm headed towards the 3.5" route. Even if I hook it up internally. I like having one dedicated backup drive.

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        • Dec 6, 2011
          You'd get better quality getting an internal drive. I prefer Seagate solely for cost effectiveness, they have 3TB drives for around $85 right now. Others choose Western Digital because the failure rate is lower but they will definitely cost a lot more. I personally have a 1TB drive, 2TB SSHD drive, and a 3TB drive all from Seagate and they are going strong at 4 years, 3 years, and 2 years respectively.

          You could also go with a little more efficient WD Green 3TB drive, mainly for storage. It looks to be around $100, so a little more than Seagate.

          Both have a 2-year limited warranty, unless you got a WD Black which would have a 5-year warranty (costs a tad more).
        • Jul 8, 2012
          I wondered about this. That makes sense.

          I have no real brand preference, just my own experiences that WD have been fantastic for me. I shall look into a Seagate drive.

          I also thought about this as my friend said the same thing. Since it's not for a main drive I think storage>performance is fair and this seems like a logical option.