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Black Ops 2 Review: Treyarch Has Been Listening

Discussion in Gaming started by Brett, Nov 16, 2012

  1. Dec 6, 2011
    Well, I spent about 30 minutes typing up a thorough review for Black Ops 2 Multiplayer after playing 25 or so hours of it, but I actually stumbled across something I liked a hell of a lot better. Here is the review I found. This is by far, the most true and well-explained review of the game and what's new about it.

    My favorite is the explanation about Treyarch in the conclusion. Boy, did they hit that right on the fucking bulls eye!


    Legendary actor and martial artist Bruce Lee once said, “Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, and add what is uniquely your own.”

    It would seem that Treyarch has been watching some Kung Fu movies as of late.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is the culmination of years of reiteration and fine tuning. For the first time in a long while, it feels like we are dealing with a Call of Duty title that has truly learned from past experiences and has improved upon almost every aspect while doing away with or completely re-building others, for the better. Similarly, this is the first time in a long while that it feels like developers have actually listened to their community and have delivered.

    Personally, when not dealing with those “WTF” moments caused by some bothersome network issues, this is the most fun and highest level of satisfaction I’ve had with a Call of Duty title since the original Modern Warfare.

    Wecome back to Black Ops

    Pick-10, Scorestreaks, Gameplay and Balance

    Now, Black Ops 2 is still nothing revolutionary, in terms of gameplay. It’s still Call of Duty, the fast-paced, high-action, 60 FPS twitch shooter we’ve all come to know and love. Treyarch has simply trimmed the fat and put on some more muscle, making this one of the most content-filled yet polished experiences yet.

    Like Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops 2 is fast. Much faster than it’s true predecessor, Black Ops. However, unlike Modern Warfare 3, it plays much closer to previous titles in terms of map design and flow, which we’ll get into further on. But what really makes Call of Duty Call of Duty, so to speak, are two things; Class creation and Scorestreaks. Keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at what Treyarch brought to the table this time around. “Out with the old and in with the new,” as they say.

    Many would argue that the battle is won in the loadout screen when playing a highly customizable shooter like Call of Duty. That’s why it’s important for developers to get it right, inject a high level of fun-factor and ensure that balance is top priority. So far, I believe Treyarch has done a commendable job in this regard and has conspired the most creative, yet balanced Create-a-Class system yet. Originally conceived as a board game, Treyarch welcomes you to Pick-10. You’ll be spending a lot of time here.

    The idea is simple. You have 10 points and you can do whatever you want with them – put them anywhere you want. Don’t want to use a primary weapon? No problem. Take it off and spend that point on a second piece of equipment or Wildcard. Wildcards are rule breakers. They allow you to acquire additional perks or attachments, to name a few benefits. The end result is a highly-addicting Create-a-Class experience that allows you to actually tailor your play style very specifically. (I know what you’re thinking. They’ve said this before, but this time, it’s real.) The best part about Pick-10 is that it’s balanced, at least at this point in the game, despite the amount of creativity given to you. Wildcards mean that two points need to be spent, in total, in order to slap on an additional attachment or perk, for example. Thinking of stocking up on six perks? In that case, you’ll be stuck item left, be it a weapon or a piece of equipment (you’ll always have your knife). Of course, weapons can be picked up on the battlefield, which needs to be considered as well. So far, I’ve had a lot of fun trying to find the perfect class set-up.

    Speaking of unlocks, Black Ops 2 follows a much more traditional pattern than the Original Black Ops’ CoD Points system did, though tokens are required to actually use an unlocked weapon. Additionally, in order to unlock every single thing at one time, you’ll need to have Prestiged all the way to Prestige Master (max rank) in order to acquire enough unlock tokens for every item. Additional incentives to Prestige include the ability to carry items over into your next prestige, the ability to keep weapon attachments you’ve already earned and the ability to throw on some extra camoflauge patterns and emblems on your weapon, which can also be Prestiged now.

    My favorite point that Treyarch has made here, and probably one of the most important points with the new Pick-10 system, is that Perks now only affect you as a player and do not affect your weapon in any way. That’s what attachments are for. Due to this, choosing the right attachments becomes a much trickier job. That, and trying to balance it out with Perk usage. You’ll also find that a much greater number of weapon attachments are now available, including my favorites, the laser sight (the new Steady Aim), the fast mag (the new Slight-of-Hand) and the Ballistics CPU (reduces scope sway). Another nice touch is the ability unlock and add camoflauge patters to both your secondary weapons and your knife.

