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Boss attacks

Discussion in Mapping Discussion started by Purpzz, Jun 19, 2012

  1. Dec 3, 2011
    Hey all,

    Some of you will already know i am working on a newer better version from exorath (hopely the last one).
    Now i am fully re-doing the boss fights to make them more effective, fun, optimized and better construct.

    But, i also want to give exorath the possibility of 10 attacks/options he can do while the fight is on so.. i need your help!
    Can you name me please an attack + what it will do, dont make it TO difficult since i need to watch out with the entitie limits, i dont want to spend a ton of entities in one attack so simple but effective attacks are welcome.

    So far i have this already in the list to build:
    (remember each attack only less couple seconds)

    - Fire = will set players on fire.
    - Electro = will electro players.
    - Slowmotion = slows players down.
    - Antibullets = will stop bullets doing damage, using nades instead to give damage.
    - Hypnose = will blind players.
    - Invisible = will make him invisible so its harder to shoot him.
    - Spit poisen = will spit poisen stuff around, if u touch it your hp will go down.
    - Wind and spikes = deadly spikes will come out the side of arena and exorath will try to push you to it.

    The last to (poisen and wind) are a 'maybe i build this attack', so basicly around 2 - 4 new attacks are still welcome, let your mind open and if you can help me out, please dont wait to post what attack you have in your mind.
    Please stay ON topic and dont go say attacks who are not able to make or ask to many entities, its really helpfull some good results come out.

    Thanks in advice!
    Loves <3 xxxx
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    • Apr 1, 2012
      speed boost: temporarily double the speed of his thrusters for 5 seconds.
      vampirism: exorath enters vampirism mode for 10 seconds, if exorath kills a CT while in vampirism mode, exorath heals a certain amount of HP (maybe around 20-35)
      annihilation: bahamut's ultima, to survive you need the healthbox. but make it so exorath can only use annihilation once per round.

      if only you can make deflector shield (reflects back bullets shot by CTs, but that would be so trololol)
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      • Feb 24, 2011
        This would be really easy to do actually, i've had some thoughts about doing something similar but never really done anything about it. Feel free to ask about it, no worries.
      • Apr 1, 2012
        nah that would be too hilarious lol

        some more ideas:
        -gravity ala mako
        -quake attack: makes the humans' screen shake uncontrollably for 5 seconds
      • Dec 3, 2011
        Nice toughts iprobie :grin: Ill try my best to make them :grin: And Luffareeeeeeeeen if i go do that thing i will sure ask your help since i dont really have a clue how to make that :razz: xx
      • Apr 9, 2012
        Hmmm... Maybe add a teleport mode so that gets teleported to 4 or 5 locations within a time rate of four or five seconds.(I mean one teleport per second). On teleport he does an explode. It might use up some ents though for the env explosions
      • Mar 20, 2012
        A Finisher Move after a certain time limit, would be nice. Dont know what its like after that boss upgrade if exorath is still 2 passive but it kind of sucks if the time runs out if humans are about to escape with the chopper...
        And like iprobie said, a possibility 2 use heal once to counter an attack is an good idea, i think.
        Currently i dont see much usefullness in that healitem, cause exorath kills u instantly or never^^, but i can imagine that this becomes more important with fire/electro/poison attacks

        dont know if this is possible at ur map but i really like a decreasing fighting zone ...like in paper or even mako ex2...that colosseum is really big, maybe let it fall apart on the highest difficultys that would correspond with a finisher move...cause after some time its much harder 2 survive
      • Mar 12, 2008
        Exorath on the highest difficulty is near impossible to kill, and he rapes your shit if he touches you. If the arena was smaller, The damage on touch would need to be removed, or make Exorath a stationary target. Everyone would die from not being able to dodge.
      • Dec 3, 2011
        The boss will have a 'sort of ultima' attack which gets enabled to speed up the humans to kill it or they die, also some hold points will less longer to get more time for the boss fight, in hope, the time will no longer run out.
        About the healguns, they already have such effect on the boss, once heal is active, the boss will not kill you (even if he touch you), because healing is on, if the healgun is runned out then he is back able to kill you, this will also stay in the new version but heal will also get more functions like avoiding attacks, immortal vs knifing zombies and so on.
      • Apr 1, 2012
        that's why I always tell people to use heal in extreme after setting off mini nuke and dropping the ceiling fan, so that half of the team would not die from the glitch we are all aware of :razz:
      • Feb 9, 2012
        I think if you played some WCS (warcraft mod servers) you'd get a bunch of different items for abilities you can use. that deflecting bullets is one of the things that can be used.
        a few skills that i remember that i can list:
        -Invisibility -sticky nades -knockback nades -wards (damages/slows/freeze anyone near the ward for x amount of damage per sec)
        -force teleport an enemy - stun -drug -blind -return damage -extra damage -fly
        -gravity (like mako) -longjump -root (like ice on mako) -summon (barrels, exploding barrels, w/e) -throwing knife
        -scope for any weapon -force change direction (makes enemies look a different direction) -force bury (buries them on ground, making them stuck for a bit) -force reload

