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Brushes only contest (3DS Max only)

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by JorisCeoen, Jan 5, 2016

  1. Apr 9, 2012
    Hello fellow PlagueFesters,

    For those who are interested in learning 3DS Max and level designing for source with Wall Worm, this is the perfect opportunity that also has a goal to look forward to: Brushes Only contest
    (The rules and other specifications are all available in the forums post by clicking the link above.)

    The contest is straightforward in that only brushes are allowed in your entry. That literally means only brushes (= no models, custom or standard or imported propper models or whatever. No displacements. no sprites etc. Brush entities are allowed of course).

    Why is this a great time to learn Wall Worm?
    1. For mappers who are taking level design seriously, it will learn you 3DS Max. This is with a vision on the future and considerably in your advantage. You want to use Source 2, Unreal Engine 4, Frostbite engine... in the future? You'll have to learn modeling. 3DS Max is the gateway to succes and has tons and tons of features that make modeling for these engines very easy.
    2. Even though it's brushes only, this in fact makes it very easy for you to learn Wall Worm. Since you will not be bothered with the more technical details of 3DS Max (such as complex modeling and texturing), you'll only have to understand the basics of convex, concave and how brushes work in Wall Worm (which can be learned under half a day). Later on it will be easier for you to advance because you will already have learned the most important part of level designing for Source in 3DS Max.
    3. Since this can all be done in the free version of Wall Worm without many drawbacks you will have no costs involved (Pro version mainly speeds up things more than the free version which is already faster than Hammer in general). For reference, you can design full levels in the free Wall Worm easily, but the Pro version does help considerably in speeding exporting of models, levels and textures.
    That's it. I will once again vouch for Wall Worm and hopefully bring something new to mappers who are interested. 3DS Max can open your mind in combining many seperate elements of the old tradition of Hammer level design and bring your maps to a next level of quality design.

    Do remember that the contest requires you to design the entire level in 3DS Max. No external help from Hammer allowed (including the compiling process and packing, which is both included in Wall Worm with extensive options).
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