    Side note: Flak Jacket is your friend. More than in previous titles, I’m finding a high-percentage of my deaths come from explosives. I’m not sure if its an increase in splash range or damage, or if I’m just that unlucky. Plus, a Flack Jacket is the only thing that will save you from the commonly used Hunter Killer Scorestreak.

    Weapon balance is a hard to judge at this stage of the game. Even in a months time, it wouldn’t be fair to say what is what. As of right now, I don’t believe anyone has found the “Famas” of Black Ops 2 or the “MP-40″ of World at War. However, I’ve found (and heard from others) that assault rifles lack the kind of power it feels like they should have. If I were to take some guesses, I would say that some of the SMGs, the R870 MCS shotgun and the dual B23R hand guns are ones to watch out for. On a more personal note, my favorite class set-up so far involves the TAC-45 hand gun as its only weapon, which should go to show that handguns can really hold their own in Black Ops 2. I also love the DSR-50 bolt-action sniper rifle. It just looks and sounds bad ass.

    As with previous titles, Call of Duty has a large meta-game and will play differently three months down the road and then yet again six months later.

    A soldier with a Type-95 assault rifle backed by a powerful sentry turret

    If you manage to make it out of Pick-10 as a sane person, it’s time to put your classes to use. Again, the gameplay is what you expect. What’s different this time is the way Scorestreaks are built. As the name implies, you earn rewards through score, which includes both kills and completing objectives. What’s great is that they are purposely designed to build up slowly if you are only concerning yourself with kills. However, concern yourself with kills while defending the Hardpoint or Domination Flag and, oh man, now we’re talkin’. You might be asking, “well, if Scorestreaks can build up so quickly, how am I supposed to enjoy a game of Black Ops 2 with attack dogs and drone swarms constantly dominating the battlefield. What you need to remember is that, yes, Scorestreaks build up very quickly when playing the objective, but playing the objective is very dangerous and gets you killed often. As a result, high-level Scorestreaks are rarely seen, at least at in my experience so far. One issue I have, however, is that mid-level Scorestreaks can be extremely powerful and could use some toning down. Nevertheless, in the end, Black Ops 2 offers true gun-on-gun gameplay without an over-reliance on Scorestreaks.

    Now, all of this is fine and dandy, but what’s the point when none of these perks, attachments or Scorestreaks reduce shoddy network connections. As of now, the singular source of frustration I am having with Black Ops 2 comes from network lag and hit notification. Now, I’m no expert in the field of network code and whatnot, but I know when I’m being robbed of a kill after clearly smoking a guy in the head with a DSR-50. What’s worse? Think you’re safe after quickly taking cover from a gunfight you know you can’t win? Think again. You might clearly be in cover, according to what you see, but not to the enemy. Upon viewing the Killcam after your desk-flip-inducing death, you’ll notice that you were in plain sight the entire time. Now, considering Black Ops 2 even runs with the amount of people playing it at one time, I can forgive and forget. But, I found this to be a major issue in the original Black Ops and was hoping I would no longer have to deal with it in Black Ops 2. It’s not deal breaking, but with a game this fast, it’s certainly noticeable and can undo the tightness of the gun-on-gun gameplay.

    I also feel like the game isn’t always doing a good job of telling me when I’m being hit. A lot of the times, I feel as if I’m just dropping dead without explanation. I also don’t necessarily mean in terms of connection either, but more in terms of actual notification. I feel like it could be more pronounced. I could be nit-picking, however, and I could also just be used to games like Medal of Honor: Warfighter that really make you feel like a bullet has entered your body with unstoppable force when hit.

    At least, connection issues are currently the only troubles I am having with Black Ops 2 which can vary in severity depending on location and/or time of day. Also, the ability to customize search options is a nice addition, though I’ve yet to be able to determine whether it’s actually effective or not.

    Despite this, matchmaking itself is very fast and fluid. So far, I haven’t run into any serious trouble joining games while in a party. However, I haven’t played in any parties bigger than three, as of yet. Still, finding matches seems to be a smooth experience.

    Side note: Unfortunately, the PlayStation 3 version of Black Ops 2 has, so far, run into some serious matchmaking issues with many reporting errors when searching for sessions. More than likely, this is a launch problem that will be resolved quickly.

