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Bike Cop - Pulled Over Today

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Madman, Apr 2, 2014

  1. Mar 24, 2014
    So today i was driving on a 40 mph road not a lot of traffic or anything, but i wasn't checking my speed gauge which was an accident on my end, but i was going around 47 mph and this bike cop pulls me over.

    He first asked me you know what you did? I was like of course i know and gave him my drivers license

    Then he said you were going over 10 mph over the speed limit i was like no i wasn't but go ahead and just write me the ticket.

    Then he asked for my insurance registration, and i couldn't find it in my glove box (Time for a clean up) so he charged me an extra $150.00 for not having it.

    On the sheet he gave me it said i was going 55 mph on a 40 mph road, but i was really only going 47, he also put going at least over 15,19 mph over.

    He was a really big douche bag, and it really angered me about his actions on lying on the paper, but nothing i can really do about it they have control over all of us.

    Total Fine : $350.00, was $200.00 in till he added the $150 for no insurance registration paper (couldn't find it quick enough)
  2. Apr 9, 2012
    Well that sounds like a lot of bad luck, what else should I say :struggle:
  3. Mar 14, 2013
    You mean they can fine u for not being able to find your insurance information fast enough?

    What is this nonsense!
  4. Oct 13, 2011
    They usually have dash cameras in their cars, you can go to court and ask them for the records. In this case, you can prove that you were not going with 55 mph. I know this because I rev up my engine all the time for no reason, I just like the sound. One day I got pulled over and got a speeding ticked when I was going with 45 mph which was the posted speed limit. I went to court and appealed the ticked.

    In EU I had this installed on my stage 2 tuned audi tt

    via http://youtu.be/KXiCca5nkhA

    This flip hide thing saved me many times, and one day I got busted LOL. My father was really really really mad. He made me sell my car. However I still drive fast & reckless with my brz, but I don't challenge other drivers and cops in the US.
  5. May 31, 2012
    You can still win in court.

    First, be humble and respectful in court. They will ask for both sides of the story which the officer normally goes first and reads off of his notes. Cops pull over a lot of people so they have a difficult time remembering specific details. ASK QUESTIONS! Make a list of questions and such as "How were you able to determine my speed?", "When did you first notice me?", (if radar) "When was your radar last certified?" etc. You may ask follow up questions, but give him time to finish his answer and think carefully on what you are going to say. Even in my stories, I will include something like "Officer <name> was carefully watching for bla bla suspects and he accidentally mistook me for ... or made an error here ..." sort of thing.

    Do not be rude or use the "He's lying and I'm telling the truth!" technique, it never works. The judge is not there to prove that there is a bad team of police officers or that they lie, it'll never work out in your favor. Your word is worth jack squat so you have to use their words against them... but as politely as possible.

    The trick, here, is to get him to the point where there is a contradiction or he is unable to answer questions; let the judge put the puzzle pieces together (although you might have to spell it out). I normally thank the judge. Thank the officer and, if you can, politely shake his/her hand. Dress well.

    The insurance thing is no big deal because it's a fix-it ticket which you can prove (if you truly have it) and pay a smaller fine ~ $25.

    Best of luck.
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    • Mar 4, 2012
      I think the other people in the thread have given some good advice so I won't post anything regarding what to do now.

      However whenever you deal with the police you should politely state you do not answer questions without a lawyer and say nothing more. Even SCOTUS justices have said to never talk to the police as it can do absolutely nothing to help you in court. The 5th amendment protects you against potentially incriminating yourself so if you get pulled over again and they ask you "Do you know why I pulled you over?" just answer by posing the question to him i.e. "Why was I pulled over officer?"
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      • Dec 30, 2006
        Back in the days, cop cars were always something cheerful to look at, people wave at them etc. Now, it seems like everyone is scared of a cop finding any sort of reason to pull someone over. Yes, the government needs money, cops are pressured in meeting their damn quotas (argue that they don't have one anymore, I honestly could care less) but they must fund their new Dodge Chargers and new radar/laser guns somehow. Those LED light bar's aren't made in china last I heard.

        I could care less about the ticket, they can give me a ticket, whatever. But it's the damn point system and your insurance that I have a problem with. Cops give you ticket, city gets money. Insurance sees your points, insurance rates go up, more money into their pocket. It's all a nice cycle they got going on.

        I drive normally and I don't give them a reason to pull me over. I just recently got pulled over and I had no freaking idea what I did wrong until the cop told me at my window. It was such a bullshit reason that a warning would have taught the same lesson, but instead he gave me a $260 ticket and I have yet to see if I got points on my driver's license.

        Things are different these days, cops aren't cops like they were in the past. They're all public tax collectors now.
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        • Apr 1, 2012
          It's no secret that your country needs moneh. Hehehe.. I'm not surprised seeing at how public officers or government's employees have such high benefits and wages last time I heard.

