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Biking and Cycling

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by xDungeonKittyxッ, Oct 2, 2013

  1. Mar 7, 2012
    Anyone have their experiences with biking and cycling in their life to share? The reason I asked is I am learning and practice riding a bike which took me for a long time to ride a bike.
  2. Aug 14, 2012
    This one time, some years back, I was cycling to a friends house. I decided to take the smaller of two main bridges that are in my town to get to his house. There are no side walks or anything to keep away from the tight two way two lane road. While going across the bridge, I got clipped on my bike handle by this speeding passenger bus whizzing by me. It threw me into the side bars, while my bike got mangled and thrown into the bars with me after crashing into the raised cement. Luckily the bars that enclose the fence was tight enough for my shoulders to stop me from going straight through them. If it wasn't for that stopping me, I would have fallen into the river, which was around 10+ stories off from the water.

    No broken bones! Just a fair bit of bruising. But one hell of a shitting bricks experience that was.
  3. Feb 8, 2013
    ah yes....bicyclists...when riding around in little bicyclists herd if you get separated on the opposite side of the street or something do not cross while cars are near, or give the finger after, thinking THAT I WONT TURN MY CAR AROUND AND SPRAY YOU WITH MY GOD DAMN CAR WINDOW CLEANING FLUID (or throw a bottle at you)>:C jk...sorta....But in all seriousness I live where there are packs of bicyclists plz be one of the smart ones if your going to be riding around where there are many cars :razz: i know its probably stupid of me to tell you this but you would be surprised what I've seen people do
    aside from the negativity bikings a great way to exercise have fun :grin:

    p.s. I've never clipped anyone
  4. Mar 12, 2008
    I hate the assholes that ride on the street like they're a car (see following reason before you hate me), they literally ride ON the street in-lane, and make turns. This is even when the curb is vehicle-free. Pisses me off TBH because they take their friggin time cruising when you could be going faster, but as long as you don't become one of them it's all good. They might have the right-of-way depending on the situation, but if they get clipped they have only themselves to blame. Rightly so.

    It's never too late to learn how to ride a bike. I like using mountain bikes, they have different gear switches, and on flat terrain you can train your legs harder.
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    • Oct 6, 2012
      i used to do mountain biking well that was 2 years ago, and broke my tail bone after a long Sweet jump and front flipped and landed right on my ass.lol bad experience
    • Aug 14, 2012
      I can agree with you on the fact, Taters, that there are a fair bit of stupid cyclists out and about throughout the world. No doubt about it. They think they are king s***, even more so than pedestrians. I know plenty of those kind of cyclists here in my city. We even have individual cyclist lanes strictly for them, and yet they use full on traffic lanes instead. Days I wish I could backhand them

      Personally, I was riding as close to the curb as I could in my instance, and keeping up to speed as possible, with no oncoming traffic in the opposite lane. The lanes are big enough to have cyclists and even a passenger bus to move in unison. When I talked with the bus driver, he did stop and attempt to help me. After he noticed that I was hit. He told me he misjudged the distance between me and him. I never knew if he was telling the truth, but the transit supervisors finished with the situation. Apparently he was still a fairly new-ish driver.
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      • May 5, 2013
        I ran into a parked car in a driveway once.
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        • Sep 6, 2010
          I learnt to bike when I was 5. Anyways, don't ride on the road with cars, too dangerous. Keep your eyes open when you ride.
        • Mar 7, 2012
          Scary.. after listening to you guys' life experiences. o.o But then, I really want to do urban cycling. Before getting to the start line, I need a bike. Which bike that I can ride like a starter and beginner bike?
        • Jun 23, 2010
          I started riding my bike to work around 2 years ago, and I gotta say I love it. I have a Fixed/Single-geared bike right now, but riding fixed with brakes (Safety first!) and my stamina improved. Saving up for a nice entry-mid level road bike, and probably gonna get it after I get my taxes.

          I really recommend cycling, for overall health, but make sure you get properly fitted or else, you'll end up damaging your body instead. If your city have of a lot of hills, Just save up for a nice entry level road bike, it will be worth it, trust me lol. Plus the cycling community is pretty awesome (At least for me). If you can get your family into it, it will be awesome!

          Maintenance on the bike at first seems difficult, but after a few time doing it, you can do it easily and save lots of money over time. There is always forums dedicated to cycling/biking and even youtube videos! Plus talking to a really good and honest bike shop people is pretty interesting.

          Also, when riding, always follow the road rules like driving a car. Go with the traffic, and watchout for crazy ass drivers.
        • Mar 12, 2008

          A thinner, lighter bike with smaller tires would work. You don't want something with wide handlebars around the city. I can't really recommend anything, though. Perhaps others will have better advice than me. IMO the heavier the bike is, the easier it is to control, but tougher to lug around.
        • Apr 3, 2013
          I've never had any problems riding a bike, only time i crashed was when i biked into a mailbox.
        • Mar 7, 2012
          The only thing I'm struggling with is the bike balance. I'm still afraid riding the bike due to my childhood which I'm a idiot for doing sharp turns with the tricycle... LOL.
        • May 20, 2008
          I got a new bike 2 years ago, rode it home - directly through wet cement.

          Not my fault, they diddnt have any signs or anything :frown:
        • Jun 18, 2012
          Idk about cars and bicycles overthere but here (in the Netherlands) we have seperate biking lanes evrywhere at al times, then again, pretty much evryone drives a bike around here. I'd say if you just want to drive to school/work and what not you should just buy a normal non-mountain/sports bike, over here they tend to last longer and they take no care at all.

          As for experiences ... well idk, I've annoyed the shit out of bus drivers, sticking in front of them in 3 meter ways so they don't drive you of off it, I've even let myself get hit by a slow moving car just cause I saw the asshole wasn't watching both ends of the street as he took a turn, I sure scared him :wink: and people never pay attention at that particulair part of the street.

          My worst mountain biking experiences were probably in Czech where we pretty much went downhil in a 20 ish agree angle, slight rain, wet track, giant boulders sticking out of the gravel/rock-ish kind of road ... my instructor was hitting the brakes and I knew I couldn't anymore cause I had a to high speed already and kept speeding up ... Hearing about 5 people screaming in the distance behind me, seeing a 4-5 feet flat rock right in front of me with gaps around it, I knew it was either crashing or saving my own body ... I jumped of and pretty much ran down the hill the last 30-ish meters, surprisinggly enough my bike kept going on its tires till hitting a fence at the foot of the hill ... It still gets my adrenaline going. xD
          Fornax, Oct 11, 2013 Last edited by Fornax, Oct 11, 2013