        There's a lot more i didn't list since they don't really involve much of what a boss should have, but i figure if you want some ideas for gun abilities, i can llist some more abilities i've seen, one being that ur gun could force a zombie to fly up an x amount of meters,or whatever distance cs:s uses, and then they drop back down. Making it a nice defense item.
      • Feb 20, 2011
        How about a slam attack similar to the Predator on Stage 2, when the players fly up into the air and fall back again, obviously taking fall dmg.
      • Dec 3, 2011
        The items that will be/stay in the map are the following:

        * - Pushgun = reload time will change to 45 seconds (instead of 60 seconds).
        * - Slowmotion gun = reload time will change to 70 seconds (instead of 120 seconds).
        ** - Flamethrower = will be 25 seconds (5 seconds longer).
        * - Nadespawner = will stay on 15 nades limit, only the nade will be dropped in front of you instead of in you, so when you are on a sort of limit, other players can still grab them.
        * - C4 bomb placer = *new*, will be able to place 5 C4 bombs in the map that detonate soon a zombie comes near it, will set them on fire for 3 seconds and will do damage in hp.
        ** - Confusing tool = *new*, will be able to confuse (blind) zombies for 3 - 4 seconds long once they run in the confusing beam, reload time of 100 seconds.
        ** - Freeze machine = *new*, will be able to freeze zombies for 2 - 3 seconds long, kinda same way as the flamethrower but in freezing method, NOT like ice in mako but same freeze effects, can also be used for 25 seconds long.
        * - 2 heal guns = will be able to do multiply things, healing + immortal mode + avoiding damage from exoraths attacks and avoiding to get slapped dead by exorath once he touch you. Will NOT reload, one use only per healgun.
        * - Mini nuke = no reload time, one time use only, will only damage exorath like it is now, nothing will be changed here, only less lagg and cooler effects.

        Thoose will be the items that will be available, all items with * in front in this list will be able to get free in the map, the items with ** are secret items that are only able to pick up when unlock the secret.
        But this will not make the game go easyer for humans! Zombies will get a special ammount of HP so they dont die easy and so the human team will have to teamwork a lot.

        Easy mode -> zombies start with 7500 HP, no hp refilling.
        Hard mode -> zombies start with 9000 HP, no hp refilling.
        Extreme mode -> zombies start with 15000 HP, hp refilling in all zombie cages for 2/3 from the current hp (up to max. 10000 HP).
        Godmode -> zombies start with 25000 HP, hp refilling in all zombie cages for 2/3 from the current hp (up to around 17000 HP).
        Impossible mode -> zombies start with 35000 HP, refilling in all zombies cages up to again the full current hp (35000 HP).

        So basicly teamwork will be a must have, same for the items, hopely everything works out just nice.
        So far for now i have made the boss fights (not the duplicator yet - nor the lever system is *broke* atm (in the working map - not in v3, dont get me wrong)), the attacks are almost all made, tomorrow i finish the attacks together with the effects, after that i go on with the duplicator - lever system, levers will be also be replaced to give humans a new look out else most people already know where to go get them :razz:

        The attacks/options so far Exorath will have are:

        - Fire, electro, slowmotion, hypnose, quake, wind, antibullets, invisible, gravity, annihilation destruction and duplication. Maybe some more will come in but this is the list so far.
        The duplicator will have the same attacks, only the annihilation destruction and duplication tool he will not be able to do. Thats only for the main model.

        And now im of to bed :grin: Goodnight :razz:
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          Purpzz, Jun 19, 2012 Last edited by Purpzz, Jun 25, 2012
        • Jul 28, 2011
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          • Apr 1, 2012
            cannot access Steam with this crappy internet connection atm, but [user]Purpzz[/user],
            I'd like to suggest some new tracks and songs for your map to make it more lively or energetic (current music is too quiet, soft or serene imo)
          • Dec 3, 2011
            I will try my best for some other songs, if i can find atleast some good ones, because most good songs i have only play for 2 - 3 minutes and thats not long enough
          • Apr 1, 2012
            well, I have some suggestions if you'd like to check them out.
            but it's all up to you.
            if you feel like the map could use some songs with more beats and more lively (if you also think that the current music is too quiet or soft), I have some that you might want to try.
          • Dec 3, 2011
            Sure, pm me on steam or so then i can check them x