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Best week ever!

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by GANGSTALICIOUS, Jan 23, 2014

  1. Feb 11, 2012
    So last week today. I injured myself at work and pulled a muscle in my upper back(right side).
    I finished off that day but was in really bad pain and could barely get back up when I bent down to pick up a piece of wood.

    For those that don't know what I do.. (like it matters anyway, this place is a dead end job..)
    I build roof trusses in a plant that range from 15 ft - 58 ft (that's the longest truss I ever built , was actually last week also :razz:) in length and go as tall as 13 feet. Any taller and it wouldnt't fit on the table and would have to build it sideways so it can fit on the table when we put it together.
    The only trusses on the list here we don't build or haven't is the Bowstring and the Polynesian. I personally haven't built anything like that or seen it in a very long time. All the others we build pretty much daily.

    It's now on Friday and my back is in complete pain. I had planned to go to work this day.
    Getting up at 6:00 am I decided to putter on and drive myself to work. Mainly for getting WSIB forms.
    I show up and I go to my supervisors office and tell him I need to go to the doctors "I think I pulled a muscle in my back" and he said ok go wait in the lunchroom I need to fill out your forms.

    Ok, so I'm literally trying to sit in the chair probably the most discomfort I've been in for AN HOUR AND A HALF........
    Finally his boss who sits in the front office comes to me and asks if I was alright and clearly I wasn't but needless to say he brought me to his office filled out the WSIB forms and I was on my way...untillll my asshole boss (supervisor) says:
    Boss: "Oh what's wrong? Your leg hurting you?
    Me: What!?!?! :S NO MY BACK
    Boss: "Ohh, you're back!"
    This is who I work for, for 2 years this coming February.
    After that I left and came home. I rested for 5 days (Friday-Tuesday) went to the doctors on Sunday only because I felt resting my back was more important then just going to get a drug to make it feel better and then after that I went back to work on "light" duties for what was suppose to be from Mon-Fri but I didn't go to work Monday and Tuesday as I was still nervous and hesitant about going back to work so I stayed home to rest more aka play more CS:S but seriously I did rest a lot.
    Or so I thought. Apparently my entire house is sick...so I let my step brother have a hit out my bong on Monday and he had a little cold..and then I go ahead and use it my own bong of course lol and I got sick within that afternoon. I could feel my throat kinda go cloggy and my nose started to go really stuffed etc etc you all know how it goes. So I spent Monday and Tuesday trying to make my back feel better and battle to try and get rid of the cold.
    That one day on ZE where I was so arrogant and so ignorant I feel I acted that way was probably because of all this bullshit..
    BUT! Wednesday morning all my bad symptoms of my cold dissipated except for the stuffy nose but it's always stuffed..

    So this "light" duty he puts me on...can hardly call light duty. He puts me on a wall line. Walls are another thing we build as well as sub-floors, and I build trusses as I said. My impression of light duty was literally sweep...
    Luckily I have a little experience on the wall line when I worked the night shift for 2 months.
    Anyways, I don't have to do any bending, twisting, or lifting. All I have to do is hold a nail gun and nail when it's my turn to nail or when appropriate. And also sweep my area when there are no walls coming down the line which happens a lot.

    It's now Thursday(today) my 2nd day on the wall line. Good day I guess I can say I brought my IPod and listened to my edm all afternoon :grin: the wall is that boring..
    After our last break at 3:00pm everything was going all good untilllll......

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    • Dec 27, 2012
      That looks painful. ._.

      Not sure what to say about what you just said. Hopefully things will take a turn for the better and that your boss can stop being a complete dick:sweat:
    • Dec 30, 2006
      Hope you're up to date with your vaccines......
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      • Sep 15, 2012
        Gently apply your weed on the infected area. Nothing ganja cant cure am i right?
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        • Apr 28, 2013
          Get well soon pls.
        • Oct 18, 2012
        • Jun 11, 2012
          I'm getting the double double
        • Feb 11, 2012
          Honestly, it didn't even hurt. I sure felt it though and was like hmmm somethings not right so I looked at my hand and I had to take a 2nd look because I couldn't believe it was actually in my hand. Walked over to the little table near my area and pulled it out (which I shouldn't have done) and continued nailing the wall lmao.
          Yep I have my shots. I had a Tetna shot done not too long ago.

          Lmao funny guy. You say this and it makes it so tempting to try

          Don't worry I'll use my right hand to hold the bong while using my right hand to light the bowl lolol
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