          Dw everyone in the world wants money(those who said that they don't eat shit and spew shit out of their mouth)
        • May 31, 2012

          Hate to tell you dude, but unless you have some sort of hard evidence, its your word against his, and he's a cop, so you lose. I've been through it before, its all corrupt.
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          • Jun 11, 2012
            I was involved in a accident where the driver made a right turn on a intersection while I was travelling and about to pass a orange light. My right passenger side front door hit their front driver door. We went to the cop station down the road to make a police report and I admitted that yes I passed the orange light at 10+ of the maximum speed due to the fact it was safe and the car made a last minute judgement to turn on my lane on the intersection.

            Now here where it gets interesting, the other driver was a lady, the cop was a man, bear with me. We went out with the cop outside of the station and to the parking lot and he started to analyse the car from the perspective of our story. He was analyzing and asking us questions as he went along, standard stuff I came to expect. And before he could say anything the lady started to get irritated and constantly repeating
            "-He hit me"
            "-You think I'm lying"
            "-You think I lie"
            I stood, outside, in the September fall breeze, with a hoodie that had "USA" (the logo for the US Olympic team...it was a gift from my aunt and it's comfortable). He asked us from what direction we were traveling from and to. This sparked a argument about the difference of what North/South/East/West means that the lady couldn't answer. Now I'm standing there, quiet as a mouse, mute as fox, hand where the pope in the Vatican can see from here. I answered him as simple as it should have been:
            "-Travelling from South and heading North from home and going to work"
            As the yelling and anger was getting heated between her and the cop
            "-Mamm, I'm gonna have to ask you to stop yelling and calm down. Just answer the question as best you can"
            And she was getting more furious
            "-OH, THIS IS BECAUSE I'M A WOMAN, HUH?!?!"?
            This didn't result in the results she was expecting because the cops became aggravated with her
            "-Mamm...are you saying I'm a sexist?"
            "-You're discriminating me because I'm a woman. I've had this with all the cops, you are discriminating me"

            Safe to say, he wasn't happy, at 9AM, on a Friday, just before a long weekend, about this accusation
            Cops put his pen in his pocket, pad in his pants pocket
            "-Lets step inside, follow me to the interogation room, I'm calling my supervisor for you. You" as he talks to me with calm but with a consistent assertiveness, "Sit outside and wait till I come back"

            Supervisor walks in, introduce himself but that didn't calm her down
            "-I did no such thing, simply asked her the orientation of where she was travelling"
            "-YOU DID, THE GUY WHO HIT ME, HE KNEW STORY, ASK HIM" , I was never asked to testify anything, just sitting outside the room, on a foam seat, can't believe these still exist.
            Supervisor asks where is the supposed other gentleman, cop points to me while still explaining what happened.
            "-The gentleman gave his point of view of what happened and so did she. While I was inspecting the cars, she became aggravated about nothing I've said"

            At this moment, the door of the interrogation room were locked so I wasn't able to hear anything. Mind you this is the first time ever in my life I've been more than 2 feet away from a cop let alone a cop station, or a gun, so safe to say I had horrible shaking from I don't know what, maybe I was nervous. 10 minute passes, they exit out of the room, she walks fast from the room to her car and leaves (I took info already when we came in so meh, got what I needed). The original cop approaches me.
            "-We spoke with her and this will be nothing for you to worry about. Now in regards to the accident, I appreciate you admitted that you were going above the legal limit especially at a orange light so I'm not gonna give you a ticket even though I should since it's against province law and you would get a demerit of points" The highways here are under Province law so city cops don't regulate them.
            "-So here's the case report for your insurance, my name, my badge ID. Also stop shaking, you didn't do anything wrong" Which doesn't help at all and makes it worse.
            "-Just a heads up, if the lady lodges a complaint, you may be called as a witness against me so be aware of that"
            At that moment I said something that made me sound stupid but really was the truth but could have come off as a bribe. I was nervous and wasn't thinking right.
            "-If that happens I will tell them the truth as it happens and you didn't gender discriminate at all"
            He replies
            "-Do understand that what you say is of your own truth, you don't have to convince me"
            I go doh in my head
            "-We're all done and here and I appreciate the honesty at the start, made this a lot easier. Won't give the ticket as I should. Should demerit point but won't. "

            At that moment he gave me a advice
            "-Be honest and truthful with us and we aren't gonna just diddle anything on you. Understand your mistake, is all we ask"
            From that day (read from Sept 2013), I've been living with that. Insurance comped the whole repair.

            TLDR: Woman at fault for hitting my car, Canadian cops tries to get info, I say truth about speeding through orange light, woman gets angry calls him sexist due to cop asking more info as he should, huge argument, supervisor involved, I iz nervous, get off with a cool sign off with cop, nothing payed for repairs.
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            • Aug 12, 2012
              that sucks man, I have not experience being pulled over by a cop for over 5 years ever since I start driving. (Uh oh better not jinx myself :razz:)

              :thumbsup: for the people giving their advice and their experience in this thread.
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              • Dec 1, 2013
                Benderius got lucky, yowza! Sorry to hear about your ticket, OP.
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                • Dec 11, 2013
                  Doesn't had any comment on the cops* in your country because different country different law~ so i just wish u good luck next time @Madman
                • Oct 11, 2012
                  I'm a government consultant in I.T.