    Maps and Modes

    As I stated earlier, maps in Black Ops 2 feel much more traditional, some which even remind me of maps found in the orignal Modern Warfare or World at War. This also marks the first time a large map has become one of my all-time favorites. Otherwise, many tend to favor Call of Duty’s smaller to mid-sized maps.

    Hijacked will quickly become a favorite thanks to it’s small, symmetrical design and it’s similarity to Call of Duty 4′s Wet Work. Carrier is another instant classic that will immediately remind Call of Duty 4 vets of Countdown. Standoff has a very World at War feel to it while Turbine, my aforementioned favorite big map, and Express both look and feel like Modern Warfare 2′s Afghan and Terminal. There is something about Turbine that strikes me as almost perfect. Not only is it the best looking map, but it’s layout rewards all styles of gameplay and makes for some extremely intense games of Capture-the-Flag, thanks to its large size and the many intricate pathways. It can be a nail-biting experience. Then, of course, there’s Nuketown 2025, a futurized version of the original, for those who received first-print copies of Black Ops 2. (Hint: Pre-’slode vehicles and wear Flak Jacket, for the love of god.) What impresses me the most is that this is the first time an a while that more than 50% of a Call of Duty’s selection of launch maps have become my favorites. Rarely do I find myself leaving a lobby due to a map I dislike.

    Spawning on smaller maps can be rather shaky at times. When it comes to Nuketown 2025, it’s almost impossible to get something like that right, but that’s expected and it’s almost become part of the gameplay. Sadly, the game mode that seems to suffer the most from spawning issues is Hardpoint, my personal favorite.

    Many of your favorite game modes return in Black Ops 2 with only a few additions. Fans of Kill Confirmed, introduced in last year’s Modern Warfare 3, will be happy to see it’s return. A concept that hasn’t been seen in a Call of Duty title yet is the idea of multi-teams, now available for three different game modes. Both Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed are available as multi-team games, as is Hardpoint, Treyarch’s spin on the traditional King-of-the-Hill mode. Hand’s down, Hardpoint has become my favorite new mode. Despite having to put up with an abnormal amount of explosives, it really focuses the action and gives you the chance to build up your Scorestreaks quickly.

    Combat Training and Wager Matches, now Called Party Games, return from the original Black Ops but now allow you to rank up, unlike before. Combat Training won’t give you full experience for obvious reasons, but Party Games allow you to play your favorite modes like Gun Game, Sticks and Stones, One in the Chamber and Sharpshooter all while gaining experience and ranking up.

    League Play is Treyarch’s answer to the demands of the competitive Call of Duty crowd. Here, players are matched with those who are equally skilled. As you improve your game (measured by your win/loss ratio) you’ll enter into higher league tiers, ensuring that you’ll always have a fun yet challenging experience. The main differences in these playlists, in terms of gameplay, are the settings used. Moshpit features a mix of TDM and objective game modes with standard rules, solo rank, no split-screen and is 6v6. The Champions Series features only mixed objective modes with competitive rules, similar to Moshpit but with team and solo rank, no care packages, no tactical insertions and is a much more intimate 4v4. In both modes, all weapons, attachments, Perks, equipment and Scorstreaks are unlocked for use right away.

    It should be noted that game modes like Domination are now treated like Demolition in that they are now round-based. This is to ensure fairness and is something the competitive crowd has been asking about for a while.

    An aerial view of “Turbine,” on one of Black Ops 2′s larger maps
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      Brett, Nov 16, 2012 Last edited by Brett, Nov 16, 2012
    • Dec 6, 2011
      (split into 2 due to max characters)

      Immersion (Sound and Visuals)

      Black Ops 2 seems to have taking a turn towards the immersive, this time around. Thanks to the noticeably improved visuals and sound design, battles feel all the more real. The overhauled sound design, in particular, is probably my favorite improvement the Call of Duty series has seen in recent years. More so than anything, the improvements to sound just make Black Ops 2 all the more mature. Explosions now have that “boom,” knifing just sounds brutal, some Scorestreaks sound real scary (oh my, dat Warthog) while weapons now sound like they've got some real kick. Additionally, shooting in different areas will have different effects, depending on the size of the room and whether you are indoors or outdoors. Also, soldier call-outs are not only informative, but very convincing. Nothing is more satisfying than hearing the “crack” of a headshot to then hear your soldier yell, “dropped him!”

      What some might see as a step backwards, however, is that due to softer footsteps sounds and a louder battlefield in general, it can be much more difficult to hear enemy footsteps than it was in previous titles. They’re still there, of course, but you’ll need to pay attention. The music of Black Ops 2 is also superb, thanks to composer Jack Wall, who you may remember from the Mass Effect series. I highly recommend giving the soundtrack a listen, if you haven’t already.

