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Brett's Donor Contest.

Discussion in Setup an Event started by Dani, Mar 15, 2013

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  1. Sep 14, 2008
    Saturday, March 23rd between 4pm & 9pm EST is the official date of Brett's Free Donator Competition on the Zombie Escape server!

    Be sure to clear your day for the contest, as there will be up to THREE 2-MONTH DONATOR SUBS given away!

    The contest will span over three maps and will be chosen by a group of admins and kept secret until the start of the event.

    Be sure to show up with your game faces; it'll be a competition for who is the greatest overall/team player(survival AND excellent strategy/team play, not just "hero'ing"), similar to previous events by Brett.

    Judging will be decided on a select handful of admins, to give everyone a chance and make it fair.

    Simple rules to qualify:
    • Be registered on pF forums BEFORE the event
    • Have a decent amount of time played on the server. Having something like 30min-1hr total played on ZE may feel like my donation will be wasted. (PM me to explain any exceptions)
    • Have little to no bans.
      • Ex: Spamming/blocking ban from a while ago, perfectly fine. Bad Ex: 5 bans for racism, a couple for griefing, etc.
    • Last but not least, have a fun time. This contest is to award those dedicated players as well as give the community something to look forward to every once in a while.

    If you have any questions about the event, feel free to ask.

    P.S. Including "(E > H)" somewhere in your name will be a bonus to your score.


    Make the title "Bretts ZE Free Donator Competition!"
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    • Aug 17, 2012
      Cool, I'll try to learn the maps the best I can, sounds like an interesting experience.
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