                  Have fun with the corruption. That is all.
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                  • May 31, 2012
                    (Long response ahead but I think this will be very useful for the OP.)

                    You are telling the wrong person because I win these cases. I highly recommend using my advice because it works!

                    You don't need hard evidence. Just as @Benvolio said, the officers use your words against you... but... there is an opportunity for the officer to incriminate him or herself is in court (in your favour). They may briefly remember your case; however, it is likely that they will be heavily relying on their notes because they pull over many people each day. As soon as you ask a question that is not in their notes or it seems to conflict/contradicting another statement, you need to pick at it.

                    Take notes. Write down your side of the story and ensure that you are not incriminating yourself in court ("careful wording.") Prepare as many (relevant) questions you can think of. Even the simple questions such as the weather, traffic, speeds and distances of other cars can make the difference to your case. Don't incriminate yourself in questions, which can be avoided by using words such as "allegedly" or techniques to refer to other vehicles ie. "When did you first notice the speeding vehicle?" instead of "When did you first notice that I was speeding?"

                    You are right: You can lose even if you are right and the officer is wrong. You should also know that the same can happen conversely. Please look at the (1) example below of a true court case where the driver (who was wrong) won the case.


                    For example,
                    A person was BLATANTLY caught in the carpool (# 1) lane during carpool hours; they were driving alone. They spotted the officer who was well ahead in distance and changed to the # 2 lane. The officer obviously spotted this person and slowed their speed down significantly to get behind the driver. The driver switched to the # 3 lane in order to pass the officer's right side. When pulled over, the driver said nothing more than "I do not understand why you pulled me over", "I understand the carpool rules", "I know what time it is", "I was not in the carpool lane" and "Thank you." (no admitting or implying anything!)

                    The officer did the usual in court: He read his notes which described the vehicle, the person, and what he had saw. The driver gave a brief story of "I was on my way to school and I was in the # 2 lane. Another vehicle changed to my lane, behind me, from the # 1 lane. This vehicle passed me up quickly by switching to the # 3 lane. I changed to the number # 3 lane when the officer significantly reduced his speed in front of me. Immediately after, I was pulled over and answered all of his questions; I also told him that I was not in the carpool lane. He mistook me for the other vehicle." At this point, this was the driver's word against the officer (not good enough but fair story.)

                    *** BUT, there was an opportunity to ask questions. The driver asked "Was it dark and difficult to see [during the winter evening]?", "What was traffic like?", "Which lane did I pass you up on?", "When did you first notice my vehicle?", when the officer said that he saw the driver in the rear view mirror, the driver asked "At any point, did you lose site of the vehicle which was in the carpool lane?" This was a win-win for the driver: a) the officer admits to losing site and there is reasonable-doubt, b) the officer admits to maintaining site but becomes a road hazard as he is not carefully maintaining a safe distance from the car in front of him. (either way looks bad) ***

                    The judge said a decision would be mailed. The driver finished him off with gratitude by saying "Thank you" to both the judge and officer; the driver also shook the officer's hand (it would be rude for the officer to decline). Needless to day, the driver won.


                    Some obvious questions? (what you're really asking?):
                    • Did the officer use a radar? (was there an accurate way to estimate speed?)
                    • If yes, when was the radar last certified? (is the radar accurate?)
                    • If certified, what was the uncertainty of the radar? (is the radar accurate?)
                    • Where was it certified by? (is this place credible?)
                    • When did the officer first notice the allegedly speeding vehicle? (was he on the other side? hard to see?)
                    • How long did the officer follow your vehicle? (if for a brief time, how did he accurately estimate speed? if long, why didn't he pull over sooner?)
                    • Did the officer lose site of the vehicle at any time? (is there reasonable doubt?)
                    • Was it dark? (difficult to see?)
                    • Was the officer on the other side of the road? (difficult to estimate speed?)
                    • Were there other vehicles on the road? (set up to compare speed)
                    • How fast were the other vehicles traveling? (set up to compare speed - obviously the officer will say normal speed or speed limit)
                    • If the allegedly speeding vehicle was driving faster than other vehicles, how did the driver avoid collision? (proof by contradiction or the officer will have to claim you were unsafely changing lanes)
                    etc, etc.... do you see what I mean? When you ask one question, you are really asking another question. Your goal is to aim for a win-win question or to prove contradictions. Don't try to make the cop look like a bad person because the judge will rule in their favour even if you are correct; try to make it look like this "decent" cop was doing his job and made a mistake.

                    Good luck! Don't frown on the system; if it's corrupt (which I personally believe it is), then you need to play that game too! Take advantage.

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                      Joshy, Apr 3, 2014 Last edited by Joshy, Apr 4, 2014