      Black Ops 2 has also seen some serious improvements in terms of visuals. Comparing it to the original Black Ops, one of the biggest improvements you’ll notice right away is the colourful art style. Maps like Yemen, Turbine and the re-imagined Nuketown 2025 are especially vibrant. The brand new lighting creates some very realistic atmospheres and is sure to impress. Character models look great, as do the highly detail weapon models. As they say, your weapon is the star of the show and they shine brightly in Black Ops 2 thanks to the improved lighting.

      Under the Hood

      There is a lot of stuff to do in Black Ops 2, and I’m just talking about the multiplayer. There is a ton of additional content and revamped features like the emblem editor, theater mode, custom games and the newly introduced CoD TV.

      Custom games are back with a boat-load of options like bot set-up, health values, health regeneration, 3rd-person spectating, dynamic map elements and extremely detailed custom class options, like selection allowances and detailed restrictions.
      Career Overview is quick and easy to access. You can easily view the career of a friend or player in your lobby by tapping right twice on the selected player. Additionally, calling cards are neatly organized and presented clearly. Your Combat Record is as detailed as ever and checking challenges is a breeze.

      The revamped emblem editor allows much more control and flexibility than before. You can now save more than one emblem which is a huge plus, especially if you often play between different clans or groups of people that sport symbols. Brand new social features have also been added that allow players to ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ emblems. You can also note how many times your emblem has been viewed.

      Theater Mode has seen some major improvements, especially in terms of organization. You can now view recent victories, bookmarked films, edited films, etc. Also, it is now super easy to create a quick highlight reel with the simple press of a button which can be edited afterwards. You can also choose to CoDCast any game, a quick and easy way to set up a commentary for your gameplay.

      That brings us to CoDCasting and Live Streaming, two brand new features seamlessly integrated into Black Ops 2 that Treyarch has added as a way to boost Call of Duty’s eSports presence. While there are only a few requirements for Live Streaming, anyone with a YouTube channel and a valid Call of Duty ELITE registration (to view) can broadcast their gameplay to the world directly from their console. Personally, I haven’t had much experience with either, but both features should be on the radar of anyone interested in sharing their gameplay and commentary with others in a simple fashion.

      Another new addition, CoD TV allows you to view official Black Ops 2 trailers, community videos including staff picks, most popular, trending and recently shared, as well as friend’s feeds and your own channel. As with emblems, you can ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ videos, making it easy to view the most popular videos in an instant. Oddly enough, barely any videos on CoD TV seem to have any views whatsoever. I would think that this is most likely due to the fact that, in order to view the video, you need to load up Theater Mode, at which point many lose interest and probably don’t even bother. Perhaps we’ll see the feature pick up in the future.

      “Yemen” offers some fast-paced gameplay on a vibrant and colourful close-quarters map


      In the end, It’s hard to find many faults with Black Ops 2, other than some frustrating network issues and perhaps some over-effective Scorestreaks or under-effective assault rifles. If there are faults to be had, chances are these are faults inherit in the foundation of Call of Duty’s gameplay. As far as Call of Duty goes, Black Ops 2 is one of the best. There is just so much stuff here and to think the’ve got 90% of it right is pretty darn good. After all, they’ve had a couple years (since World at War) to get it straight.

      Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is a package (a gift, even) given to fans, letting them know that Treyarch has been listening. The proof? How about no Last/Final Stand, no Deathstreaks, a revamped Ghost perk that unlocks at rank 55, no complicated perk or Scorestreak systems, round-based game modes like Domination, a fully customizable Create-a-Class, an absurdly customizable Custom Games and, lastly, League Play for the competitive folk? Though we’ll most likely see another effort in 2013, Black Ops 2 would be a proper close to this console generation of Call of Duty games.

      Heck, if none of that floats your boat, there’s also the robust-as-ever Zombies mode and the action-packed single player campaign. As a full package, this is definitely a $60 you won’t soon regret parting ways with.

      I give Black Ops 2 a very solid four out of five stars. What stops it from getting full marks? Though the gameplay has been polished to a shine, network issues can easily undo the hard work put into it. Additionally, though this may be the best Call of Duty multiplayer experience in a long while, it’s still, fundamentally, the same Call of duty we’ve been playing since 2007. But, again, I commend Treyarch for listening to their fans and taking the time to trim some fat and add some muscle in the form of some really great features.

      Black Ops 2 is like Bruce Lee’s forearm: Fat-free.

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        Brett, Nov 16, 2012 Last edited by Brett, Nov 16, 2012
      • Mar 31, 2010
        erase this
      • Jun 26, 2010
        Did they add a facial recognition to only let people above the age of 16 play? If not, get out.
      • May 11, 2011
        I will stick with halo 4 but thank you.
      • Dec 6, 2011
        You most likely haven't tried it.

        Judging by the fact that every single post and thing you've ever said in plaguechat is complete bullshit childish trolling, I'm going to ignore your post and every one from here on.
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        • Nov 29, 2010
          So far, I quite like the single-player (Pretty much the only reason why i play CoD Games)
        • Jun 26, 2010
          That post was the farthest away from a troll post i have ever seen. People who can't legally buy the game by themselves shouldn't be playing them.
        • Sep 6, 2010
          Wow, such a huge game review, thanks! :smile: I'm not a huge fan of War games but I might consider it if it's that good and maybe if it goes on sale later on
        • Apr 9, 2012
          I have never really liked COD because there are simply more reasons I dislike about it than reasons I like about it.

          Simply said, COd is an old engine and even Black Ops II is again outdated. Also I simply don't like the way the shooting feels but that's just me. Multiplayer is nice though and the storyline is stylishly brought.
          However for me it's merely to do about the price. The only real fond reason I don't like COD is because it is the most expensive game for merely no reason. There is no simpler way to tell it. They sell at the highest possible price for no reason, simply because they know that low-minded people will buy a new title of theirs simply because they want to, regardless if it's VERY good or VERY bad, and also they will buy it regardless of the outdated state of all of their engines...

          I simply don't like playing those COD's knowing I spent 59 bucks on them while having to see with my own eyes how outdated it is.
        • Oct 17, 2011
          Omg I played zombies farm yesterday and multiplayer at my friend's house. Maybe in six months, I can start ripping the models off the game just like how I got models ripped from black ops 1. The game was also delayed in NJ because 60+ people were waiting outside at 1:AM to buy that game at GameStop. Some also got arrested for starting a fight at the stores for whio to buy that game before it ran out. Anyways,thanks for all this review. I love it!!!
        • Mar 12, 2008
          R.I.P. Gears of War

          On topic: How do i know this isn't the same regurgitated B.S. again? the last treyarch title i tried that was attatched to Call of Duty was World at war, and it was terrible. Hackers* everywhere and the story was meh.

          *EDIT: Which nobody did anything about despite countless e-mails and some other shit
          Taters, Nov 17, 2012 Last edited by Taters, Nov 17, 2012
        • Dec 6, 2011

          I was thinking the same thing at first about regurgitated bullshit. They've fixed every problem. As quoted from the conclusion:

          "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is a package (a gift, even) given to fans, letting them know that Treyarch has been listening. The proof? How about no Last/Final Stand, no Deathstreaks, a revamped Ghost perk that unlocks at rank 55, no complicated perk or Scorestreak systems, round-based game modes like Domination, a fully customizable Create-a-Class, an absurdly customizable Custom Games and, lastly, League Play for the competitive folk? Though we’ll most likely see another effort in 2013, Black Ops 2 would be a proper close to this console generation of Call of Duty games.

          Heck, if none of that floats your boat, there’s also the robust-as-ever Zombies mode and the action-packed single player campaign. As a full package, this is definitely a $60 you won’t soon regret parting ways with.

          I give Black Ops 2 a very solid four out of five stars. What stops it from getting full marks? Though the gameplay has been polished to a shine, network issues can easily undo the hard work put into it. Additionally, though this may be the best Call of Duty multiplayer experience in a long while, it’s still, fundamentally, the same Call of duty we’ve been playing since 2007. But, again, I commend Treyarch for listening to their fans and taking the time to trim some fat and add some muscle in the form of some really great features."

          They didn't mention the servers, but there's supposedly huge money going into keeping the game legit and hacker-free. Plus, I know they mentioned network problems, but I've yet to have any. All of my connections to games are 100%, I get connected almost instantly, and I haven't had any latency problems on kills. If MW4 plans to build off of this and not come straight from MW3, they're just going to get better and better. I'd give it a 5/5, but the insanely fast gameplay knocks it down a star. If you're not faster than a ninja, you're already dead.
        • Mar 12, 2008
          If they are serious about keeping hackers off this, and the gameplay resembles CoD:MW original, then i would consider purchasing this.

          still, i have a bad taste in my mouth from their past attempts. Severe reservations. If i can get a parrot to test it out i'll decide then and there
        • Jun 18, 2012
          After reading this I was done, all I could think was:

          years of reiteration and fine tunning, where?

          Learned from past experiences and improved everything and deleting other stuff. So more explosions, more if I play 2000000000 hours I'll have the best guns, and from now on the enemies will magically come arround the corner EVERY single step I take, passing those invisble lines, with the enemy spawning over and over as long as I don't progress.

          Listened to their community? A community known for it's 12 year olds screaming and crying about the first game they ever touched cause it's ''mainstream and SWAG #YOLO''.

          Don't get me wrong, as you can read I clearly don't like the whole COcK series. Why, simply cause of the above. I don't like the multiplayer at all and I'm disgusted it's been ever shown to humanity's eyes. I have to be ... eventhough I don't really like it, somewhat positive about the single-player though. It has to many explosions and it isn't really that exciting cause of the overkill and the fact that you sometimes play 5 different guys? But at least something happens and that Reznov was a cool guy.
        • Dec 6, 2011
          It's impossible to spawn kill, and I don't know if you're talking about single player or not for passing the "invisible lines".

          My favorite option in the settings is the voice chat: off setting, or you can also individually mute each person quite fast in the game.

          And the point of the game is to enjoy unlocking all of the guns, not just unlocking everything in the first week to play maxed out for the next 11 and a half months. You don't have to prestige if you don't want to, so you can access any weapon you'd like at level 55.

          I'm not going to bother with single player discussion because they did very well on it and some people just may not enjoy it. Though as mentioned in the review, the sounds were greatly improved. Things sound realistic. Shit, the other day I was playing on a my living room 7.1 surround sound system and you could feel like you're there. grenades aren't a little poof cloud anymore. Bombs that drop almost deafen your ears (if you have the sound settings set to realistic) and scorestreaks like the warthog make you want to shit your pants because it sounds so real, you feel like you're in an actual fight. No more listening for the near-silent footsteps of your enemies during combat, you'll be too busy listening to bombs dropping, grenades exploding, shots firing, and people yelling out commands (which have come to be very helpful in-game).
        • May 15, 2011
          Didn't like CoD series, saw this, looks good, stop your bitching and try it first you cock gobbling fucks.
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          • Jun 18, 2012
            Yea I meant in single player, I don't agree on the spawn killing though, I've played quite some hours at my friends and the amount of times I spawned and got killed in less then 5 secs with only turning arround is unbelievable.

            Also I didn't necessarily meant on the mic but the kids in general playing that game. (Of course there's others playing aswell I know.)

            And well I guess you got a point on the unlocking but then again, some are just OP. I simply like the CSS style better, everyones pretty much equal and you need skill/tactics.
          • Mar 12, 2008

            In the old days, we called that "tough luck".

            Eventually it happened to you, no doubt, and got the drop on someone else so it evens out.
          • Dec 6, 2011
            Along with what Taters said, it's almost impossible to perfectly match up teams, because in the game, all it takes is good strategy and the match can get bad quickly. You win some, you lose some, I learned that quickly. Even when I was grouped with 3 of the best Domination players (I'm very good when it comes to Domination, this isn't bragging just simply describing a situation), all it took was the bad teamplay of the other 2 on our team to make us lose by more than a 100 point difference. I learned that if everybody isn't doing their part and working with their team, things go south quickly. Another situation, two people DC'd from a game, and a friend and I held B the whole game, while our other two held C perfectly.

            To add on to the OP items, I don't think there is any. After many tries, the game is so perfectly balanced out, it's amazing. Along with the Pick 10 option, each weapon is neatly balanced to work well with others. Grenade launcher still OP? Nope. You only get 2 shots, and they don't travel very far (realistic distances). Cross map nading? Nope. With the expertly fine tuned maps and attention to detail, buildings block paths of unfair views, camp spots, or ledge spots.

            I'd really like for you to give the game a shot and see how it is before coming down on it. Trust me, I felt the same exact way about the game, the only reason I actually got it is because I bought it for an amazing price using various personal Newegg coupons/giftcards/credits.

            EDIT: Little game update, it has already been played online for over 21million hours, and this weekend is double xp for those who had good thoughts about the game and pre-ordered it. +1 to me!